What Your Lawyer May Not Want You to Know

Author: Billy F. Brown

Publisher: Abbott Press


Category: Law

Page: 312

View: 801

Who is your lawyer, and what does he or she really do? That’s a question that’s not easy to answer—unless you go the source. And unfortunately, most lawyers won’t give you a straight answer. In What Your Lawyer May Not Want You to Know, Billy F. Brown unveils the mystery of how lawyers work and how they communicate. In simple language, he helps you understand what happens in a law practice, and he explains the problems clients encounter with lawyers and vice versa. You’ll learn • how to determine whether you need a lawyer; • what questions to ask a lawyer; • why lawyers generally disagree with each other; and • how to gain considerable advantages by understanding the legal process. Whether you’re a client, a lawyer, or someone in law school, this guidebook will provide you with important insights about the nature of the legal process. Get a rare insider’s look into the practice of law with What Your Lawyer May Not Want You to Know.

Beat the Heat

How to Handle Encounters with Law Enforcement

Author: Katya Komisaruk

Publisher: AK Press


Category: Political Science

Page: 192

View: 865

Know your rights and exercise them.

What Your Best Friend & Lawyer Doesn't Tell You About Divorce

Ultimately The Crucial Guide For Anyone Thinking About Or Preparing For A Divorce

Author: Sandra Wolf Pierce




Page: 110

View: 327

If you are at the point of no return and know that divorce is the best decision at this time, then this book will help you navigate the sharky waters of divorce. Mistakenly, we feel that our lawyer's and best friend's purpose is to teach, protect, and hold our hands through the divorce process. That's not their job, and they don't have the time or inclination to provide these services at the level you will feel you need.Most people do not plan or prepare for a divorce in advance. We don't marry expecting that it will end in divorce. Divorce sometimes comes from our blindside. Plus, in addition to our lack of preparedness, we are emotionally distraught and so not at our strongest emotionally when going through a divorce. Information herein will help you divorce the best way you can, give you information to help you prepare and protect yourself, and provide some guidance about what comes next after divorce. I am not a lawyer, and there are suggestions in this book that may not apply in your state. Each state has separate and unique laws that apply to marriage in your state alone. Likely you will want to contact a lawyer to advise you on your state's laws and the best course of action for your specific circumstances. However, this is YOUR life. While a competent lawyer can advise you, it is imperative that you take responsibility for your own life. You will want to prepare by knowing more than your lawyer about what you need. Adequate preparation serves two purposes. The first is that you will have the best result and not look back later and wonder why you did not know about some things you could have done to protect yourself further. The second purpose is that you may save legal fees by doing some of the work on your own and not needing to call your lawyer for every question which accelerates your attorney's billable hours. The intention of this book to help you accomplish these two objectives as well as providing resources for those of you who may wish to try still to save your marriages.

Criminal Procedure

A Contemporary Perspective

Author: James R. Acker

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning


Category: Law

Page: 634

View: 506

This essential resource provides students with an introduction to the rules and principles of criminal procedure law. This text uses a case study approach to help students develop the analytical skills necessary to understand the origins, context, and evolutions of the law; concentrates on US Supreme Court decisions interpreting both state and federal constitutions; and introduces students to the reference materials and strategies used for basic legal research.

A Holly, Jolly Murder

A Claire Malloy Mystery

Author: Joan Hess

Publisher: Minotaur Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 714

THE GIFT THAT GIVES ON GIVING. . . With Farberville's college on holiday break, Claire Malloy's bookstore is quiet . . . deadly quiet. Breaking the silence is a little old lady looking for volumes on pagan rituals, applied magick, and Celtic mysticism. Claire is intrigued and—miffed that her lover, Farberville police Lieutenant Peter Rosen, says she's in a rut—happily accepts an invitation to welcome the winter solstice at dawn. HOMICIDE FOR THE HOLIDAYS Showing up at the Sacred Grove, Claire expects wild chanting or even nude dancing. Instead she ends up sitting on a stump watching the Arch Druid clean her bifocals. Then winter arrives and so does a dead man. Someone has shot the wealthy benefactor of Farberville's neo-pagans. Now Claire is mixing some snooping with her Christmas shopping. But instead of wrapping up the case, she finds out ‘tis the season for ho- ho- homicide . . . and she may be the next victim.

