A Journal of the Caribbean and Its Diaspora




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Encyclopedia of the African Diaspora

Origins, Experiences, and Culture

Author: Carole Boyce Davies

Publisher: ABC-CLIO


Category: History

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The authoritative source for information on the people, places, and events of the African Diaspora, spanning five continents and five centuries. * More than 500 A-Z entries * Contributions from hundreds of leading scholars * Maps showing key locations in the African Diaspora

Transcultural Visions of Identities in Images and Texts

Transatlantic American Studies

Author: Wilfried Raussert

Publisher: Universitaetsverlag Winter


Category: Literary Criticism

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The contributions engage with literary, political and cultural practices in America, past and present, set out to transcend long established paradigms of an American "exceptionalism" or critical approaches that hold on to the notion of a core Americanness as a single nationalist mythology of the United States. "America" then functions as a signifier that is configured in and by its presence outside and beyond the national borders of the United States of America. The overall thrust of our volume draws upon concepts of the "New American Studies," especially "Post-Nationalist American Studies."


A Journal of Transnational Studies




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Social Sciences

Author: Lawrence Boudon

Publisher: University of Texas Press


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"The one source that sets reference collections on Latin American studies apart from all other geographic areas of the world.... The Handbook has provided scholars interested in Latin America with a bibliographical source of a quality unavailable to scholars in most other branches of area studies." —Latin American Research Review Beginning with volume 41 (1979), the University of Texas Press became the publisher of the Handbook of Latin American Studies, the most comprehensive annual bibliography in the field. Compiled by the Hispanic Division of the Library of Congress and annotated by a corps of more than 130 specialists in various disciplines, the Handbook alternates from year to year between social sciences and humanities. The Handbook annotates works on Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and the Guianas, Spanish South America, and Brazil, as well as materials covering Latin America as a whole. Most of the subsections are preceded by introductory essays that serve as biannual evaluations of the literature and research under way in specialized areas. The Handbook of Latin American Studies is the oldest continuing reference work in the field. Lawrence Boudon, of the Library of Congress Hispanic Division, has been the editor since 2001, and Katherine D. McCann has been assistant editor since 2000. The subject categories for Volume 59 are as follows: Anthropology Economics Geography Government and Politics International Relations Sociology Electronic Resources for the Social Sciences

Shifting Transnational Bonding in Indian Diaspora

Author: Ruben Gowricharn

Publisher: Taylor & Francis


Category: Political Science

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This volume examines Indian diasporic communities in various countries including the United Kingdom, Trinidad, Portugal, Netherlands, and Fiji, among others, and presents new perspectives on the shifting nature of Indian transnationalism. The book: Discusses how migrant communities reinforce the diaspora and retain a group identity, while at the same time maintaining a bond with their homelands; Highlights new tendencies in the configuration of Indian transnationalism, especially cultural entanglements with the host countries and the differentiation of homelands; Studies forces affecting bonding among these communities such as global and local encounters, glocalisation, as well as economic, political, and cultural changes within the Indian state and the wider Indian diaspora. Featuring a diverse collection of essays rooted in robust fieldwork, this volume will be of great importance for students and researchers of diaspora studies, globalization and transnational migration, cultural studies, minority studies, sociology, political studies, international relations, and South Asian studies.

International Bibliography Of Sociology 2003/Bibliographie Internationale Des Sciences Sociales

Author: Compiled by Compiled by the British Library of Political and Economic Science

Publisher: Psychology Press


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First published in 1952, the International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (anthropology, economics, political science, and sociology) is well established as a major bibliographic reference for students, researchers and librarians in the social sciences worldwide. Key features * Authority: Rigorous standards are applied to make the IBSS the most authoritative selective bibliography ever produced. Articles and books are selected on merit by some of the world's most expert librarians and academics. * Breadth: today the IBSS covers over 2000 journals - more than any other comparable resource. The latest monograph publications are also included. * International Coverage: the IBSS reviews scholarship published in over 30 languages, including publications from Eastern Europe and the developing world. * User friendly organization: all non-English titles are word sections. Extensive author, subject and place name indexes are provided in both English and French.

Rewriting the African Diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean

Beyond Disciplinary and National Boundaries

Author: Robert L. Adams Jr.

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Social Science

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This volume considers the African Diaspora through the underexplored Afro-Latino experience in the Caribbean and South America. Utilizing both established and emerging approaches such as feminism and Atlantic studies, the authors explore the production of historical and contemporary identities and cultural practices within and beyond the boundaries of the nation-state. Rewriting the African Diaspora in the Caribbean and Latin America illustrates how far the fields of Afro-Latino and African Diaspora studies have advanced beyond the Herskovits and Frazier debates of the 1940s. The book’s arguments complicate Herskovits’ insistence on Black culture being an exclusive reflection of African survivals, as well as Frazier’s counter-claim of African American culture being a result of slavery and colonialism. This collection of thought-provoking essays extends the concepts of diaspora and transnationalism, forcing the reader to reassess their present limitations as interpretive tools. In the process, Afro-Latinos are rendered visible as national actors and transnational citizens. This book was originally published as a special issue of African and Black Diaspora.

Caribbean Folklore

A Handbook

Author: Donald R. Hill

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group


Category: History

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Accessible to students and general readers, this introductory overview defines and discusses Caribbean folklore and includes numerous examples and texts.