Our own worst enemy

why our misguided reactions to 9-11 might be America's greatest threat

Author: Randall J. Larsen



Category: Political Science

Page: 48

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Your Own Worst Enemy

Author: Gordon Jack

Publisher: HarperCollins


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 448

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For fans of Andrew Smith and Frank Portman and the movies Election and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off comes a hilarious and satirical novel about the highs and (very low) lows of the electoral process, proving that the popular vote is the one that matters most. Stacey Wynn was the clear front-runner for Lincoln High student council president. But then French-Canadian transfer student Julia Romero entered the race…and put the moves on Stacey’s best friend/campaign adviser, Brian. Stacey also didn’t count on Tony Guo, resident stoner, whose sole focus is on removing the school’s ban of his favorite chocolate milk, becoming the voice of the little guy, thanks to a freshman political “mastermind” with a blue Mohawk. Three candidates, three platforms, and a whirlwind of social media, gaffes, high school drama, and protests make for a ridiculously hilarious political circus that just may hold some poignant truth somewhere in the mix.

Your Own Worst Enemy

Author: Anthony Devolld

Publisher: Lulu.com


Category: Religion

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A book of sermons from the sermon series Exceed Yourself about identifying our internal battles and learning how to overcome being our own worst enemy.

You Are Your Own Worst Enemy

Author: Sean Mullick

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 139

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Sean, Ale, and Oualid were three normal and innocent kids who just liked hanging out. One day they visited a government facility and something caught Sean’s eye. He picked up a strange rock and that sends the tree friends into a huge sprawl and to a different dimension! They have to deal with trying to get home and saving it from their counterparts from different dimensions. Can they preserve the world as they know it or will they be killed by themselves?

Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

The Nine Inner Strengths You Need to Overcome Self-defeating Tendencies at Work

Author: Charles E. Watson

Publisher: Greenwood


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 188

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"Two experts from the fields of management and religion team up to provide a fresh, penetrating look at the obstacles that prevent people from achieving their full potential at work. As the authors demonstrate, inner demons like a lack of integrity, mindless conformity, passivity, mediocrity, or greed conspire to keep people from doing their best. But people can avoid becoming their own worst enemies by using their uniquely human capacities to their fullest: to be more responsible, more insightful, more creative, more self-disciplined, more honest, and more concerned about others. Using these strengths, the authors show, makes it easier to resolve ethical dilemmas, attain peak performance without burning out, maintain a positive outlook, and, ultimately, succeed in achieving treasured personal and professional goals.The world of work is often treacherous and constantly tests the integrity, fortitude, and tolerance of employees. Faced with competing agendas, high expectations, bureaucracy, and scarce resources, many people fall prey to the demons that sap their energy or, worse, encourage them to act against their own interests by being dishonest or cutting corners. This book shows readers how to take responsibility for their actions and their happiness. It discusses the pressures that we all find in the workplace and how ordinary people can manage them constructively to remain effective and true to their ideals. The result is a blueprint for success, reduced stress, a better work/life balance, and fulfilment." - product description.

Your Own Worst Enemy

Author: Ken Christian

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Self-Help

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Do you suffer from any of the following? Procrastination Wide swings of mood and self-esteem Ambivalence in making decisions Dreaming big, but never following through If you or someone you love isn't living up to his or her potential -- and suffers from even one or two of the above feelings -- here is a program that can help. Your Own Worst Enemy is the first book devoted to the problem of adult underachievement, a problem stemming from common behavior patterns that can manifest itself in almost every walk of life -- from twentysomethings stuck in dead-end jobs to outwardly successful businesspeople who can't help feeling they've missed their true calling. In Your Own Worst Enemy, Dr. Kenneth Christian details the telltale signs of what he calls self-limiting behavior -- everyday habits that can seem harless (like taking unchallenging jobs) or even worthwhile (like setting absurdly high standards), but that over time can send high-potential people into a tailspin of dead ends and frustration. He identifies underachieving types, from charmers, who substitute congeniality for effort, to extreme risk-takers, who casually gamble their future away, to best-or-nothings, who refuse to play if they can't win. And he offers practical 15-step guide to help underachievers shake off their old habits and start taking an active hand in their own future. Filled with persuasive case studies and useful advice on everything from overhauling workspace to remaking self-image, Your Own Worst Enemy will help underachievers everywhere visualize their goals, break through their barriers, and start realizing their unlimited potential.

