Victore Or, Who Died and Made You Boss?

Author: James Victore

Publisher: Harry N Abrams Incorporated


Category: Design

Page: 200

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In his first book, iconoclastic designer James Victore gives fans a survey of his work and his no-holds-barred take on the practice, business, and teaching of graphic design today. Known for making vivid, memorable, and often controversial work, Victore has sought comrades, not clients—brave, smart collaborators who have encouraged him to reinterpret old design solutions and to pressure viewers to think about issues in a new way. Leading readers through this collection of “greatest hits,” Victore tells the stories behind his inspirations, his process, and the lessons learned. The result is an inspiring, funny, and honest book, which showcases a body of work that has been plastered on the streets of New York, hung at MoMA, and featured in magazines all over the world. Praise for Victore or, Who Died and Made You Boss?: "Victore's book makes the reader want to rise up and, in Victore's words, 'examine the cliché, then dig deeper into the idea, and do that again and again, turning and twisting it deeper each time.'" --Stacey Kahn, Print magazine, October 2010 "Victore or, Who Died and Made You Boss? is both a monograph and a manifesto, visually tacking ideas on racism, war or capital punishment while taunting complacency and challenging the boundaries of taste." --Ruth Hagopian, Communication Arts, December 2010 "With his unpatriotic attitude and interest in 'unholy sex,' James Victore is a designer with opinions, as exhibited in a new book of his work." --David Crowley, Creative Review, October 2010 "For anyone interested in the currency of ideas, this volume will inspire, encourage, and, quite possibly, shock. It's a ride well worth taking." --Jim Carr, The Denver Post, September 19, 2010


The Surprising Solution to Overthinking

Author: Jon Acuff

Publisher: Baker Books


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

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Overthinking isn't a personality trait. It's the sneakiest form of fear. It steals time, creativity, and goals. It's the most expensive, least productive thing companies invest in without even knowing it. And it's an epidemic. When New York Times bestselling author Jon Acuff changed his life by transforming his overthinking, he wondered if other people might benefit from what he discovered. He commissioned a research study to ask 10,000 people if they struggle with overthinking too, and 99.5 percent said, "Yes!" The good news is that in Soundtracks, Acuff offers a proven plan to change overthinking from a super problem into a superpower. When we don't control our thoughts, our thoughts control us. If our days are full of broken soundtracks, thoughts are our worst enemy, holding us back from the things we really want. But the solution to overthinking isn't to stop thinking. The solution is running our brains with better soundtracks. Once we learn how to choose our soundtracks, thoughts become our best friend, propelling us toward our goals. If you want to tap into the surprising power of overthinking and give your dreams more time and creativity, learn how to DJ the soundtracks that define you. If you can worry, you can wonder. If you can doubt, you can dominate. If you can spin, you can soar.

The Art Directors Annual 90

Author: Art Directors Club

Publisher: The Art Directors Club


Category: Art

Page: 402

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The best-selling international review of the year's most innovative works in visual communication.

Der Wille zum Sinn

ausgewählte Vorträge über Logotherapie

Author: Viktor E. Frankl




Page: 335

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Jazz Covers

Author: Joaquim Paulo

Publisher: Taschen



Page: 552

View: 639

This striking and innovative collection of jazz covers presents the designs that defined a sound. Containing record covers from the 1940s through to the early 1990s, each reproduction is accompanied with essential background information. Spanning photographic and illustrative works, these album artworks are a marriage of music and design and a...

The Crowdfunding Revolution: How to Raise Venture Capital Using Social Media

Author: Kevin Lawton

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

View: 932

Presents an overview of crowdfunding, with advice on setting objectives and devising a marketing plan for potential funders, and a look at the future prospects of the process as a form of venture capitalism.


A Theological Encyclopedia of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Author: Michael O'Carroll

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 400

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Fox's Book of Martyrs

The Acts and Monuments of the Church

Author: John Foxe



Category: Church history


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The Drum Concerto


Author: Emily Katharine Harris



Category: Fiction

Page: 181

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Category: Book industries and trade


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