Q Road

A Novel

Author: Bonnie Jo Campbell

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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Welcome to Q Road, in Greenland Township, where the old way of life is colliding with the new. On the same acres where farmers once displaced Potawatomi Indians, suburban developers now supplant farmers and Q road (or "Queer Road," as the locals call it) has become home to an unlikely mix of people. The neighbors include a sixth-generation farmer and his rifle-toting child bride, and evangelical bartender, a tabloid-reading agoraphobe, a philandering window salesman, and an asthmatic boy who longs for the love of a good father.These folks all smell the pig manure from the Whitby farm and share the same grand views of the Kalamazoo River and the oldest barn in the township -- until one disastrous October afternoon. Bonnie Jo Campbell's first novel combines offbeat humor, eccentric characters, and unique insights into modern rural America, where family traditions have flown the coop and only the cycle of the seasons remains. At the heart of this tale are three characters so integrally connected and devoted to the Harland farm that they might not survive anywhere else; their lives, their livelihoods, and their sometimes violent love for one another are all rooted in the soil of this square mile. As The Village Voice said of Campbell's story collection, she "crystallizes those moments when benumbed everyday routine is briefly jolted by dizzy instants of lucidity." It may take a spring tornado or a lightning bolt in the garden to get the folks of Q Road to pause in their work, but when they lift their gaze collectively, it can be life-altering. Brilliant atumn foliage creates the backdrop for the rich and ragged human landscape of rural southwestern Michigan, a place Campbell has explored in her award-winning short stories. In this passionate and funny novel she digs even deeper, to reveal the beauty and strangeness of her ferocious women, confused men, and hungry children.

In the Shadows of the Morning

Essays on Wild Lands, Wild Waters, and a Few Untamed People (Signed by the author)

Author: Philip Caputo

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Travel

Page: 328

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Philip Caputo's passion for travel and adventure was inspired by the works of Joseph Conrad, Jack London, and Herman Melville, and through the years this passion led to a rugged writer's life, filled with hair-raising experiences in the jungles of Vietnam, the rubble of Beirut, and the savannas of Africa. In the Shadows of the Morning collects Caputo's essays for the first time, each imbued with the powerful and memorable writing for which he has become so well known. In "The Ahab Complex," Caputo recalls a life-and-death struggle with a majestic giant blue marlin off the coast of Florida whose quarter-ton body "lit up as if a gigantic light had flashed in the water." He recounts his travels in Kenya's largest national park among the only lions to have a natural tendency to stalk and eat human beings, and where the accounts of their gruesome escapades invaded his dreams. In the title piece, he reflects on a harrowing trip down the Alaskan river that nearly claimed his son's life, nature's indifference to human loss, and an evocative account of letting go. In the Shadows of the Morning is a fascinating journey through a lifetime of profound experiences. Adventurers and lovers of great writing will welcome this collection of finely crafted essays by one of America's most gifted writers.

By Monomoy Light

Nature and Healing in an Island Sanctuary

Author: North T. Cairn

Publisher: UPNE


Category: Nature

Page: 264

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In this beautifully written book, North T. Cairn reflects on her three extended summer stays on Monomoy, an island wildlife sanctuary. Residing alone in an abandoned lighthouse-keeper's cottage, she lived simply in the wilderness, studying the diverse habitats of the refuge and its creatures. Cairn recalls her sojourns on Monomoy, seamlessly blending memoir with natural and social history to trace the transformations that come from encounters with nature and its inhabitants. Her evocative observations of the barrier island paradise-sea and sand, light, flora, migrating birds, white-tailed deer, gray and harbor seals-echo larger, transcendent issues of life in a changing world. For Cairn, the outer world of nature also becomes a metaphor for the inner world of reflection, new discoveries, and healing, particularly of her own childhood trauma and long estrangement from family. By Monomoy Light will reawaken the reader to the necessities of rest and peace; of space apart for meditative listening and quiet; of the imperative to preserve the character of the wilderness, wherever it may be found.

A Primer for Teaching Environmental History

Ten Design Principles

Author: Emily Wakild

Publisher: Duke University Press


Category: History

Page: 200

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A Primer for Teaching Environmental History is a guide for college and high school teachers who are teaching environmental history for the first time, for experienced teachers who want to reinvigorate their courses, for those who are training future teachers to prepare their own syllabi, and for teachers who want to incorporate environmental history into their world history courses. Emily Wakild and Michelle K. Berry offer design principles for creating syllabi that will help students navigate a wide range of topics, from food, environmental justice, and natural resources to animal-human relations, senses of place, and climate change. In their discussions of learning objectives, assessment, project-based learning, using technology, and syllabus design, Wakild and Berry draw readers into the process of strategically designing courses on environmental history that will challenge students to think critically about one of the most urgent topics of study in the twenty-first century.

The Youth's Companion

Author: Nathaniel Willis



Category: Children's periodicals, American


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Includes music.

Restoration Forestry

An International Guide to Sustainable Forestry Practices

Author: Michael Pilarski

Publisher: Kivak I Press


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 525

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