When a Killer Calls

A Haunting Story of Murder, Criminal Profiling, and Justice in a Small Town

Author: John E. Douglas

Publisher: HarperCollins


Category: True Crime

Page: 336

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From John Douglas—the legendary FBI criminal profiler, #1 New York Times bestselling author, and inspiration for the Netflix show Mindhunter—comes a chilling journey inside the mind and crimes of Larry Gene Bell, one of the most dangerous serial killers Douglas confronted, and the desperate effort to identify and catch him. On May 31, 1985, two days before her high school graduation, Shari Smith was abducted from the driveway of her family home in South Carolina. Based on the crime scene and the abductor’s repeated and taunting calls to the family, law enforcement quickly realized they were dealing with a sophisticated and highly dangerous criminal. A letter arrived the next day entitled “Last Will & Testament,” in which Shari, knowing she was to be murdered, wrote bravely and achingly of her love for her parents, siblings, and boyfriend, saying that while they would miss her, she knew they would persevere through their faith. The abduction rocked her quiet town, triggering a massive manhunt and bringing in the FBI, which enlisted profiler John Douglas. A few days later, a phone call told the family where they could find Shari’s body. Then nine-year-old Debra May Helmick was kidnapped from her yard, confirming the harsh realization that Smith’s murder was no random act. A serial killer was evolving, and the only way to stop him would be to use the study of criminal behavior to anticipate his next move before he could kill again. Douglas devised a risky and emotionally fraught strategy to use Shari’s lookalike older sister Dawn as bait to draw out the unknown subject. Dawn and her parents courageously agreed. One of the most haunting investigations of Douglas’s storied career, this case details how the eerily accurate profile he created—alongside his carefully crafted and stage-managed manipulation of the killer’s psychology—combined with dedicated police work and cutting-edge forensic science to end a reign of criminal terror. As Shari’s family took incredible personal risks to lure her killer from the shadows, Douglas and the FBI pushed criminal profiling to its limits, culminating in one of his most dramatic and effective confrontations with a sadistic and remorseless killer.

Summary of John E. Douglas & Mark Olshaker's When a Killer Calls

Author: Everest Media,

Publisher: Everest Media LLC


Category: True Crime

Page: 21

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Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book. Sample Book Insights: #1 I received a call from Ron Walker, a member of my team, who told me that we had been assigned a kidnapping case from Columbia, South Carolina. The police had no leads or evidence, and they wanted our help. #2 The family was eventually contacted by a phone caller who demanded a ransom, but the sheriff’s office was convinced it was a hoax. There was only one call over the weekend demanding a ransom, but the sheriff’s office was convinced it was a hoax. #3 The FBI had never lost a ransom package. The outcome is usually much darker when dealing with a sexually motivated kidnapping. In those cases, the offender's sadistic drive for power and complete control over his victim is the reason for the crime. #4 I had been the Bureau’s first full-time profiler, and for several years I was the only one. The workload became overwhelming, and I pleaded with the assistant FBI director in charge of the Academy to provide me with more full-time help.


An American History

Author: Miriam Forman-Brunell

Publisher: NYU Press


Category: History

Page: 336

View: 984

Choice Outstanding Academic Title 2002 Once the egalitarian passions of the American Revolution had dimmed, the new nation settled into a conservative period that saw the legal and social subordination of women and non-white men. Among the Founders who brought the fledgling government into being were those who sought to establish order through the reconstruction of racial and gender hierarchies. In this effort they enlisted “the fair sex,”&#;—white women. Politicians, ministers, writers, husbands, fathers and brothers entreated Anglo-American women to assume responsibility for the nation's virtue. Thus, although disfranchised, they served an important national function, that of civilizing non-citizen. They were encouraged to consider themselves the moral and intellectual superiors to non-whites, unruly men, and children. These white women were empowered by race and ethnicity, and class, but limited by gender. And in seeking to maintain their advantages, they helped perpetuate the system of racial domination by refusing to support the liberation of others from literal slavery. Schloesser examines the lives and writings of three female political intellectuals—;Mercy Otis Warren, Abigail Smith Adams, and Judith Sargent Murray—;each of whom was acutely aware of their tenuous position in the founding era of the republic. Carefully negotiating the gender and racial hierarchies of the nation, they at varying times asserted their rights and demurred to male governance. In their public and private actions they represented the paradigm of racial patriarchy at its most complex and its most conflicted.

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader The World's Gone Crazy

432 All-New Pages of the Strangest, Most Outrageous Stuff You'll Ever Read

Author: Bathroom Readers' Institute

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Reference

Page: 432

View: 867

Uncle John’s latest compendium of the most bizarre and entertaining information imaginable: a Worldwide Weird-opedia! Good news: It’s not you, the world really is going crazy! And Uncle John is barely sane enough to guide you through it all in this whirlwind tour of all things strange and weird. Yes, loyal Throne Room readers, these 432 all-new pages of pure crazy will shock and confound you . . . and make your side split open from laughing. (Uncle John takes no legal responsibilities for split sides.) So fire up your egg-beater, strap on your tinfoil hat, and plunge on into . . . * The secret government plot to poison Earth’s skies * Animal-human hybrids and what role they’ll have in society * “Sexy Finding Nemo” and other inappropriate Halloween costumes * A cow that eats chicken, therapeutic snake massages, and killer kangaroos * The lady who married the Eiffel Tower, and the man who hugs and kisses his car * Enjoying the world’s craziest festivals, where you can eat fried lamb testicles, ride on a ship through the desert, or pierce your skin with a bicycle * Jackasses who copied Jackass and barely lived to tell about it * How to tell if you have Exploding Head Syndrome * Decoding the Mayan Prophecy * Clergy gone wild, and much much more!

