Author: John Baeder

Publisher: ABRAMS


Category: Diners (Restaurants) in art

Page: 144

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Included here are paintings and descriptions of more than 100 diners from every part of the United States. The artist's own captions introduce each diner - many of which no longer exist - and describe their food specialties, their sometimes quirky histories, and their owners, managers, or patrons. In the first edition 50 paintings were reproduced in color; for this new, revised, and updated edition, there are 69 in color. The artist has selected forty recent paintings to replace earlier works, most of which were shown only in black and white. New reminiscences, new anecdotes, and new facts accompany the paintings. Written by Baeder in his inimitable, conversational style, these brief texts tell the reader much about diner history, fashions in food and popular architecture, and about the amiable, slightly nutty man who pursues diners obsessively, yet views them with a perception that rivals that of a connoisseur of haute cuisine.

Queering the Way

The Loud and Queer Anthology

Author: Darrin Hagen

Publisher: Brindle and Glass


Category: Drama

Page: 184

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Edmonton's annual Loud & Queer Cabaret began in 1991 when Catalyst Theatre's Ruth Smille teamed up with Darrin Hagen's Guys in Disguise to create a showcase of queer artists for the queer community. Twenty years later, Loud & Queer Cabaret has transformed from a modest one-night show to a spectacular two-day, three-act showcase of the very latest in LGBTQQ art and culture. Now a prime event at Exposure: Edmonton's Queer Culture Festival, the showcase has debuted over 300 pieces of performance art, many of which have gone on to great success. From the Loud & Queer Cabaret archives, discover some of the most memorable pieces from monologues to cabaret to one-act plays. Voices ring out with stories and perspectives that will make you laugh, cry, and glow with Pride. This heartfelt anthology is a testament to great courage, the celebration of art, and the power of being true to who you are. With contributions from Nathan Cuckow, Susan Jeremy, Trevor Anderson, T L Cowan, Norm Sacuta, and Laurie MacFayden, celebrate twenty years of coming together with this book.

Paint by Number

How to Craz That Swept the Nation

Author: William L. Bird

Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press


Category: Art

Page: 135

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"The how-to craze that swept the nation."--Cover subtitle.


Magazine for Members of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds




Category: Birds


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