You Own The Power

Author: Rosemary Altea

Publisher: Random House


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 336

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You already own the power to give healing, to tap your creativity, to become more intuitive. Have you longed to communicate with your loved ones who have passed over into the spirit world? You were born with the power - it's your birthright. But how do you access it?Now Rosemary Altea shows you how. In her first work of self-help, the New York Times bestselling author of Proud Spirit offers tested and proven exercises that focus on relaxation, visualisation and positive thinking as well as savouring our senses, developing intuition and becoming aware of energy.Woven in with this rich 'how-to' tapestry are miraculous stories of the spirit world: the time Rosemary spoke to one of the victims of TWA Flight 800; her chilling conversation with two brothers who died in a Nazi concentration camp; and much more.

Know Your Own Power

Inspiration, Motivation and Practical Tools For Life

Author: Dr Radha Modgil

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Self-Help

Page: 288

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You get to decide how your lessons are learned and how your story goes. That's the power you have. Life can be relentless, challenging and full of curveballs thrown at us at the worst times, but through these times life will open its hands and offer us the gift of finding out just how powerful we are. Dr Radha, a practising GP and media doctor, provides an inspiring toolbox of reflections and advice to help us reframe the bad stuff and difficulties we face, prevent overwhelm, and learn how to step into our power and trust ourselves, so we can overcome - and become more of who we truly are. Divided into 3 sections - Getting Through, Stepping Up and Moving Forward - Dr Radha takes us through the tough roadmap of life and along all the highs and lows to prove to us that the tools we need to make decisions and implement changes lie within our own hands. We deserve to be happy and we have something beautiful, strong and determined inside of us. We hold the power to get through a crisis, to step up to the challenge and to move forward and change things for the better. Let Dr Radha guide you on your journey to find balance, create healthy habits and build solid foundations to create the life that you were born to live.

Power to Write Your Own Destiny

Success Requires Moderate Intelligence Only

Author: Ashoklndu

Publisher: Diamond Pocket Books Pvt Ltd



Page: 141

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This book will act as a push factor for you. After reading this book, you will be charged with positive energy and will get a feeling of achieving anything and everything what you wish. The text has been so conceptualized to eradicate your fear of failure and force you to understand that you arc meant to be a winner irrespective of the shortcomings you have. It reflects the deep rooted thoughts of authors who arc master motivational trainers in this field. It will make you understand that success is not a heavenly game. It is always within the reach of a common man. He who needs it, gets it. The desire must be from within. No extra quality is required except the wish to win. If someone else can achieve something there is no question that you can not achieve what you wish. This book will change your life by changing your thoughts. Enjoy reading.

Build Your Own Low-Power Transmitters

Projects for the Electronics Experimenter

Author: Rudolf F. Graf

Publisher: Elsevier


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 320

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Rudolf Graf and William Sheets have written a book containing twenty low-power (LP) transmitter projects, perfect for the electronics hobbyist and radio experimenter. Now that the FCC has changed its regulations about "pirate" transmissions, more and more people are setting up radio and video stations for broadcast from their homes. Build Your Own Low-Power Transmitters addresses applications for hobbyist broadcasting of AM, SSB, TV, FM Stereo and NBFM VHF-UHF signals with equipment the reader can build himself for thousands of dollars less than similar equipment sold on the retail market. The authors also fully explore the legal limits and ramifications of using the equipment as well as how to get the best performance for optimum range. The key advantage is referencing a low-cost source for all needed parts, including the printed circuit board, as well as the kit. Projects in the book include: LP FM stereo transmitter; digitally synthesized PLL FM stereo transmitter; LP AM transmitter for 150-1710 KHz; radio control transmitter/receiver; carrier current transmitter and AM and FM receivers; LP VHF one-way and two-way audio links; 1-watt 40-meter CW transmitter for ham radio use; SSB LP transmitter for 10-meter ham radio use; 2-meter VHF FM ham radio transmitter; FM video link for 900 MHz NTSC/PAL operation; 2-watt TV transmitters for 440, 900 and 1300 MHz amateur TV NTSC/PAL transmissions; linear amplifier for 440MHz, 10-15watt NTSC/PAL operation; Downconverters for 440, 900 and 1300 MHz with VHF channel 3 or 4 output; TV video receiving systems and AM-FM IF systems; LP video link for UHF channels 14-18; 1-watt CW beacon transmitter for Part 15 LF radio experimentation; CW identifier for transmitters; test equipment projects for LP transmitters; as well as an RF power meter and modulation monitor. Complete source information will be included to help each reader find the kits and parts they need to build these fascinating projects. Unique among comparable project books, this one offers a low-cost source for all parts, including the printed circuit board. This allows immediate completion without needing to search for difficult to find parts Features twenty low-power transmitter projects