Wanton Angel

Author: Elizabeth Chadwick

Publisher: Open Road Media


Category: Fiction

Page: 344

View: 320

Passion burns between a lawyer and the sister of a cathouse madam in this fiery Western romance from the bestselling author. Her beauty was intoxicating. Drunk on passion, in the midst of the burning town of Amnonville and among the flames eating away at the Fallen Angel brothel where he found her, Aaron Court mistakenly took Susanna’s innocence. When he discovered that she was not the Gold Rush’s newest lady for hire but the naive younger sister of the brothel’s owner, Court realized that he had a lot of explaining to do. But he could not forget her sizzling embrace, luscious lips, or burning passion. Although he was determined to save her reputation, Court could not resist her ever-present temptation.

Secrets to Starting a Business That Corporate America Doesn't Want You to Know

Author: Samuel Adams

Publisher: Booktango


Category: Business & Economics


View: 449

The Secrets: This book contains the secrets from an entrepreneur that has made millions and lost millions at 32 years of age. Secrets that he has obtained from over 15 years in business and the do's and don'ts of international business. This book touches on a start to finish from web design, hiring contractors for pennies, SEO and getting your company 50-100 visits a day with pagerank of 3 in a couple months, reach millions of people with press releases for less then eating out, how to obtain business credit in 4 months on just an EIN number, professional logo design services that are top notch, marketing your business locally, scam artists, how to reduce your business risk, business setup to control risk and what corporate america doesn't want you to know, How to Network with Executives, How to gain market share for little to nothing and how to obtain ELITE status to get where the executives are. This book is written by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs.

Insane City

Author: Dave Barry

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 442

Seth Weinstein always knew Tina was way, way, way out of his league. Which is why he’s still astonished that he’s on a plane heading for their wedding in Florida. The Groom Posse has already pulled an airport prank on him—and he’s survived! It should be easy going from now on. But Seth has absolutely no idea what he’s about to get into. A simple drink or two with the boys sparks a series of events that will pit Seth and his friends against everything and everyone imaginable, from his very powerful, very disapproving soon-to-be father-in-law to the federal government to a love-struck orangutan. Seth’s hope for smooth sailing is turning into a trip on the Titanic. And the water is getting deeper by the minute…

The Pocket Lawyer for Filmmakers

A Legal Toolkit for Independent Producers

Author: Thomas A. Crowell

Publisher: Taylor & Francis


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 449

View: 256

* How can you use a state's film tax credits to fund your film? SEE PAGE 63. * You have an idea you want to pitch to a production company; how do you safeguard your concept? SEE PAGE 77. * How can you fund your production with product placement? SEE PAGE 157. * How do you get a script to popular Hollywood actors and deal with their agents? SEE PAGE 222. Find quick answers to these and hundreds of other questions in this new edition of The Pocket Lawyer for Filmmakers. This no-nonsense reference provides fast answers in plain English-no law degree required! Arm yourself with the practical advice of author Thomas Crowell, a TV-producer-turned-entertainment-lawyer. This new edition features: * New sections on product placement, film tax credits and production incentive financing, Letters of Intent, and DIY distribution (four-walling, YouTube, Download-to-own, Amazon.com, iTunes, and Netflix) * Updated case law * Even more charts and graphics to help you find the information you need even more quickly. This book is the next best thing to having an entertainment attorney on retainer!

How to File for Divorce in Pennsylvania

Author: Rebecca A DeSimone

Publisher: SphinxLegal


Category: Law

Page: 280

View: 454

A divorce can turn your life upside-down, both emotionally and financially. By using this guide through the complicated divorce process, you can protect yourself with knowledge of divorce laws and your legal rights. How to File for Divorce in Pennsylvania simplifies and thoroughly explains everything you need to know to successfully handle your own divorce. With easy-to-use forms and step-by-step instructions, this book makes filing for divorce inexpensive and hassle-free.

