Wonderfully Wordless

The 500 Most Recommended Graphic Novels and Picture Books

Author: William Patrick Martin

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 334

View: 223

Wonderfully Wordless: The 500 Most Recommended Graphic Novels and Picture Books is the first comprehensive best book guide to wordless picture books (and nearly wordless picture books). It is an indispensable resource for parents and teachers who love graphic storytelling or who recognize the value of these exceptional books in working with different types of students, particularly preschool, English as a Second Language (ESL), and special needs, and creative writers. Every age group will benefit from Wonderfully Wordless, from babies and toddlers encountering their first books, to elementary age children captivated by the popular fantasy and adventure themes, to teenagers attracted to graphic novels because of their more intense content and comic book format. Even adults who are not yet readers will benefit from this uniquely authoritative resource because it will provide a bridge to literacy and give them books that they can immediately share with their children. Wonderfully Wordless is the ultimate guide to wordless and almost wordless books. Its 500 exemplary titles are a composite of 140 sources including recommendations from reference books, award lists, book reviews, professional journals, literary blogs, and the collections of many of the most prominent libraries in the United States and the English-speaking world. The US libraries include the Boston Public Library, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Denver Library, New York Public Library, and Seattle Public Library, as well as the academic libraries at Bank Street College, Miami University, Michigan State University, Penn State University, Stanford University, and University of Chicago. The international libraries include the University of Oxford, British Council Library India, British Library, Hong Kong Public Libraries, National Library of the Philippines, Toronto Public Library, Trinity College Library (Dublin), Vancouver Public Library, and the National Library of New Zealand. The 500 books included here are generated from a database with 7,300 booklist entries. In essence, the ranked list emerging from this compilation will constitute “votes” for the most popular titles, the ones most experts agree are the best. By pooling the expertise from the US and other English-speaking countries, Wonderfully Wordless is an unrivaled core list of classic and contemporary titles. This authoritative reference book conveys not the opinion of one expert, but the combined opinions of a legion of experts. If a single picture is worth a thousand words, then a multitude of the picture-only texts is worth a compendium. Wonderfully Wordless is organized by theme and format and readers should have no problem zeroing in on their favorite topics. There are thirty-one chapters organized by topics such as Christmas Cheer, Character Values, Comedy Capers, Pet Mischief, Creative Journeys, Fascinating Fantasies, and Marvelous Mysteries. There is a full spectrum of wordless fiction and nonfiction, concept books, visual puzzles, board books, cloth books, woodcut novels, graphic novels, and more.

The Tiny Red Bathing Suit of Mr. July

Inspiration & Resources for Continuing Care Providers

Author: Jean Clayton

Publisher: Wood Lake Publishing Inc.


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 132

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Most residents of continuing care facilities are dealing with losses and many changes. This book, written by hospital chaplain Jean Clayton, deals with key issues for the chronically ill, aging, and disabled including sexuality, grief, and mental illness.


Nurturing the Next Generation

Author: Nancy Ann McLaughlin

Publisher: Church Publishing, Inc.


Category: Religion

Page: 160

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Being a godparent is a great honor—and a sacred responsibility. Baptism, after all, is at the center of Christian life, and godparents play a critical role in celebrating this sacrament. When you accept the invitation to sponsor a little one, what exactly are you promising to do? Godparenting: Nurturing the Next Generation explores the history and theology of godparenting, and offers plenty of helpful tips on how to be the best godparent ever. A lovely keepsake gift for godparents and a handy guide to use for years to come.

The Letters of Vincent van Gogh

A Critical Study

Author: Patrick Grant

Publisher: Athabasca University Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 254

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When he died at the age of thirty-seven, Vincent van Gogh left a legacy of over two thousand artworks, for which he was justly famous. But van Gogh was also a prodigious writer of letters—more than eight hundred of them, addressed to his parents, to friends such as Paul Gauguin and, above all, to his brother Theo. His letters have long been admired for their exceptional literary quality, and art historians have sometimes drawn on some of the letters in their analysis of the paintings. And yet, to date, no one has undertaken a critical assessment of this remarkable body of writing—not as a footnote to the paintings but as a highly sophisticated literary achievement in its own right. Patrick Grant’s long-awaited study provides such an assessment and, as such, redresses a significant omission in the field of van Gogh studies. As Grant demonstrates, quite apart from furnishing a highly revealing self-portrait of their author, the letters are compelling for their imaginative and expressive power, as well as for the perceptive commentary they offer on universal human themes. Through a subtle exploration of van Gogh’s contrastive style of thinking and his fascination with the notion of imperfection, Grant illuminates gradual shifts in van Gogh's ideas on religion, ethics, and art. He also analyzes the metaphorical significance of a number of key images in the letters, which prove to yield unexpected psychological and conceptual connections, and probes the relationships that surface when the letters are viewed as a cohesive literary product. The result is a wealth of new insights into van Gogh’s inner landscape.

