When on Earth?

Author: DK

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 160

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Incredible maps show where history was made. Much more than an atlas or a history book, When on Earth? charts global historical events through stunning world maps. A truly visual guide to discovering when, where, and why things happened, When on Earth? presents history as a series of stunning, specially commissioned historical maps of the world. Each of these maps charts a key global event, such as the migration of the earliest humans, the spread of the Black Death, or the European, African, and Pacific theaters of World War II.

On Earth as it is in Heaven

Religion in Modern Latin America

Author: Virginia Garrard-Burnett

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Religion

Page: 251

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Latin America has long been strongly identified with the Roman Catholic Church. Yet the face of religion is changing in the region, as is evidenced by new landmarks that now appear on the social and geographic landscape. To date, most books on major religions in Latin America are specific to one religion only, and do not offer a comparative analysis. On Earth as It Is in Heaven: Religion in Modern Latin America not only examines the region's religious mélange, but also gives equal coverage to other religious variations. The nine articles in this volume examine the variety of religious expression in Latin America, focusing upon Catholicism, popular Indian and African religious forms, and new elements such as Protestantism and Mormonism. Offering a comprehensive focus on one of the most prevalent social institutions in Latin American society, On Earth as It Is in Heaven is an excellent text for courses in Latin American history, religion, anthropology, sociology, and political science.

Space on Earth

Saving Our World by Seeking Others

Author: Charles S. Cockell

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan


Category: Science

Page: 256

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Many environmentalists think going into space detracts from solving problems here on Earth. Many astrophysicists feel environmentalism hampers their exploration and settlement of space. Actually environmentalism and space exploration have one and the same objective, argues leading astro-biologist Professor Charles Cockell: to ensure humanity has a home. Cockell calls for a fusion of the two movements as the only way forward. The technologies we develop to live sustainably on Earth, such as wind and solar power, will also establish humanity in space. The exploration of space will provide new resources and skills for the protection of the Earth's environment. For example, studying extreme environments on Earth is helping us to look for life on Mars and satellites orbiting Earth are helping track hurricanes and protect people from natural disasters. There are many books on environmentalism and many on space faring. Space On Earth is the first to provide a new vision of humanity's future bringing these two goals together.

Rules For Living On Earth

Author: Marie E Rickwood

Publisher: FriesenPress


Category: Fiction

Page: 270

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Jonathan Brown, the father of twin sons is married to a lovely woman. He is also a successful bank executive, a nature enthusiast and an unfaithful husband. Jonathan Brown is also a die-hard atheist. One evening at the age of forty-two, he walks across the street from his residence to the 7-11 store to buy the latest Financial Post. Hurrying back, he is struck by a large truck and killed instantly. He ascends upwards while watching the paramedics trying to revive his body below. Ascending further he learns he has to pass The Rules For Living On Earth at each station he comes to if he wants to meet the Creator he never believed in. This gripping novel will hold your interest while taking you through his tough journey. It will show you the struggle he has with each station. As you read, no doubt you will be asking these questions: What are the rules for living on earth, will he make it through them? Will he see the face of God? Will he enter that mystical place called Heaven?

Hell on Earth

The Wildfire Pandemic

Author: David L. Porter

Publisher: Forge Books


Category: Nature

Page: 288

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The world is burning, and it appears that we are to blame. Conditions that create large-scale fire disasters are occurring more frequently every year, spurred on by global warming. And the potential for damage, loss of life, and greater harm to the environment is staggering. As devastating fires increase throughout the western and southern United States, the number of fires in the Brazilian rain forest continues to increase as well. Vast areas of the wilderness are dying throughout the West, setting the stage for a human and environmental tragedy. David L. Porter has been covering wild fires in the west for more than twelve years. After losing his home to a wildfire in 2003, he set out to find how and why this was happening, not only in the western US, but around the world. Hell on Earth chronicles the origins of these catastrophes as well as the effects they are having on our planet. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Heaven on Earth

The Varieties of the Millennial Experience

Author: Richard Landes

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Religion

Page: 520

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Millennialists through the ages have looked forward to the apocalyptic moment that will radically transform society into heaven on earth. They have delivered withering critiques of their own civilizations and promised both the impending annihilation of the forces of evil and the advent of a perfect society. And all their promises have invariably failed. We tend, therefore, to dismiss these prophets of doom and salvation as crackpots and madmen, and not surprisingly historians of our secular era have tended to underestimate their impact on our modern world. Now, Richard Landes offers a lucid and ground-breaking analysis of this widely misunderstood phenomenon. This long-awaited study shows that many events typically regarded as secular--including the French Revolution, Marxism, Bolshevism, Nazism--not only contain key millennialist elements, but follow the apocalyptic curve of enthusiastic launch, disappointment and (often catastrophic) re-entry into "normal time." Indeed, as Landes examines the explicit millennialism behind such recent events as the emergence of Global Jihad since 1979, he challenges the common notion that modern history is largely driven by secular interests. By focusing on ten widely different case studies, none of which come from Judaism or Christianity, he shows that millennialism is not only a cultural universal, but also an extremely adaptive social phenomenon that persists across the modern and post-modern divides. At the same time, he also offers valuable insight into the social and psychological factors that drive such beliefs. Ranging from ancient Egypt to modern-day UFO cults and global Jihad, Heaven on Earth both delivers an eye-opening revisionist argument for the significance of millennialism throughout history and alerts the reader to the alarming spread of these ideologies in our world today.

Early Life on Earth

Author: Stefan Bengtson

Publisher: Columbia University Press


Category: Science

Page: 630

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Observers from the West, the book contends, have incorrectly projected rigid ethnocentric notions of love and marriage onto cultures around the world. Contributors look beyond each society's "official" institutions to explore expressions of love. They find, for instance, that arranged marriages and polygamy do not necessarily indicate a lack of romantic passion but rather that people in such cultures may expect to look elsewhere for love. Contributors also look at the other side of the equation: rejection and grief.

Days of Heaven on Earth

A Daily Devotional to Comfort and Inspire

Author: A. B. Simpson

Publisher: Moody Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 384

View: 531

Most of A.B. Simpson's many books are sermons preached to large, enthusiastic audiences, stenographically recorded, lightly edited and pressed into print. Days of Heaven on Earth is different. In response to repeated requests for a daily devotional, Simpson himself prepared this book, selecting appropriate passages from his various books, pamphlets and sermons. This spiritual treasure house of thought-provoking meditations will continue to be valuable wherever wise words are needed for comfort and inspiration.