The Lawyer

A Novel

Author: Charlotte Lewis

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 160

View: 604

Attorneys may well be the most maligned professional group on the planet. However, there are a few attorneys who actually deserve some or all of the jokes told. This is a story about one of those 'deserving' attorneys-who, for some reason, preferred to be called a lawyer. Franklin Chase had an ego aout the size of the State of Arizona. He believed himself to be the biggest, most intelligent attorney in the Town of Payson. His secretary, Margie Bloom, knew the true man. She was aware of his many and various shortcomings. Margie often said that Frank would bend the law so far she was afraid he'd break it. It was not until she was closing the office for good that she discovered he had broken the law, several times. Franklin Chase believed also that he was 'God's gift to woman' and frequently made untoward, unwanted advances to women he found attractive. One of those women was Merijean Watson. Merijean moved to Payson when she inherited a house from her Uncle Clarence. She proved to be a worthy adversary in Frank's little games and that upset the lawyer to lengths unimagined by the normal man. This story also tells that tale.

Glass Houses

A Gregor Demarkian Novel

Author: Jane Haddam

Publisher: Minotaur Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 770

For over a year, Philadelphia has been plagued by a serial killer dubbed the Plate Glass Killer by the media. But finally, the police think they've caught a break – a man has been arrested at the site of the most recent murder, covered in the victim's blood. The man taken into custody is Henry Tyder, the scion of one of the most socially prominent families on Philadelphia's Main Line, a family that possesses the largest tracts of real estate in the city. He's also a hopeless alcoholic, frequently homeless and often estranged from his family. Although Tyder has apparently confessed to the crime, his attorney believes him to be too disordered to be capable of actually committing the crimes and asks Gregor Demarkian, retired head of the FBI's Behavioral Sciences Unit, to look into the case. Gregor, however, has other things on his mind – after having been away for nearly a year without a word to him, his live-in girlfriend, Bennis Hannaford, has returned to Cavanaugh Street. And everyone seems to have seen her but Gregor. While he waits for Bennis to finally appear, Gregor finds himself enmeshed in complex case of the Plate Glass Killer. Specifically, what would have drive Tyder to confess to crimes he was seemingly incapable of committing and, more importantly, if Tyder isn't the killer, then who really is behind the murders of the Plate Glass Killer.

The Manipulator

Author: Daniel Carnahan

Publisher: Trafford Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 704

View: 997

Lawyer stories have long fascinated the American reading public. Throwing the Mafia into the mix makes the plot even more attractive. The author, a Vietnam veteran with twenty-five years of experience as a Los Angeles police officer and with a Juris Doctorate degree in law, has crafted a massive, almost 700 page novel that blends police procedure with legal thriller as the protagonists battle both the mob and the head of a powerful, socially prominent family. Mac Thornsby knows what it is like to be bullied. Growing up on the streets after being orphaned at a young age, he barely survived a beating from one of the local thugs when first learning how to live on his own and managed to do that only with the help of a stranger. Several years later as the husband of a rich socialite he once saved from drowning, he is again bullied into taking part in an assassination but is saved by a Mafia lieutenant who helps fake the deaths. Circumstantial evidence still fingers him for the crimes, however, and it is up to Deputy District Attorney Jim MacDonald to dig for the truth. His investigation as well as a past love relationship will propel him into a desperate fight for his life, the lives of several others involved in the case, and justice. Filled with intense violence, knife-edge suspense, and possibly one of the longest car chases in literary history, Carnahans book has many of the elements of a bestseller. The author could very well have a hit on his hands.

Always Say Goodbye

A Lew Fonesca Mystery

Author: Stuart M. Kaminsky

Publisher: Forge Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 272

View: 948

Four years ago Lew Fonesca's wife was struck and killed in a hit-and-run within sight of their apartment. He fled Chicago, driving mindlessly until his car gave up the ghost in Sarasota, FL. Working from a cheap office behind the Dairy Queen on Highway 301, he makes a threadbare living as a process server and savors his clinical depression like a fine wine. Life's a sneaky mistress, though, and has a way of suckering you into caring. Lew's found that he's really good at helping people get out of bad situations. That he matters. And Lew's therapist, who alternately acts as his conscience and his sparring partner, tells him that unless he's willing to leave the planet, it's about time that he goes back to Chicago and closes the door to the past so that he can finally get on with the rest of his life. Lew hates to admit it, but he's beginning to see her point. So Lew returns to his home town, to friends and family...and to a grief that threatens to engulf him. He's resolved to dig until he finds out who killed his wife. In doing so, he'll uncover both sweet and painful memories of his past. He'll also confront a murderer who'll not hesitate to kill again to make sure hidden secrets stay buried. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The Pro Se Attorney Manual

