World According to Nigel Farage

Author: Mark Leigh

Publisher: Blake Publishing



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Are you belligerent, tetchy, and bigoted? Is being called "ill-informed and intolerant" a badge of honor rather than an insult? Do you go into fits of absolute apoplexy when you hear the words Eurozone, Ikea, and Caramel Macchiato? Are you confused and annoyed by muesli, multiculturalism, and women in the armed forces? Do you take great comfort in familiarity and find yourself saying, "Back in my day," "I remember when," and "Call that art?" Congratulations! You re an ideal UKIP supporter or, even better, candidate and this is the book for you! Covering a wide range of topics, not just the EU, "The Guide to Britishness, Patriotism and Other Stuff" is as much about what puts the Great in Great Britain as is it is about what s wrong with foreigners."

World According To Nigel Farage

Author: Mark Leigh

Publisher: Kings Road Publishing


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My Guide to Patriotism, Britishness and Other Stuff.Do you go into fits of absolute apoplexy when you hear the words Eurozone, Climate Change and Foreign Aid? Do the words savoir-faire, zeitgeist and polski sklep make you feel uncomfortable and apprehensive? Do you take great comfort in familiarity and find yourself saying, 'Back in my day...', 'I remember when...' and 'Call that art?' Congratulations - you're just like me!I don't just mean a thoroughly decent bloke, but also someone who's happy to speak his mind and call a spade a spade - and doesn't give a tuppenny toss whom he upsets.Within these pages you'll find my thoughts and views on a wide range of subjects, all unapologetically based on prejudice, irrationality and political incorrectness, including:Why global warming is just a load of liberal hot airThe Metric System: Satan's measurementsWhy don't the Chattering Classes just shut their gobs? 25 reasons why it's good to smokeCitizenship Test: UKIP styleThe European UnionThree words that carry the exact same appeal as 'Starring Hugh Grant' This book is as much about what puts the Great in Great Britain as is it is about what's wrong with foreigners and foreign policy - and how I'll make it right.A parody by Mark Leigh

The World According to Gogglebox

Author: Gogglebox,

Publisher: Canongate Books


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Channel 4's show Gogglebox has become a true TV phenomenon. In its third series, it has struck a chord across the nation. Millions of people are now addicted to watching the much-loved cast's surprising and hilarious commentary on the week in television - and the entertaining and heart-warming insight into their lives and relationships. Gogglebox is not just about TV. It's about what it means to be British, particularities, eccentricties, and all. Whether it's Leon and June you love, or Stephen and Chris you root for, or the Woerdenwebers or Sandy and Sandra who make you laugh the most, we all have a favourite 'unit' - and you can now read about their views on everything from Jeremy Clarkson's size to the death of Baroness Thatcher, and from the best TV snacks to the most potent cocktails. The World According to Gogglebox tells you everything you've wondered about the characters and more.

Authoritarianism Goes Global

The Challenge to Democracy

Author: Larry Diamond

Publisher: JHU Press


Category: Political Science

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Over the past decade, illiberal powers have become emboldened and gained influence within the global arena. Leading authoritarian countries—including China, Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela—have developed new tools and strategies to contain the spread of democracy and challenge the liberal international political order. Meanwhile, the advanced democracies have retreated, failing to respond to the threat posed by the authoritarians. As undemocratic regimes become more assertive, they are working together to repress civil society while tightening their grip on cyberspace and expanding their reach in international media. These political changes have fostered the emergence of new counternorms—such as the authoritarian subversion of credible election monitoring—that threaten to further erode the global standing of liberal democracy. In Authoritarianism Goes Global, a distinguished group of contributors present fresh insights on the complicated issues surrounding the authoritarian resurgence and the implications of these systemic shifts for the international order. This collection of essays is critical for advancing our understanding of the emerging challenges to democratic development. Contributors: Anne Applebaum, Anne-Marie Brady, Alexander Cooley, Javier Corrales, Ron Deibert, Larry Diamond, Patrick Merloe, Abbas Milani, Andrew Nathan, Marc F. Plattner, Peter Pomerantsev, Douglas Rutzen, Lilia Shevtsova, Alex Vatanka, Christopher Walker, and Frederic Wehrey

Is It Really Too Much To Ask?

The World According to Clarkson

Author: Jeremy Clarkson

Publisher: Penguin UK


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Is It Really Too Much To Ask? is the fifth book in Jeremy Clarkson's bestselling The World According to Clarkson series. Well, someone's got to do it: in a world which simply will not see reason, Jeremy sets off on another quest to beat a path of sense through all the silliness and idiocy. And there's no knowign what might catch Jeremy's eye along the way. It could be: -The merits of Stonehenge as a business model -Why all meetings are a waste of time -The theft of the Queen's cows -One Norwegian man's unique approach to showing his gratitude -Fitting a burglar alarm to a tortoise -Or how Lou Reed was completely wrong about what makes a perfect day Pithy and provocative, this is Clarkson at his best, taking issue with whatever nonsense gets in the way of his search for all that's worth celebrating. Why should we be forced to accept stuff that's a bit rubbish? Shouldn't things work? Why doesn't someone care? I mean, is it really too much to ask? It's a good thing we've still got Jeremy out there, still looking, without fear or favour, for the answers. Jeremy Clarkson becomes the hilarious voice of a nation once more in Is It Really Too Much To Ask?, Volume 5 of The World According To Clarkson, following bestselling titles The World According to Clarkson, And Another Thing, For Crying Out Loud and How Hard Can It Be?. Praise for Clarkson: 'Brilliant... laugh-out-loud' Daily Telegraph 'Outrageously funny... will have you in stitches' Time Out Jeremy Clarkson began his writing career on the Rotherham Advertiser. He now writes for the Sun and the Sunday Times and is the tallest person working in British television.

Parliamentary Debates (Hansard).

House of Commons official report

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