Yale 1900-2001

Author: Richard Nash Gould



Category: Men's choirs


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Official NCAA Football Records Book 2000-2001

Author: National Collegiate Athletic Association Staff

Publisher: Triumph Books (IL)


Category: Football

Page: 568

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Researched and compiled by the NCAA and used by the sports media nationwide, this book is the only authoritative reference on college football.

Powerful Voices

Performance and Interaction in Contemporary Collegiate A Cappella

Author: Joshua Samuel Duchan





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The Unanimous Champions of College Football, 1869-2019

Author: Robert J. Reid

Publisher: McFarland


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 336

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In the 150 years of college football history, the national championship has been decided by unanimous vote only 33 times. This book analyzes the various methods of selecting these champions and what made the teams special. Drawing on archives and early published works, a firsthand description of the 1869 inaugural game between Princeton and Rutgers is provided, along with details of how these earliest teams were managed. The contributions and innovations of Walter Camp, the "Father of Football," are explored, as is the evolution of the game itself. Each unanimous season since the turn of the 20th century--from Yale in 1900 to LSU in 2019--is covered in detail, with a brief history of each school's football program. The question "is there a best ever team" is explored.

ESPN Sports Almanac 2001

Information Please

Author: Gerry Brown

Publisher: Hyperion


Category: Reference

Page: 958

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For the fourth year, ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports reporting, joins forces with Information Please, North Americas favourite sports reference source, to create the most sophisticated, hip, and informative sports almanac ever published. Like its hugely successful predecessors, with more than 125,000 copies sold, this new volume combines great sports writing from Chris Berman, Dan Patrick, Kenny Mayne, and others, easily accessed facts, in-depth statistics, hundreds of photographs, and thousands of charts and tables. It reviews the top 10 highlights for each sport, reflects every notable change in the sports world over the past year, and gives a full recap of the World Series and major competitions for professional and amateur alike. Weighing in at more than 950 fact-filled pages, this amazing volume is a source of endless entertainment and solid information for fans who cant know or read enough about the sports they love. Information Please Sports Almanac has existed for over fifty years. It is newly compiled every year by a full-time staff with contributors from the best sports writers in the continent.

Print, Chaos, and Complexity

Samuel Johnson and Eighteenth-century Media Culture

Author: Mark E. Wildermuth

Publisher: Associated University Presse


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 197

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This text describes how 18th-century awareness of the interplay between fixity and instability in printed texts demonstrates the role print played in developing Samuel Johnson's awareness of print culture's impact on human beings ethically, politically, and aesthetically.

Realist Critiques of Visual Culture

From Hardy to Barnes

Author: Edward Barnaby

Publisher: Springer


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 186

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Have industrial-age technologies and visual discourses transformed us into spectators of the real, and can realist fiction make that transformation visible to us? This book brings Situationist Guy Debord’s Society of the Spectacle and an array of cultural criticism into dialogue with novels by Hardy, Forster, Woolf, Rushdie, Carey and Barnes to foreground literary realism’s critique of visual culture, including Gothic architectural revival, neoclassicism, tourism, historical pageantry, postcolonial cinema and photography, museums, preservationism, urbanism and artisanal neo-folk movements. Barnaby advances the concept of meta-spectacle to distinguish realist fiction that engages ethically with visual discourses from realist-ic fiction that reproduces the visible veneer of reality for aesthetic consumption. He highlights the limitations of artistic critiques of spectacle, considers their resilience toward a culture industry that continuously repackages iconoclasm as iconicity, and reflects upon the process of reorienting the reader to comprehend realist gestures. By heightening the capacity to recognize our own immersion within objectified representations of the real, Realist Critiques of Visual Culture demonstrates how literary realism remains vital within a society that is so deeply invested in visually replicating and archiving lived experience.

129 Songs

Author: Charles Ives

Publisher: A-R Editions, Inc.


Category: Music

Page: 527

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lxxi + 527 pp.The MUSA series is copublished with the American Musicological Society.

The Louisiana Purchase and American Expansion, 1803–1898

Author: Sanford Levinson

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers


Category: History

Page: 272

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In this long overdue collection, Sanford Levinson and Bartholomew Sparrow bring together noted scholars in American history, constitutional law, and political science to examine the role that the Louisiana Purchase played in shaping both the expansionist policies of the nineteenth century and critical interpretations of the Constitution. As the nation continued to expand westward and into the Pacific and Caribbean, critical social, political, and constitutional questions would arise that would greatly test American resolve and the principles on which it was based.

American Exodus

Second-Generation Chinese Americans in China, 1901–1949

Author: Charlotte Brooks

Publisher: University of California Press


Category: History

Page: 321

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In the first decades of the 20th century, almost half of the Chinese Americans born in the United States moved to China—a relocation they assumed would be permanent. At a time when people from around the world flocked to the United States, this little-noticed emigration belied America’s image as a magnet for immigrants and a land of upward mobility for all. Fleeing racism, Chinese Americans who sought greater opportunities saw China, a tottering empire and then a struggling republic, as their promised land. American Exodus is the first book to explore this extraordinary migration of Chinese Americans. Their exodus shaped Sino-American relations, the development of key economic sectors in China, the character of social life in its coastal cities, debates about the meaning of culture and “modernity” there, and the U.S. government’s approach to citizenship and expatriation in the interwar years. Spanning multiple fields, exploring numerous cities, and crisscrossing the Pacific Ocean, this book will appeal to anyone interested in Chinese history, international relations, immigration history, and Asian American studies.