Yellowstone--its Underworld

Geology and Historical Anecdotes of Our Oldest National Park

Author: Clyde Max Bauer



Category: Geology

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Yellowstone, Its Underworld

The Geology and Historical Anecdotes of Our Oldest National Park

Author: Clyde Max Bauer




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This is a new release of the original 1948 edition.

The Spirit of Yellowstone

Author: Judith L. Meyer

Publisher: Roberts Rinehart


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Yellowstone National Park's famous geysers, exotic landscape, and beautiful wildlife partially explain its enormous popularity, but there is something more to the Yellowstone experience—a powerful spirit to the place that is more than the sum of its parts. This fascinating history of America's favorite national park shows how that spirit has endured over Yellowstone's 127-year existence. Meyer shows that Yellowstone has consistently evoked awe in different generations of Americans, even as our attitudes toward nature have changed over the years. That awe is also captured in photographer Vance Howard's evocative images, which, alongside historic photographs and other early artistic interpretations of the Park's wonders, support Meyer's view that Yellowstone's unique sense of place makes it worth preserving not only for its ecological value but for its lasting importance in American culture.

Theoretical Geomorphology

Author: Adrian E. Scheideger

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Science

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The surface features of the Earth are commonly split into two cate gories, the first of which comprises those features that are due to processes occurring inside the solid Earth (endogenetic features) and the second those that are due to processes occurring outside the solid Earth (exogenetic features). Specifically, the endogenetic features are treated in the science of geodynamics, the exogenetic features in the science of geomorphology. I have treated the theoretical aspects of the endogenetic features in my "Principles of Geodynamics", and it is my aim to supplement my earlier book with a discussion of the theory of the exogenetic features. It is my hope that the two books will together present a reasonably coherent, if necessarily incomplete, account of theoretical geology. Contrary to endogenetic phenomena, exogenetic processes can often be directly observed as they occur: the action of a river, the development of a slope and the evolution of a shore platform are all sufficiently rapid so that they can be seen as they take place. This has the result that in geomorphology one is generally on much less speculative ground regard ing the mechanics of the processes at work than one is in geodynamics.

Photographer's Guide to Yellowstone & the Tetons

Author: Joseph K. Lange

Publisher: Stackpole Books


Category: Travel

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Revised and updated edition with new photos and digital techniques. How to prepare for a photographic expedition through Yellowstone and Grand Tetons national parks. Includes products and services section to assist in planning a trip.

Public Works History in the United States

A Guide to the Literature

Author: American Association for State and Local History

Publisher: Nashville, Tenn. : American Association for State and Local History


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The Permanence of Place

The Enduring Spirit of Yellowstone National Park

Author: Judith Lee Meyer



Category: Place (Philosophy)

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