With Dogs at the Edge of Life

Author: Colin Dayan

Publisher: Columbia University Press


Category: Philosophy

Page: 224

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In this original and provocative book, Colin Dayan tackles head-on the inexhaustible world, at once tender and fierce, of dogs and humans. We follow the tracks of dogs in the bayous of Louisiana, the streets of Istanbul, and the humane societies of the United States, and in the memories and myths of the humans who love them. Dayan reorients our ethical and political assumptions through a trans-species engagement that risks as much as it promises. She makes a powerful case for questioning what we think of as our deepest-held beliefs and, with dogs in the lead, unsettles the dubious promises of liberal humanism. Moving seamlessly between memoir, case law, and film, Dayan takes politics and animal studies in a new direction—one that gives us glimpses of how we can think beyond ourselves and with other beings. Her unconventional perspective raises hard questions and renews what it means for any animal or human to live in the twenty-first century. Nothing less than a challenge for us to confront violence and suffering even in the privileged precincts of modernity, this searing and lyrical book calls for another way to think the world. Theoretically sophisticated yet aimed at a broad readership, With Dogs at the Edge of Life illuminates how dogs—and their struggles—take us beyond sentimentality and into a form of thought that can make a difference to our lives.

Mad Dogs

A Life on the Edge

Author: Robin Judkins



Category: Adventure and adventurers

Page: 256

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Adam Copeland on Edge

Author: Adam Copeland

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 254

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The WWE star shares the story of his life in an account of what it takes to achieve success in the world of professional wrestling, describing his personal life and rise to success following his 1993 professional debut.





Category: Herpetology


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Category: Collectors and collecting


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Chinese Love Signs

Author: Derek Walters

Publisher: Heian International Publishing Company


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 112

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Are you a horse? Should your partner be a monkey? Find the right astrological sign for lasting relationships in this beautifully produced book. Twelve delightful tales help explain the signs of the Chinese zodiac, each one authentically illustrated with full-color watercolor drawings.

Theoretical Questions of Natural Foci of Diseases

Proceedings of a Symposium Held in Prague, November 26-29, 1963

Author: Bohumír Rosický



Category: Animals as carriers of disease

Page: 533

View: 266

Soubor vědeckých pojednání o přírodních centrech chorob a ložiskách infekcí shrnuje výsledky více než pětadvacetileté práce vědců všech zemí. Symposium se soustředilo na čtyři hlavní problémy. Analyzuje určení a vývoj speciální struktury přírodních ložisek chorob v různých geografických podmínkách, vliv migrace a dynamiky složek přírodních center na cirkulaci příčinných agencií, vliv člověka na existenci a rozvoj přírodních center chorob a některé nové problémy infekčních chorob a otázky paleogeneze přírodních center nemocí.

Your Golden Retriever's Life

Your Complete Guide to Raising Your Pet from Puppy to Companion

Author: Betsy Sikora Siino

Publisher: Three Rivers Press


Category: Pets

Page: 321

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Give Your Golden Retriever the Best Possible Care—for Life! As a caring Golden Retriever owner, you want the best for your pet. But you may not know all the special steps you need to take to raise a happy, healthy Golden. Your Golden Retriever's Life was written with one purpose in mind: to give you the most up-to-date information and guidance you need about the health, nutrition, training, and care of your dog. Reviewed by a nationally known veterinarian, this book shows you how to give your Golden the best life possible—whether you've just welcomed a new puppy into your family or adopted an older dog. Inside—what every Golden Retriever owner wants to know: ·Is a Golden Retriever the right dog for me? ·How much exercise does my Golden need? ·Can my Golden stay home all day without me? ·Do Goldens make good companions for children? ·How do I choose the best food for all stages of my Golden's life? ·What's the best way to house-train my dog? ·Will my Golden get along with my other pets? ·What do I do with my Golden when I go on vacation? Includes a special section written by renowned training expert Liz Palika.

Living on the Edge

A Family's Journey to Self-Sufficiency

Author: F.J. Bohan

Publisher: Paladin Press


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 146

View: 296

When it comes to survival, one size definitely does not fit all. That's exactly what author F. J. Bohan discovered when he and his family set out on a quest for self-sufficiency, a journey that has lasted more than 17 years. Living on the Edge describes why Bohan and his wife made the decision to pull their four sons from public school in the East and set off in a converted school bus to the American Southwest. On a very limited budget, the Bohans began their new life in a tent pitched in public campgrounds. As soon as they could, they purchased remote ranchland, on which they constructed a rustic cabin from the ground up that grew as they could afford to add on. In addition, they homeschooled the boys so well that all four received scholarships to the schools of their choice. On their journey, the Bohans learned a lot about living off the land and off the grid, mostly through trial and error. In this book, the author graciously shares valuable lessons on the following: Keeping a wife, four boys, two dogs, and two cats happy in a tent for 18 months Creating power for a tent or cabin through a combination of solar panels, car batteries, generators, and oil Heating and cooking on wood stoves Finding creative ways to earn money in an insular, impoverished rural area Securing enough water in the desert for a family of six, plus animals, to live on Erecting fences—literal and figurative ones—for privacy and security Raising chickens, goats, and ducks for food, while avoiding bears, bobcats, skunks, and other country critters Relocating to the desert, living in a tent, or homeschooling kids may not appeal to you. But if you have ever thought of living off the grid or simply becoming more self-sufficient, this is how one American family successfully did it . . . and found freedom along the way.

Life on an Icefloe

Author: Иван Дмитриевич Папанин

Publisher: London : Hutchinson


Category: Antarctica

Page: 240

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Diary kept by the leader of the wintering party on the Soviet North Pole Expedition, 1937-38; includes an anonymous biographical sketch of Papanin.


A Life at the Edge

Author: Terry C. Johnston

Publisher: Saint Martin's Paperbacks


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 276

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A fully researched biography of the late writer details his years as a Pinkerton detective, his life in Hollywood, his relationship with Lillian Hellman, his politics, and his development as a writer