Wreck the Halls

Author: Rebecca M. Senese

Publisher: Rfar Publishing



Page: 174

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Add some horror to your ho ho ho with these 5 gruesome Christmas tales. A boy waits for Santa... with an axe! Who is the man in red and why is he stalking Randy? Sinister reindeer cause trouble for Billy. Santa finds more than presents under the tree. Forget shopping, try to escape the mall alive this Christmas Eve! Includes: "Waiting for Santa," "The Santa Murders," "Billy and the Reindeer," "He Knows," and "A Very Zombie Christmas."

Wreck the Halls

Author: Sarah Graves

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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People hardly ever lock their doors in Eastport. So when Jake and her best friend, Ellie, arrive at Faye Anne Carmody's kitchen door, they knock and walk right in. But though Christmas is just two weeks away, what they find is far from festive: a dazed Faye Anne covered with blood, and her no-good husband - the town butcher, Merle - nowhere in sight. Nowhere, that is, until Jake discovers his body - tidily wrapped in his own butcher paper.... It doesn't take long for news of the murder to race through the small town, and just about everyone has a theory about the grisly crime that has robbed Eastport of its least-liked citizen. But while police chief Bob Arnold considers it an open-and-shut case, Jake and Ellie aren't convinced of Faye Anne's guilt. Jake has enough going on in her life without trying to investigate a murder. After all, she's just married her longtime love, Wade, and the pair plan to spend the winter rehabilitating the paint-encrusted windows in Jake's old house. But Jake has to admit that there are a lot of details that don't add up: for example, Faye Anne's complaint that she was being stalked, and blood-splattered evidence at the crime scene that just doesn't make sense. Then there is the diary that Faye Anne's secret, sometime boyfriend claims is hidden somewhere in her house. Could Faye Anne's own journal be the key to unlocking an even more fiendish murder plot, or is her double-crossing lover trying to frame her? When yet another Eastport citizen turns up dead, Jake realizes the murderer's trail began long before the night Merle Carmody died. But what keeps eluding her and Ellie is the motive behind the mystery. The truth is so close, they can almost taste it - but can they stop the shrewd killer before he chisels another victim's name onto a tombstone?

Wreck the Halls

Cake Wrecks Gets "Festive"

Author: Jen Yates

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing


Category: Humor

Page: 232

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Award-winning blogger Jen Yates has focused on confectionery calamities at her popular Web site www.cakewrecks.blogspot.com since May 2008, while her debut book, Cake Wrecks: When Professional Cakes Go Hilariously Wrong, quickly climbed the charts to become a New York Times best-seller within weeks of its release. Now, Yates is back with Wreck the Halls, a fresh mix of fan favorites and plenty of never-before-seen holiday wreckage. From thankless Thanksgiving turkeys and confusing Christmas conundrums, to less-than-happy Hanukkah horrors and New Year's meltdowns, Wreck the Halls has an icing-smeared disaster for every occasion. With additional chapters on Black Friday, family communication, and navigating the murky waters of politically correct cake greetings ("Winter!"), Wreck the Halls combines Yates's signature blend of wit and sarcasm with the most hilarious frosting fails this side of winter solstice. Find sweet relief from the holiday madness (not to mention plenty of laughs) with Wreck the Halls.

Wreck the Halls

Author: Meg McKinlay



Category: Children's stories

Page: 95

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An hilarious new Lightning Strikes story featuring characters from Going for Broke and The Big Dig. $500 prize money! Yes! This Christmas decorating comp is too easy. Decorations? No sweat. Strategy? Who needs it? What on earth could go wrong?

Cayman's 1794 Wreck of the Ten Sail

Peace, War, and Peril in the Caribbean

Author: Margaret E. Leshikar-Denton

Publisher: University Alabama Press


Category: History

Page: 315

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The greatest shipwreck disaster in the history of the Cayman Islands The story has been passed through generations for more than two centuries. Details vary depending on who is doing the telling, but all refer to this momentous maritime event as the Wreck of the Ten Sail. Sometimes misunderstood as the loss of a single ship, it was in fact the wreck of ten vessels at once, comprising one of the most dramatic maritime disasters in all of Caribbean naval history. Surviving historical documents and the remains of the wrecked ships in the sea confirm that the narrative is more than folklore. It is a legend based on a historical event in which HMS Convert, formerly L’Inconstante, a recent prize from the French, and 9 of her 58-ship merchant convoy sailing from Jamaica to Britain, wrecked on the jagged eastern reefs of Grand Cayman in 1794. The incident has historical significance far beyond the boundaries of the Cayman Islands. It is tied to British and French history during the French Revolution, when these and other European nations were competing for military and commercial dominance around the globe. The Wreck of the Ten Sail attests to the worldwide distribution of European war and trade at the close of the eighteenth century. In Cayman’s 1794 Wreck of the Ten Sail: Peace, War, and Peril in the Caribbean, Margaret E. Leshikar-Denton focuses on the ships, the people, and the wreck itself to define their place in Caymanian, Caribbean, and European history. This well-researched volume weaves together rich oral folklore accounts, invaluable supporting documents found in archives in the United Kingdom, Jamaica, and France, and tangible evidence of the disaster from archaeological sites on the reefs of the East End.

Bracebridge Hall

Tales of a Traveller

Author: Washington Irving




Page: 544

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The Polar and Tropical Worlds

A Description of Man and Nature in the Polar and Equatorial Regions of the Globe. Embracing Also an Account of the Expeditions of All the Arctic Explorers from the Discovery of Iceland to Hall's Last Expedition Together with the Wonderful Discoveries and Adventures of Agassiz, Livingstone, Wallace and Other Distinguished Travelers in the Tropical Countries

Author: Georg Hartwig



Category: Antarctica

Page: 811

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The Wreck of the Elizabeth

Author: Graeme Henderson

Publisher: Sydney : Australian Society for Historical Archaeology


Category: Fremantle (W.A.)

Page: 53

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