Writing Your Legacy

The Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting Your Life Story

Author: Richard Campbell

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Reference

Page: 246

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Craft a meaningful life story! A written legacy of your life--one that encompasses experiences, lessons learned, failures and triumphs--is a gift your family and friends will cherish for years to come. Writing this story may seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Writing Your Legacy is a step-by-step guide to chronicling a life story that reflects your true self. Through a series of 35 guided themes, as well as supplementary exercises, you'll explore milestones, relationships, career paths, and major choices, and leave an eloquent record of your life for future generations. You'll also learn how to: • Become the hero of your story • Employ vibrant sensory details • Discover your unique voice • Dig up memories from your childhood and teen years • Overcome writer's block, address common fears, and stay motivated • Prepare your story for publication Writing your life story can grant you insight and clarity, help you heal past wounds, and serve as a treasured account you'll be proud to share. Your story deserves to be told. Capture the spirit of your life with Writing Your Legacy.

Your Legacy of Words: The Workbook

Author: Eric Sheridan Wyatt

Publisher: Lulu.com



Page: 184

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When my grandmother died and I was asked to give her eulogy, I had, in my possession, one of her Bibles. In the margins of that Bible, she had written several things: words of wisdom, take-away points from some sermon or another, personal exclamations. In addition to that Bible, I also have several recipe cards, written in her sometimes-unsure script. These relics are precious; they are more valuable than a priceless antique or an original Monet. I am happy to have them. What I don't have, are her stories-those stories she would tell after dinner, or while she was stringing beans, or sewing-those stories that would pass on to me the beliefs, values, and experiences that had shaped her life. I cherish the few pieces of her story that remain, and I long for more. Ultimately, whether the writing you do in response to this Legacy of Words Workbook is done for your own benefit, or you plan to pass these words on to someone else, what you are committing to do is leave "just a little more" of yourself behind.

Live Your Legacy Now!

Ten Simple Steps to Find Your Passion and Change the World

Author: Barbara Greenspan Shaiman

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Self-Help

Page: 192

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In a world where racism, violence, illness, and poverty can feel so overwhelming that we often close our eyesand our heartsto the suffering around us, we may not believe we have the power to change things. As Barbara Greenspan Shaiman shows us in Live Your Legacy Now!, this simply isnt so. This part memoir and part how-to guide provides the tools and strategies to help you create meaningful change in your own life as well as in the lives of others. The daughter of Holocaust survivors, Shaiman shares stories from her family history and over thirty years of her own life experience as a successful educator, business woman, and social entrepreneur to inspire and guide you to create a vision and plan for initiating a personal legacy. Shaiman details her effective ten-step approach by helping you: Identify your core values, interests, and skills Reflect on how you can use these assets to create meaningful projects that make a difference locally or globally Share these experiences with family, colleagues, and friends to create cultures of caring at home, at work, and in your community Live Your Legacy Now! provides a simple formula to help people of all ages and backgrounds live richer, more meaningful lives by creating projects for personal growth and social change.

Your Leadership Legacy

Why Looking Toward the Future Will Make You a Better Leader Today

Author: Robert M. Galford

Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 208

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You should worry about your legacy later in your career, at the edge of retirement—right? Not according to Robert Galford and Regina Maruca. In Your Leadership Legacy, these authors argue that thinking about your legacy now makes you a better leader today. Based on stories of top leaders who have shaped successful careers, the book explores the art of "legacy thinking," helping you to formulate a legacy that will exert a positive effect on your work immediately. The authors provide a disciplined approach to framing your legacy, as well as shaping it over time. They start with the idea that your legacy is defined by how others approach work and life as a result of having worked with you. They then demonstrate how to assess your current impact on those around you, strengthen that impact, and pass along the best of yourself in the process. While many leaders "find themselves" and hone their work accordingly only after a major life crisis, Your Leadership Legacy enables all leaders to craft their work and build their legacy unburdened by such crises, and to experience personal satisfaction and achievement throughout their working lives.

My Wishes

Your Plan for Communicating and Organizing the Essential Information Your Family Needs

Author: Benjamin Berkley

Publisher: SphinxLegal


Category: Law

Page: 232

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My Wishes is a practical guide to planning for the inevitable-offering information, sample forms and resource contacts. It provides solutions to the questions all of us think about but do not discuss.


