When I Grow Up I Want to Be a Doctor

Blank Sheet Music - 10 Staves

Author: Jeryx Publishing




Page: 104

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A manuscript notebook featuring 100 pages, 10 staves per page that comes with specially designed covers and high-quality music writing sheets. Easy to use and ideal for students, amateurs and professionals.Perfect for music composition, college and high school music classes, theory classes, breaking down solos or transcribing music. Whether you're planning to write a beautiful love song, compose a classical music for the ages or just want to write quick notations or ideas on the fly, this blank sheet music is a great tool to use.

When I Grow Up, I Want to Be A...

Community Helper: Doctor Doug

Author: C. Sun

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

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Children dream about become doctors, just like Doctor Doug.

When I Grow Up I Want to Be a Doctor: Mileage Log Book

Author: Jeryx Publishing

Publisher: Mileage Log Book


Category: Literary Collections

Page: 104

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Sometimes, the old-fashioned way is better. If you're looking for a logbook to record travel mileage for work, or just personal information, we have what you need.Whether you need it for tax deduction purposes or simply to keep track of your mileage and expenses, this is the perfect logbook for you. Simple, handy and so easy to use.It can be used for tax deduction purposes or simply to keep track of gas mileage and expenses. This mileage log is ideal for anyone who needs to track their vehicle/gas usage for tax reporting purposes. Both businesses and individuals will benefit from this simple record book.Get this log book, a perfect tool to help you keep track of your mileage, trip purpose and expenses. A well-maintained vehicle mileage log will save you a lot of headache at tax time.

When I Grow Up

Author: John Talbot

Publisher: Nelson Thornes


Category: Readers (Elementary)

Page: 32

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NO description available

When I Grow Up I Want to Be a Doctor: Meal Planner

Author: Jeryx Publishing

Publisher: Meal Planner


Category: Literary Collections

Page: 108

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Meal planning has now been made easy! When you're busy and still trying to cook every day, it helps to keep a menu planner notebook. It will not only help you save money on grocery bills, it will also get you to stick to your diet!Whether you are planning your meal and shopping list in advance or tracking your weight loss, this meal planner notebook is perfect for you! Organize your weekly meals to make sure you stay within your calorie allowance. Don't forget to stick to your plan!It has over a full year's worth of pages, nice chalkboard design and specially formatted so that you can record all your meals from Monday to Sunday with sections for grocery lists, notes and health goals. The days are broken down with 4 meals including snacks with enough room left over to plan activities or food values. The week starts on Monday which aligns perfectly for your Sunday meal prep and weekend groceries.The two page-per-week design provides 1 year of meal planning with ample space for writing your notes and grocery lists. This weekly meal planner will help eliminate the "what's for dinner?" syndrome and the shopping list section will make sure you don't forget any ingredients. You can even go through the previous weekly meals for inspiration.

When I Grow Up…

A Look At 10 Future Careers for Kids

Author: Brian Rogers

Publisher: KidLit-O Press


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 400

View: 257

This book, just for kids, looks at 10 different careers: Firefighter, Navy Seal, Astronaut, Police Officer, Veterinarian, Pilot, Lawyer, Actor, Doctor, and a Teacher. The book looks at how much they make, what education is involved, what the future holds, and more! Each topic may also be purchased as an individual book.

The Miracle Worker

Author: William Gibson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Drama

Page: 128

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NO ONE COULD REACH HER Twelve-year-old Helen Keller lived in a prison of silence and darkness. Born deaf, blind, and mute, with no way to express herself or comprehend those around her, she flew into primal rages against anyone who tried to help her, fighting tooth and nail with a strength born of furious, unknowing desperation. Then Annie Sullivan came. Half-blind herself, but possessing an almost fanatical determination, she would begin a frightening and incredibly moving struggle to tame the wild girl no one could reach, and bring Helen into the world at last....

Understanding Codependency, Updated and Expanded

The Science Behind It and How to Break the Cycle

Author: Joseph Cruse

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Self-Help

Page: 192

View: 412

The groundbreaking book Understanding Co-Dependency ushered in a new way of thinking about codependency and helped millions of people discover if they were co-dependent, if they were living with a co-dependent, and how to break the cycle. Now, in this revised edition, Joseph Cruse, founding medical director of The Betty Ford Center, provides findings and insights into codependency. Thirty years ago, clinicians viewed alcoholism as a liver disease; today research has revealed that addiction and many codependent behaviors are related to brain functioning. Cruse explores this brain connection and expands on the all-important issues of traumas it relates to codependency, denial, low self-esteem, and self-worth. With updated case studies and exercises, Understanding Codependency dispels the notion that the cycle of codependency can't be broken, offering readers a lifeline to the fulfilling relationships and lives they deserve.