Wallace's Monthly

An Illustrated Magazine Devoted to Domesticated Animal Nature

Author: John Hankins Wallace



Category: Horse-racing

Page: 974

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The Horse of America in His Derivation, History, and Development

Author: John Hankins Wallace

Publisher: DigiCat


Category: Fiction

Page: 443

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In the chapters which follow, many historical questions regarding the origin of horses in the United States, are treated at such length as their relative importance seems to demand, embracing the different families that have contributed to the building up of the breed of trotters; and the question of how the trotting horse is bred is carefully considered in the light of all past experiences and brought down to the close of 1896.

Wallace’s Dialects

Author: Mary Shapiro

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 240

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Mary Shapiro explores the use of regional and ethnic dialects in the works of David Foster Wallace, not just as a device used to add realism to dialogue, but as a vehicle for important social commentary about the role language plays in our daily lives, how we express personal identity, and how we navigate social relationships. Wallace's Dialects straddles the fields of linguistic criticism and folk linguistics, considering which linguistic variables of Jewish-American English, African-American English, Midwestern, Southern, and Boston regional dialects were salient enough for Wallace to represent, and how he showed the intersectionality of these with gender and social class. Wallace's own use of language is examined with respect to how it encodes his identity as a white, male, economically privileged Midwesterner, while also foregrounding characteristic and distinctive idiolect features that allowed him to connect to readers across implied social boundaries.