Tail of the Dragon Special Edition  2 Bundle

Tail of the Dragon Special Edition 2 Bundle

Written by: Craig Halloran

  • Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Publish Date: 2017-12-07
  • ISBN-10: 1979167982
  • ebook-tail-of-the-dragon-special-edition-2-bundle.pdf

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Book Summary

A monstrous new breed of dragon has emerged from the darkness... Trial of the Dragon - Book 6: It's up to Nath Dragon to take his father's throne. The task makes him uneasy as he must lead the dragons against the evil forces of the titans and wurmers. Inside his gut, Nath knows that something is wrong. How can he be the Dragon king when he can't even turn into a dragon himself? Judgment of the Dragon - Book 7: Lotuus the Fairy Empress's plans unfold with Nath Dragon's life hanging on the line, Will Brenwar and his friends rally to save him? Will they come to their deluded senses in time? To make matters worse, countless Wurmers fill the skies above the Corridor presenting even greater danger. Wrath of the Dragon - Book 8: In order to save Dragon Home from being overrun by the wurmers, Nath must find a way out of the Deep. But is that even possible? At the same time, Selene is imprisoned by the one of the titans, with no hope of escape. Power of the Dragon - Book 9: Nath leads his comrades into a deadly clash with the wurmers. The titan army grows. Wurmers fill the skies. The lands of the elves, Elome, have a fully equipped titan army surrounding them. Armed with the Orbs of Destruction, Nath & Selene venture west to take down another nest. Hour of the Dragon - Book 10: Nath's mortal powers are at their zenith as he and his friends prepare to save Nalzambor from the clutches of the titan king Eckubahn. The final clash will take place in the land of the living and the dead where it will take more than just brawn, magic and battle skills, but an enduring amount of faith.

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