How to Write Your Book and Create Your Legacy

Author: Annika Jacobsen

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



Page: 136

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Attention Thought Leaders: Your Ideas Deserve to Be Heard. Entrepreneurs and thought leaders want to create their legacy-something that is an extension of the big dreams that drive them forward in life-they just need a conduit for making that happen. Create helps you put your ideas and unique perspectives into a book to create that legacy. Rather than feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the writing process, Create guides you step-by-step through an infrastructure that you can work with right away. It keeps you focused while amplifying your ideas in a beautiful, meaningful way so that you can affect the most lives. If you are looking to... - Get unstuck and create life-changing opportunities for yourself by telling your story, - Discover a catalyst for increasing business ROI, switching careers, or launching a new product or service, - Get your book done now and not put it off for another five years, - Identify and change the self-sabotaging behaviors that are stopping you from writing your book, - Declare to the world that you are undoubtedly a thought leader, - And create your legacy by sharing your vision for the future with others, in a way that adds real value to their lives, Then this is for you.

Women, Wealth and Giving

The Virtuous Legacy of the Boom Generation

Author: Margaret May Damen

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

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Discover gender-specific tools and strategies Boom-Generation women can use to make philanthropic and charitable decisions Answering women's questions of how and why to give from the heart, Women, Wealth & Giving helps you understand the models that work best for charitable giving and how these models fit into your legacy mission, whether you've earned, inherited or married into your wealth. Women, Wealth & Giving will help you understand what models work best for charitable giving, and how to fit those models into your plans, mission, and intended legacy-whether you earned, inherited or married into wealth. This useful planning guide also Includes pertinent anecdotes, worksheets, quizzes, inspirational profiles, a resource guide, and much more Identifies gender-specific tools and strategies Boom-Generation women can use to make philanthropic and charitable decisions Provides women the means to engage their hearts as well as their minds in giving money, time, and talent away in meaningful ways With over 43 million Boom-Generation Women at or nearing the age of retirement, the American population is reaching what has been described as the great wealth transfer, and with women outliving men, or choosing to live alone, the role of women in decisions concerning philanthropic dollars will be critical to the economic, political and moral fabric of our society. Get Women, Wealth & Giving and discover the transformative power of women's philanthropy.

Leave YOUR Legacy

The Power to Unleash Your Greatness

Author: Ben Newman

Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group


Category: Self-Help

Page: 192

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Learn to live a truly exceptional life with the help of author, speaker, and performance coach Ben Newman. In Leave YOUR Legacy, you will see firsthand how to drive impact by changing your perspective and connecting to your life’s purpose. Newman shows you how to be your best self with this touching story that clearly illuminates the steps needed to create major change in your life by following the ups and downs of the protagonist, Pierce. Join Pierce on his journey to greatness—from the humble beginnings of enacting change and resisting old behaviors to the reframing of his thoughts and actions and eventually understanding his legacy. Experience for yourself the ripple effect of leaving YOUR legacy. Pierce’s story will inspire you to go do great things. And, as you strive for excellence, you will inspire excellence in others. Are you ready to unleash your full potential? It’s time to uncover your drive, your passion, and your purpose—leave YOUR legacy.

Loved to Death

Author: Will Kalinke

Publisher: Trafford Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 192

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As youngsters growing up in the same neighborhood in Mulberry, Florida, Bob and Jill shared a special relationship. But they would never let their love and affection for one another stand in the way of their ambitions. Their young love faded when Bob and Jill separated to attend different collegesJill in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Bob at the University of Southern Florida. Careers, marriages, and almost thirty years followed. When Jills husband dies unexpectedly, she returns to her childhood home and is pleased to learn that Bob too is newly single. The two forty-eighty-year-olds reconnect and find common interests in dancing, music, travel, and enjoying meals and drinks together. The young flame of love burns as hot as ever, and the two decide to seal their commitment to each other by getting married. Bob, a people-loving person, realizes Jill can be controlling and manipulative, but he loves her nonetheless. This may be his last and most fatal mistake. Bob confides his fears in one person. But will he be able to prove its really murder?

Digital Legacy

Author: Paul Tabaka and Jerry Payne

Publisher: eBookIt.com


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 40

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Digital Legacy is a step by step guide to help you create a lasting memory for your loved ones. This Digital Legacy ebook was created to help people make a lasting memory for loved ones to ensure that, even in death, something of themselves remains for loved ones. Have you ever wondered what your grandparents were like when they were younger? What they thought about? How they lived? Now you have the opportunity to make sure your loved ones and ancestors know who you were during your life. Once you get started you will want to get your children started too.