Hollywood in Crisis or: The Collapse of the Real

Author: Wheeler Winston Dixon

Publisher: Springer


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 116

View: 148

This book discusses the collapse and transformation of the Hollywood movie machine in the twenty-first century, and the concomitant social collapse being felt in nearly every aspect of society. Wheeler Winston Dixon examines key works in cinema from the era of late-stage capitalists, analyzing Hollywood films and the current wave of cinema developed outside of the Hollywood system alike. Dixon illustrates how movies and television programs across these spaces have adopted, reflected, and generated a society in crisis, and with it, a crisis for the cinematic industry itself.

Double Lives

True Tales of the Criminals Next Door

Author: Eric Brach

Publisher: Mango Media Inc.


Category: True Crime

Page: 187

View: 826

“Terrifying” true stories of criminals who live seemingly normal lives, perfect for fans of Mindhunter—”these are the stories that keep me up at night” (Sgt. Joseph Kuns, LAPD). “He seemed so normal” is an all-too common sentiment from the neighbors of violent criminals when their heinous acts are finally exposed. There are often no obvious indicators that separate the pleasant neighbor from the sadistic murderer. Even serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, and John Wayne Gacy managed to circulate unnoticed among their communities. They are neighbors and students, professionals and friends living out criminal double lives. In Double Lives, true crime author Eric Brach presents both a nonfiction exposé and a nationwide search that details the exploits of some of the worst criminals in recent American history, all of whom succeeded in going undetected for years while perpetrating one crime after another—all in their own hometowns. Monsters of every race, age, gender, and socioeconomic class are profiled in this roller-coaster of crime. Along the way, the author discusses the criminals he grew up with in his own seemingly innocent community, and provides a personal look at the current scourge of opioid addiction, making Double Lives a sensational yet sobering read.

Turn The Page, When You're Looking For A Killer

Author: Robin Rance

Publisher: Jeri Torrance


Category: Fiction

Page: 227

View: 979

***Warning, this book contains graphic violence Diane Bixby had to get out amongst the living again ... It was two years since Cache’s accident. I had to quit grieving and move on with my life. Besides, it wasn’t fair to our son, Connor. The Manhattan Mall had a bookstore, and I learned a famous author was promoting his latest release at a signing. Connor and I loved books, and this would be a great opportunity for us to do something different together. I knew nothing about the author, but fortunately for me, one of his biggest fans was the line with me. He was eager to tell me all about them. Evan Matthews finally had his chance ... My favorite author of all time was promoting the last book in his thriller series. I was able to get the day off, so I could finally meet him. I had so many questions to ask the celebrity. I passed the time in line chatting with an attractive young mother and her son. We hadn’t noticed the stacks of books diminishing, and both reached for the last copy. Suddenly we were no longer in the store but chasing a car after watching someone snatch a child off the street and toss him inside. Follow Diane and Evan as they chase a killer through the streets of New York, but only after they, Turn The Page…

Staying Home Is A Killer

Author: Sara Rosett

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.


Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 369

The ever-organized Air Force wife tackles a case of murder in the “satisfying, well-executed second Mom Zone cozy” from the USA Today bestselling author (Publishers Weekly). Ellie Avery balances motherhood, marriage, and her own business—Everything in Its Place—with cheerful efficiency. A maestro of organization, she sees her life as an easy checklist that does not include the untimely death of Penny Follette. Unlike the police, Ellie isn't convinced Penny's death was suicide. But it's an uphill battle getting the officials to take her seriously. Then another spouse is strangled, and someone tries to poison an outspoken female Air Force pilot. Poking about in closets and peeking through drawers, Ellie hopes to find the common thread tying the crimes together. With her husband Mitch about to be deployed in the “sandbox” (that's the Mideast for us civvies), she wants some quality time with her significant other. As the schedule tightens and the mystery heightens, Ellie's out to prove that home is not for killers! Filled with Ellie Avery's great organizing tips Praise for the Ellie Avery Mystery series “A fun debut for an appealing young heroine.” —Carolyn Hart, New York Times bestselling author “Crackles with intrigue, keeps you turning pages.” —Alesia Holliday, New York Times bestselling author “Sharp writing, tight plotting, a fascinating peek into the world of military wives. Jump in!” —Cynthia Baxter, author of the Lickety Splits Mysteries “Mystery with a 'mommy lit' flavor. A fun read.” —Armchair Interviews

Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense April 2018 - Box Set 2 of 2

Author: Margaret Daley

Publisher: Harlequin


Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 446

Love Inspired Suspense brings you three new titles at a great value, available now! Enjoy these suspenseful romances of danger and faith. TEXAS RANGER SHOWDOWN Lone Star Justice by Margaret Daley Thrust into an investigation when a serial killer calls her radio talk show, Dr. Caitlyn Rhodes turns to childhood friend and Texas Ranger Ian Pierce. And when all signs suggest the killings are a personal vendetta against Caitlyn, the two of them must uncover the truth before someone else dies. WILDERNESS PURSUIT Mountie Brotherhood by Michelle Karl When archaeologist Kara Park is attacked on her dig site, her high school sweetheart, mountie Sam Thrace, saves her life. With a criminal determined to keep a dangerous secret buried, will they survive a pursuit through the Canadian wilderness? SECRET PAST by Sharee Stover On the heels of her mother’s death, Katie Tribani learns her life is a lie—she and her mom have been in Witness Protection since she was an infant. Now, with her criminal father and brother after her, she must go into hiding with US marshal Daniel Knight. Join HarlequinMyRewards.com to earn FREE books and more. Earn points for all your Harlequin purchases from wherever you shop.