The Whole-Food Guide for Breast Cancer Survivors

A Nutritional Approach to Preventing Recurrence

Author: Edward Bauman

Publisher: New Harbinger Publications


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 272

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If you’re a breast cancer survivor, chances are you have renewed your commitment to maintaining your good health and taking care of your body. As one of the best preventative measures known to doctors and nutritionists today, a robust, cancer-fighting diet is vital to your personal plan for breast cancer prevention. The Whole-Food Guide for Breast Cancer Survivors is an essential guide for every woman seeking to understand the effect of nutritional deficiencies and environmental factors on her overall health and wellness. Based on Edward Bauman’s groundbreaking Eating for Health model, this highly comprehensive, practical approach can help you reduce the chance of breast cancer recurrence; rebuild your immune system; and enjoy a stronger, healthier body. Reduce the chance of breast cancer recurrence by: •Incorporating cancer-fighting foods into your diet •Indulging in safe, nontoxic cosmetics and body care products •Understanding the role of essential nutrients in maintaining your health •Managing your weight and balancing your blood sugar •Nourishing your immune, detoxification, and digestive systems

The Whole-Food Guide to Overcoming Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Strategies and Recipes for Eating Well With IBS, Indigestion, and Other Digestive Disorders

Author: Laura Knoff

Publisher: New Harbinger Publications


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 208

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If you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), you know all too well that its symptoms sometimes rule your life. While medication may temporarily alleviate IBS, diet and lifestyle changes target the root of the problem and can help you feel like yourself again. In The Whole-Food Guide to Overcoming Irritable Bowel Syndrome, nutrition consultant and former digestive disorder sufferer Laura Knoff reveals powerful, natural strategies for relieving symptoms right away and offers a collection of easy and nutritious recipes to help you end your struggle with IBS once and for all. This guide includes tips and advice on: What to eat and what to avoid to prevent IBS symptoms Herbs and vitamins for improving digestion naturally Self-assessing your IBS through an elimination diet Lifestyle changes, exercise, and stress management

Encyclopedia of Gastroenterology


Publisher: Academic Press


Category: Science

Page: 3420

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Encyclopedia of Gastroenterology, Second Edition provides a comprehensive and concise reference on all aspects of gastroenterology and hepatology, including the organs in the gastrointestinal system, their functions in health and disease, and strategies or procedures to resolve or prevent problems and disease. This concise, up-to-date information includes comprehensive sections on the impact of nutrition, gastrointestinal microbiota, lifestyle, commonly used drugs, and surgical procedures on health and disease. Since the first edition, attention to the roles of nutrition and gastrointestinal microorganisms (microbiota, formerly Microbiota) in health and disease has skyrocketed. In addition, an entirely new section on obesity and diabetes is included. Presents comprehensive coverage of every topic within gastroenterology Offers researchers a one-stop, fully-referenced resource to explore questions Includes teaching tools, multimedia and interactive elements Provides readers with multi-layered content and a media-rich learning resource for both instructors and students Covers hot new topics in GI health and disease, including new sections on stem cells, intestinal bacteria, obesity and intestinal microbiota

Genetically Modified Organisms in Food

Production, Safety, Regulation and Public Health

Author: Ronald Ross Watson

Publisher: Academic Press


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 516

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Genetically Modified Organisms in Food focuses on scientific evaluation of published research relating to GMO food products to assert their safety as well as potential health risks. This book is a solid reference for researchers and professionals needing information on the safety of GMO and non-GMO food production, the economic benefits of both GMO and non-GMO foods, and includes in-depth coverage of the surrounding issues of genetic engineering in foods. This is a timely publication written by a team of scientific experts in the field who present research results to help further more evidence based research to educate scientists, academics, government professionals about the safety of the global food supply. Provides the latest on research and development in the field of GMOs and non-GMO safety issues and possible risk factors incorporating evidence based reviews for a better understanding of these issues Covers various aspects of GMO production, analysis and identification to better understand GMO development and use Includes definitions, a brief overview and history of GM foods from a global perspective and concise summaries with recommendations for actions for each chapter

Reconnecting Consumers, Producers and Food

Exploring Alternatives

Author: Moya Kneafsey

Publisher: Berg


Category: Social Science

Page: 224

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Reconnecting Consumers, Producers and Food presents a detailed and empirically grounded analysis of alternatives to current models of food provision. The book offers insights into the identities, motives and practices of individuals engaged in reconnecting producers, consumers and food. Arguing for a critical revaluation of the meanings of choice and convenience, Reconnecting Consumers, Producers and Food provides evidence to support the construction of a more sustainable and equitable food system which is built on the relationships between people, communities and their environments.

Food Allergy in Infancy and Childhood

Author: H.K. Harms

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Medical

Page: 222

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Since the beginning of the century when HAMBURGER, SCHLOSS MANN, and MORO first described food allergy in infants being fed with cow's milk, this topic has been the subject of very con troversial discussions among pediatricians. The dispute is illus trated by markedly fluctuating incidence figures, ranging from denial of the disease to incidence rates up to one in ten infants. The explanation for the differing incidence figures lies in the lack of a single laboratory test which is simple as well as applicable and reliable for all clinical and immunological reactions. Even though the classic allergic hypersensitivity reactions mediated by specific IgE antibodies are relatively clearly defined, there still exist other more complex immune responses which are more dif ficult to recognize. In the fall of 1987 internationally renowned experts from var ious fields met to define and discuss the fundamentals, organic manifestations, and the current status of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of food allergy in childhood. The results have been collected in the volume in hand, in hopes that it will encourage more public involvement in the discussion of this illness, which is fortunately mostly transient.

You Can Beat Lung Cancer

Using Alternative/Integrative Interventions

Author: Carl O. Helvie

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 325

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Can you overcome lung cancer without harsh chemicals, surgery and debilitation? Are alternative interventions effective? Why do conventional physicians not use them? Can you prevent cancer recurrences and live into old age without chronic diseases and prescribed medications? This book answers these and other questions. This is one of the most comprehensive books available on alternative treatments for lung cancer. It explains the treatments used successfully by a health professional/cancer survivor of 36 years and by some of the leading medical and health practitioners currently in the field. G. Edward Griffin, Author of World Without Cancer, The Politics of Cancer Therapy, and other books and films. Recipient of the Telly Award for Excellence in Television Production. President of American Media.

Feed Science

Author: E. R. Ørskov

Publisher: Elsevier Science Limited


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 336

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Up-to-date reviews on all aspects of feed science, from protein evaluation to food processing and methods of improving feed value are contained in this book. The volume has been compiled by leading scientists in the field of feed science in animal production. An interesting historical account of feed science and feed evaluation starting with the use of hay equivalents to the more recent calorimetry assessment of metabolizable energy is given, together with pointers for the way forward. Different aspects of feed science, from plant chemistry to feed evaluation, both for ruminant and non-ruminant animals are discussed including new systems of protein and energy evaluation. Considerable attention is given to the effects of feed processing and feed preservation as it affects nutritive value and physiology of digestion in animals. Aspects of fat digestion, and the latest knowledge on the dynamics of forage digestion in ruminants are discussed. The effect on nutritive value when different feeds are combined for ruminants is examined along with recent methods for improving the nutritive value of roughage. Methods of using agroindustrial waste and by-products in feeding are also included.

Nutritional improvement of food and feed proteins


Author: Symposium on Improvement of Protein Nutritive Quality of Food and Feeds. (1§ : 1977 : Chicago





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