Whispers of an Old Soul

Author: Roman Garreis



Category: Poetry

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Between these energies Roman's fundamental ethos of world peace, love and happiness formed--including harmony with nature, communal living and artistic experimentation. Whispers of an Old Soul is an expression of these energies as experienced on the many paths walked and through the very caring, loving interaction of those whose paths were crossed.

Whispers of the Soul

Journeys to the Other Side of Life

Author: Josiane Antonette

Publisher: Josiane Antonette


Category: Death

Page: 144

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"Born in France and trained as a nurse, Josiane Antonette had a near death experience in 1966 when she became aware of her ability to 'communicate with the other side.' For over 30 years, she has worked with the dying and the living in hospitals as a chaplain, universities as a teacher, as a spiritual counselor, healer and ceremonial leader. Her understanding of living, dying and the spiritual realms has touched many people." (book jacket).

Whispers from Heaven

Author: Liz Carthy

Publisher: Balboa Press


Category: Self-Help

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The hope of tomorrow ... When I first started writing my feelings down, I was doing it just for me. I felt like if I didn't get this brutal pain out of me, I was going to just die. Time after time, I tried to express to myself this terrible pain that was consuming my life. Before my son Ryan's death, I was always the kind of person who chose to always see the hope in tomorrow. In the very beginning of my grief journey, when I was living and breathing the pain to the point I couldn't even catch my breath, the tomorrows came and I did not even know it. And to tell you the truth I did not want or care to know it. But tomorrow has a funny way of doing that. I hated tomorrows and wanted no part of them. And all I wanted to do was to stay in the pain of losing my child. Well, I am happy to admit I no longer see it that way at all. I love tomorrows now, and I can actually feel the joy tomorrow brings. This feeling did not happen overnight, and it was a long road to get to this place called tomorrow. I do not know if it will happen for you. I do know this--it can happen. And when it does happen, it will be in the way you choose to view it and that, my friend, is for every person to make the choice. After a few years of writing down my feelings, I realized I was actually writing a book of my pain and sorrow over Ryan's death. Whenever I went to go buy a book to try to see myself in it, I had a hard time finding the one that said it just right for me. So I wrote the book that I wanted to read--the kind of book that said it without prettying it up with fancy words to make it more palatable for the world to see. I just wanted to write a book I would read. I wanted my book to be real and to express the many different sides of grief. And in doing that I expressed the many different sides, allowing everyone who is grieving a child to find their self-validation no matter where they choose to look.


A Collection of Poems

Author: Lucy Virginia French




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Haunting Whispers

Author: VK Powell

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books Inc


Category: Fiction

Page: 272

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Possibility, love, vigilance, even fear can be captured in a whisper. But what if it's the only clue to solve a crime? Detective Rae Butler inherits a series of assaults that seem to have no connection beyond the suspect. But when she encounters Audrey Everhart and her unexplainable insights, Rae is torn between what she knows and how she feels. Mayoral publicist Audrey Everhart is haunted by nightmares and by the cop determined to invade her privacy for answers. Is Audrey's nightmarish vision the answer to Rae's prayer?



Author: Laurie Baum MSW

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 588

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Whispers from the Cosmos Sun Sign Personality Guide & Predictions for 2006 and 2007 gives you timeless advice about your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, and Rising Sign & More! Turn to this book for valuable guidance about: Health Finances Relationships Personal growth Spirituality Career You also will learn about: Your Talents & Potentials How to Benefit from the Coming Times How Astrology Works Why Astrology is Affecting You Now By reading this book, you will be ready for greater possibilities and make the most of opportunities destined for you!

Keats to Morris

Author: Rossiter Johnson



Category: English poetry


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Growths from a Long-planted Root : Being Translations, New and Old, Chiefly from the German : Along with A Year's Diary of an Old Soul

Author: George MacDonald



Category: English poetry

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