Step into Your Own Power and Become a Better Version of Yourself

Choosing a Life Coach

Author: Dr. Davele E. Bursor

Publisher: Balboa Press


Category: Self-Help

Page: 62

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Professional life coaching offers the experience to discover new talents, abilities, and even lost dreams. In choosing the right life coach, clients need to understand how best to select one that has the necessary experience, credentials, and expertise to provide them with the opportunity to grow, thrive, and become the best version of themselves. Buyer beware! Not every coach is well trained and reputable. This book offers the coaching consumer a useful and practical guide to selecting a bona fide professional life coach that can offer them a positive, fun, and growth-filled collaboration that leads to enhanced living and creative self-renewal at different times of life.

Power on her Own

Author: Judith Cutler

Publisher: Severn House Publishers Ltd


Category: Fiction

Page: 284

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A new job and a fresh start, but can Kate Power resist breaking all the rules? Personal tragedy cut short Kate Power’s accelerated-promotion career in the Met. She’s lucky, though – Birmingham CID give her a job, and chance to make a new start in the house her great-aunt has given her. Soon Kate discovers that she’s trying to fix up the house from hell, with garden to match. Domestic equals professional pressure: though most of her new colleagues are helpful and supportive, some just think she’s fresh female meat to harass. Some seem to think Kate’s not pulling her weight in their current case of abduction and abuse of young boys. Then personal life starts overlapping with the investigation. Should Kate follow the conventional line of enquiry, or strike out on her own?

California Power of Attorney Handbook

Author: John Talamo

Publisher: Sphinx Publishing


Category: Power of attorney

Page: 141

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It is now easier than ever to authorize someone to act on your behalf in critical matters of finances, health and family. Helpful forms with instructions are included. Sections in the book cover: - Child care powers of attorney- Real estate powers of attorney- Health care powers of attorney- Financial powers of attorney- Statutory forms

Woodland Section [papers]

Author: Canadian Pulp and Paper Association. Woodlands Section





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The Secret Energy of Your Body

An Intuitive Guide to Healing, Health and Wellness

Author: Dr. Irina Webster

Publisher: Australian Self Publishing Group


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 238

View: 634

In this book Dr Irina Webster reveals that energy is the root of body and mind. We all consist of and surround by an energy field. When energy flows through the body properly, you are in a state of health. When there is an energetic disturbance in the body, a disease state is created. Illnesses manifest in the body’s energy field before they manifest in the physical body. And healing occurs in the energy field before it becomes apparent in the physical body. So, how can we heal ourselves and our life? You’ll get the answers reading “The Secret Energy of Your Body. An Intuitive Guide to Healing, Health and Wellness.” Dr Irina Webster is a medical doctor who is also an intuitive healer. She is the creator of Intuitive Healing Power – an educational program for health professionals and caregivers in regards to intuitive healing and medical intuition. Her on-line classes and seminars “How to Become an Intuitive Healer” are very popular amongst the health oriented community. Dr Irina’s teaching helps people to activate their own Intuitive Healing Power. Dr Irina dedicates herself to assisting others to heal and empower their body and soul.