Ways to Go Beyond and Why They Work

Seven Spiritual Practices in a Scientific Age

Author: Rupert Sheldrake

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Science

Page: 320

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To go beyond is to move into a higher state of consciousness, to a place of bliss, greater understanding, love, and deep connectedness, a realm where we finally find life's meaning - experiences for which all spiritual seekers seek. Dr Rupert Sheldrake, writing as both a scientist and a spiritual explorer, looks at seven spiritual practices that are personally transformative and have scientifically measurable effects. He combines the latest scientific research with his extensive knowledge of mystical traditions around the world to show how we may tune into more-than-human realms of consciousness through psychedelics, such as ayahuasca, and by taking cannabis. He also shows how everyday activities can have mystical dimensions, including sports and learning from animals. He discusses traditional religious practices such as fasting, prayer, and the celebration of festivals and holy days. Why do these practices work? Are their effects all inside brains and essentially illusory? Or can we really make contact with forms of consciousness greater than our own? We are in the midst of a spiritual revival. This book is an essential guide.

Beyond Booked Solid

Your Business, Your Life, Your Way--It's All Inside

Author: Michael Port

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

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In Beyond Booked Solid, Michael Port returns with new tactics for growing your business even bigger. Port's Book Yourself Solid was a huge hit among professional service providers and small business owners who learned to master the art of attracting clients and keeping them happy. In this book, he helps your business keep growing by taking the next step, beyond booked solid. That means maximizing your business while working less and earning more. This is the ultimate guide for your growing business.

How to Write a Good Ad - Masters of Marketing Secrets: A Short Course In Copywriting

Author: Dr. Robert C. Worstell

Publisher: Lulu.com


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 284

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""Most advertising copywriters know their fundamentals. Many of us practice them. Some of us should get back to them. ""Whether one is now studying to go into the field of copywriting, whether he is new in the craft, or whether he has been a practitioner in it for years, his knowledge-and practice-of these fundamentals will determine the extent of his success. ""As Daniel Defoe said, 'An old and experienced pilot loses a ship by his assurance and over-confidence of his knowledge as effectively as the young pilot does by his ignorance and want of experience.' ""So this book will strip down to fundamentals, try to forget the furbelows. For, as time goes on, every line of creative work gets cluttered up with impressive jargon and off-the-beam technicalities, with professional palaver that strays far away from the main objective."" Get your copy today - and learn the secrets of writing ads from the Masters...

Beyond Love and Work

Why Adults Need to Play

Author: Lenore Terr

Publisher: Touchstone Books


Category: Psychology

Page: 286

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A renowned child psychiatrist explores why play, so essential to the healthy development of children, is also very important to adults, helping them clear their minds, relax, and experience creative healing. Reprint.

Aynhoe Village Life. The Way it Was -Then, Before and Beyond

Author: Dawn Griffis

Publisher: Lulu.com


Category: History

Page: 170

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'Aynhoe Village Life, The Way it Was- Then - Before and Beyond' is a social commentry on village life in a small Northants village. This book covers the background history of the village, villagers, with stories from family members, local characters, and herself. Then; is from 1940 to 1948, the war years, and afterwards as seen through the eyes of a child. Before; is from 1880 to 1940 with many humerous village stories. Beyond; is from 1949 to 1956 with a heartbreaking move to Oxford, and the many visits back to Aynhoe. While living in Oxford, the author and her siblings had the unique experience of being an unofficial part of a rehab hospital for the war headinjured. These men were their playmates and partners in all manners of fun. This is the first of at least three books. The others will cover nursing at the Horton Hospital in Banbury, when care to the local people really mattered. The last, about life and nursing in America from 1965, until 2005 when the author returned to her homeland.

Beyond the Pole

Author: A Hyatt Verrill

Publisher: eStar Books


Category: Fiction


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Deep in an unexplored part of Antarctica lives a strange and mysterious race… Beyond the Pole.

Beyond Certainty

The Changing Worlds of Organisations

Author: Charles Handy

Publisher: Random House


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

View: 438

Over the last decade, change has accelerated violently. The Thatcher/Regan years were a time of certainty, when greed was good, more meant better, and the Western world rejoiced to see George Orwell's dismal prophecy for 1984 confounded. But there is a curvilinear logic in the universe. Prosperity cannot last forever. Empires and organisations must flounder. The world must be reinvented. We can now be certain only of uncertainty, and to plan for the future we must think differently. Compromise may be the way forward, and organisations must give more freedom to individuals to preserve commitment and creativity. In this challenging and exhilarating collection of pieces, Charles Handy, Britain's foremost business guru, takes us on an intellectual journey through a changing world, in order to see how we must adapt to make our future work.

Working with Diversity in Youth and Community Work

Author: Sangeeta Soni

Publisher: SAGE


Category: Social Science

Page: 112

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This book focuses on the nature of cross-cultural practice, an inevitable aspect of working as a youth and community worker in multicultural Britain today. It enables students to understand how cross-cultural dynamics can set the tone of their relationships with their clients and helps them to understand how individual action and some processes in society can contribute to the marginalisation of others. This book looks at the processes involved in the everyday relationships forged through practice and how these can inadvertently influence the dynamics of oppression through lack of self-awareness or lack of awareness of 'others' in society.

Teaching Problems and the Problems of Teaching

Author: Magdalene Lampert

Publisher: Yale University Press


Category: Education

Page: 496

View: 842

In this book an experienced classroom teacher and noted researcher on teaching takes us into her fifth grade math class through the course of a year. Magdalene Lampert shows how classroom dynamics--the complex relationship of teacher, student, and content--are critical in the process of bringing each student to a deeper understanding of mathematics, or any other subject. She offers valuable insights into students and teaching for all who are concerned about improving the learning that happens in the classroom. Lampert considers the teacher's and students' work from many different angles, in views large and small. She analyzes her own practice in a particular classroom, student by student and moment by moment. She also investigates the particular kind of teaching that aims at engaging elementary school students in learning fundamentally important ideas and skills by working on problems. Finally, she looks at the common problems of teaching that occur regardless of the individuals, subject matter, or kinds of practice involved. Lampert arrives at an original model of teaching practice that casts new light on the complexity in teachers' work and on the ways teachers can successfully deal with teaching problems.