This Uncontainable Feeling of Freedom

Irène Schweizer - European Jazz and the Politics of Improvisation

Author: Christian Broecking

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 472

View: 670

Irène Schweizer: jazz pianist, activist, icon. Left-winged, lesbian, autonomous. The path of a young woman from the northern Swiss province leads further and further into experimental music: from London's jazz club Ronnie Scott's and the Zurich Africana Club to the avantgarde-stages in Wuppertal, Berlin, Willisau, Chicago and New York, and from concerts with Don Cherry, Louis Moholo and George Lewis to solo appearances as the leading pianist of European jazz in the Swiss temples of high culture, the Lucerne Culture and Congress Center and the Tonhalle Zurich. Again and again she fights for artistic freedom and autonomy.

A Mother's Story

Author: Rosie Batty

Publisher: HarperCollins


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 336

View: 371

An updated edition of the profoundly moving and inspiring memoir from Australia's domestic violence crusader, Rosie Batty. Rosie Batty knows pain no woman should have to suffer. Her son was killed by his father in a violent incident in February 2014, a horrendous event that shocked not only the nation, but the world. Greg Anderson murdered his 11-year-old son Luke and was then shot by police at the Tyabb cricket oval. Rosie had suffered years of family violence, and had had intervention and custody orders in place in an effort to protect herself and her son. Rosie has since become an outspoken and dynamic crusader against domestic violence, winning hearts and mind all over Australia with her compassion, courage, grace and forgiveness. In January 2015, Rosie was named Australian of the Year, 2015. Inspiring, heartfelt and profoundly moving, this is Rosie's story. A percentage of royalties from sales of this book are going to the Luke Batty Foundation. 'A brave, resolute and heart-breaking tale' Sydney Morning Herald 'Every Australian should read this book' Tracey Spicer 'Just finished A Mother's Story. Loved it. Cried. Got angry. Important book, beautifully written' Juanita Phillips 'This highly emotional book ... She suffers but she is not a victim. Batty is comforting and terrifying. She is protector and avenger... She has moral authority and dignity ... compelling' ABR

The Best Children's Literature

A Parent's Guide

Author: Ellen Trachtenberg

Publisher: Mars Pub Incorporated


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 344

View: 548

With more than 1,000 titles represented, this book comes complete with developmentally appropriate recommendations and an extensive subject index that enable children, parents, caregivers, or educators to help find the books that are appropriate for the level of skill and the interest of the individual.

Young Hamlet

Essays on Shakespeare's Tragedies

Author: Barbara Everett

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 232

View: 298

These essays offer fresh ideas about Shakespeare. Everett argues that patterns in the major tragedies are drawn from the most common human experiences, and that Shakespeare used his great public settings to suggest myths of the personal life. The first essay Growing, proposes a new reading that recovers an older forgotten view of the place of the young within the social order. Other essays exemplify a wide range of approaches to Shakespeare's tragic texts, including a reading of Romeo and Juliet that presents the Nurse as a key to Shakepeare's tragic conception, and an essay on the inaction of Troilus and Cressida that brings out the extraordinary originality of this unclassifiable play. In addition, the book provides ancillary studies of Hamlet and Othello, together with new approaches to the texts which show how these plays manifest their meanings, even in the smallest details of word and phrase.


Author: Lauren Wantz

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 229

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Frank Raveillac is an aging male schizophrenic with a terrible past, who having recently given up his affluent career as a scholar and historian, is now a drug addicted madman of considerable moral turpitude. "Disapora," tells the story of his deranged lunacy, sordid love life with fallen women, and the crude adventures of the narcotic underground he partakes in with his friend and drug dealer, "The Pharaoh." Frank keeps calling himself Disapora, because he thinks he's sent on a divine mission to end the world, or will he find something in it worth saving?