Layman Strategies in the Law

Author: James Reedom



Category: Law

Page: 492

View: 654

This manual is a how to blueprint for anyone who has had a legal and or systematic problem and all others doors of positive action were closed to them; and they did not know who to talk to or they had very little knowledge of what to do next. The greatest frustration which one can be faced with is to be confronted with a legal and or systematic problem and your lawyer(s) take your hard earned money and sell you and your case down the drain. This Manual contains systematic trade secrets which have been accumulated over the years; the techniques are tried and proven. There is one point that I must stress to the Pro Se attorney; you must remember that you are your own attorney and that you are entitled to all of the rights and privileges and courtesies which are given to the opposing attorney.

Divorce and the Special Needs Child

A Guide for Parents

Author: Margaret S. Price

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 269

View: 688


Real College

The Essential Guide to Student Life

Author: Douglas Stone

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Education

Page: 224

View: 685

Few people have as much experience helping students cope with college life as Douglas Stone, a long-time Harvard residential adviser and coauthor of Difficult Conversations, and Elizabeth Tippett, recent Harvard graduate and founding director of the university's peer mediation program. In Real College, they join forces to help students deal with nightmare roommates, handle academic pressures, make smart choices about alcohol and sex, communicate with parents, and address all the other big issues that can make college as challenging as it is exciting. Stone and Tippett deliver insightful, pragmatic advice with humor and compassion, in a style that parents and students alike will appreciate. This is one book that no college student should be without.

A Practical Approach to Client Interviewing, Counseling, and Decision-Making: For Clinical Programs and Practical Skills Courses

Author: G. Nicholas Herman

Publisher: LexisNexis


Category: Law

Page: 210

View: 844

This book provides a practical approach to client interviewing, counseling, and decision-making. These are practical skills, not theoretical ones. Thus, the overall pedagogical approach taken by the text is to explain to students what to do and how to do it when engaging in interviewing, counseling, and decision-making with a client. This accords with the growing trend in law schools to de-emphasize heuristic theory in teaching practical skills and, instead, to teach those skills in simulated "real-life" contexts. Based on the guidance and techniques provided in the text, students will best learn the skills of interviewing and counseling by applying them in various role plays contained in the Teacher's Manual or through other role plays developed by their professor. Three other features of this book are worthy of mention: • The book is deliberately designed to be short -- to "get to the point," without unnecessary palaver. • The book provides an extensive discussion of the most pertinent provisions of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct relating to client interviewing, counseling, and decision-making. • The book discusses interviewing witnesses and counseling in certain special contexts, including counseling about settlement, counseling through the writing of opinion letters, counseling the client as a deponent, and counseling the criminal defendant.

After Their Vows

Author: Michelle Reid

Publisher: Harlequin


Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 211

Broken vows don't necessarily mean a broken marriage… Angie de Calvhos meant every word of the vows she shared with husband, Roque, at the altar. Pity he didn't return her sincerity… Expecting happy-ever-after, instead Angie found herself going through a mortifyingly public separation! Now Angie has finally built up the courage to put an end to her time as a de Calvhos wife once and for all. But she's forgotten the magnetic pull that devilish Roque possesses. and as the past collides with the present, Angie realizes she owes it to Roque—and herself—to give Roque another chance.

Close to the Bone

Author: William G. Tapply

Publisher: Open Road Media


Category: Fiction

Page: 208

View: 794

When a troubled friend disappears offshore, Boston lawyer Brady Coyne suspects foul play in “another winning entry in [this] very satisfying series” (Publishers Weekly). Although alleged criminals are considered innocent until proven guilty, acquittal doesn’t make them saints. Boston lawyer Brady Coyne knows this all too well, but believes firmly enough in the right to counsel that he doesn’t let it keep him up at night. His friend Paul Cizek, however, is another story. A rising young defense lawyer, Paul has made a name defending repugnant clients: hit men, child molesters, unrepentant drunk drivers. He’s good at what he does—so good that it’s eating him alive. After an emotional confession to Brady, Paul takes his boat out onto the Merrimack River in the middle of a storm. When the coast guard finds the vessel, the lawyer has vanished. Did he die in an accident, or did the stress of his work convince him to end it all? Brady suspects murder, and he will do whatever it takes to understand how his friend died.