Wavelets and Singular Integrals on Curves and Surfaces

Author: Guy David

Publisher: Springer


Category: Mathematics

Page: 110

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Wavelets are a recently developed tool for the analysis and synthesis of functions; their simplicity, versatility and precision makes them valuable in many branches of applied mathematics. The book begins with an introduction to the theory of wavelets and limits itself to the detailed construction of various orthonormal bases of wavelets. A second part centers on a criterion for the L2-boundedness of singular integral operators: the T(b)-theorem. It contains a full proof of that theorem. It contains a full proof of that theorem, and a few of the most striking applications (mostly to the Cauchy integral). The third part is a survey of recent attempts to understand the geometry of subsets of Rn on which analogues of the Cauchy kernel define bounded operators. The book was conceived for a graduate student, or researcher, with a primary interest in analysis (and preferably some knowledge of harmonic analysis and seeking an understanding of some of the new "real-variable methods" used in harmonic analysis.

Different Perspectives on Wavelets

Author: Ingrid Daubechies

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.



Page: 205

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The wavelet transform can be seen as a synthesis of ideas that have emerged since the 1960s in mathematics, physics, and electrical engineering. The basic idea is to use a family of ``building blocks'' to represent in an efficient way the object at hand, be it a function, an operator, a signal, or an image. The building blocks themselves come in different ``sizes'' which can describe different features with different resolutions. The papers in this book attempt to give some theoretical and technical shape to this intuitive picture of wavelets and their uses. The papers collected here were prepared for an AMS Short Course on Wavelets and Applications, held at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Antonio in January 1993. Here readers will find general background on wavelets as well as more detailed views of specific techniques and applications. With contributions by some of the top experts in the field, this book provides an excellent introduction to this important and growing area of research.

Lectures on Singular Integral Operators

Author: Francis Michael Christ

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.


Category: Mathematics

Page: 132

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This book represents an expanded account of lectures delivered at the NSF-CBMS Regional Conference on Singular Integral Operators, held at the University of Montana in the summer of 1989. The lectures are concerned principally with developments in the subject related to the Cauchy integral on Lipschitz curves and the T(1) theorem. The emphasis is on real-variable techniques, with a discussion of analytic capacity in one complex variable included as an application. The author has presented here a synthesized exposition of a body of results and techniques. Much of the book is introductory in character and intended to be accessible to the nonexpert, but a variety of readers should find the book useful.


construction principles and applications to the numerical treatment of operator equations

Author: Stephan Dahlke



Category: Mathematics

Page: 181

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Clifford Algebras in Analysis and Related Topics

Author: John Ryan

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Mathematics

Page: 384

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This new book contains the most up-to-date and focused description of the applications of Clifford algebras in analysis, particularly classical harmonic analysis. It is the first single volume devoted to applications of Clifford analysis to other aspects of analysis. All chapters are written by world authorities in the area. Of particular interest is the contribution of Professor Alan McIntosh. He gives a detailed account of the links between Clifford algebras, monogenic and harmonic functions and the correspondence between monogenic functions and holomorphic functions of several complex variables under Fourier transforms. He describes the correspondence between algebras of singular integrals on Lipschitz surfaces and functional calculi of Dirac operators on these surfaces. He also discusses links with boundary value problems over Lipschitz domains. Other specific topics include Hardy spaces and compensated compactness in Euclidean space; applications to acoustic scattering and Galerkin estimates; scattering theory for orthogonal wavelets; applications of the conformal group and Vahalen matrices; Newmann type problems for the Dirac operator; plus much, much more! Clifford Algebras in Analysis and Related Topics also contains the most comprehensive section on open problems available. The book presents the most detailed link between Clifford analysis and classical harmonic analysis. It is a refreshing break from the many expensive and lengthy volumes currently found on the subject.