1396 Positive Statements to Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy

Author: Nicholas Mag

Publisher: Nicholas Mag


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit


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The Miracle! In this book Nicholas presents you a practical, unique, subliminal, very simple, detailed method of how to Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy. You will feel the effects immediately and the results will appear very quickly! So it was in my case. You will not achieve fulfillment and happiness until YOU become the architect of your own reality. Imagine that with a few moments each day, you could begin the powerful transformation toward complete control of your own life and well being through this unique, subliminal method combined with positive affirmations. The order of words is extremely important for every book written by Nicholas. These are arranged to be traversed in a certain way so as to eliminate certain blockages in the human being, blockages that are bringing disease or failure on various plans. You don't need a big chunk of your time or expensive programs. Everything is extremely simple! Health, money, prosperity, abundance, safety, stability, sociability, charisma, sexual vitality, erotic attraction, will, optimism, perseverance, self-confidence, tenacity, courage, love, loving relationships, self-control, self-esteem, enthusiasm , refinement, intuition, detachment, intelligence, mental calm, power of concentration, exceptional memory, aspiration, transcendence, wisdom, compassion. You have the ability to unlock your full inner-potential and achieve your ultimate goals. This is the age-old secret of the financial elite, world class scholars, and Olympic champions. For example, when you watch the Olympics, you'll find one consistency in all of the champions. Each one closes their eyes for a moment and clearly affirms & visualizes themselves completing the event flawlessly just before starting. Then they win gold medals and become champions. That's merely one example of how the real power of mind can elevate you above any of life's challenges. By reading this book, you will feel totally that life deserves to be lived and enjoyed every moment and that everything that you propose for yourself becomes easy for you to fulfill. Nicholas will guide you to touch your longed-for dream and will make you see life from a new perspective, full of freshness and success. This book helps you step by step, in a natural way, in just 3 minutes a day, to change your misguided way of thinking and to Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy. (NOTE: For good, Nicholas keep the price of the book as lower as he can, even if is a hard work behind this project. A significant portion of the earnings from the sale of the book are used for these purposes: for charity, volunteer projects, nature restoration, and other inspired ideas to do good where it is needed. If you can not afford to buy the book please contact Nicholas and he will give you a free copy.) You, also have a bonus in the pages of the book that makes you live your success by doing a seemingly trivial thing. You will feel the difference. Yes. The Miracle is possible! Get Your Copy Now!

Our Own Worst Enemy as Protector of Ourselves

Stereotypes, Schemas, and Typifications as Integral Elements in the Persuasive Process

Author: Byron B. Renz

Publisher: University Press of America


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 188

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This book takes us through the persuasive process, particularly as it is used in terrorist persuasive settings and as it has been used in some of the major propaganda battles of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Our Own Worst Enemy

Author: Anthony J. Cardieri



Category: Fiction

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Five Principles of Chinese Foreign Policy is written from the viewpoint of the People's Republic of China on foreign policy and international politics, relations and diplomacy. It contains the history of how China established and has conducted and practiced relations with 165 countries in the world based on the "Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence." This book discusses international relations and the principles of Chinese foreign policy between the People's Republic of China and twenty selected countries. The relationships between China and these twenty countries reveal that the government of the People's Republic of China bases foreign relations on the "Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence." This book contains twenty-three chapters. I hope that this book serves well as a source to help students and others better understand China's foreign policies toward other nations of the world. I believe that Five Principles of Chinese Foreign Policy provides important information relating to the principles of Chinese foreign policies toward the world.