Verses from the Center

A Buddhist Vision of the Sublime

Author: Stephen Batchelor

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Religion

Page: 208

View: 491

The understanding of the nature of reality is the insight upon which the Buddha was able to achieve his own enlightenment. This vision of the sublime is the source of all that is enigmatic and paradoxical about Buddhism. In Verses from the Center, Stephen Batchelor explores the history of this concept and provides readers with translations of the most important poems ever written on the subject, the poems of 2nd century philosopher Nagarjuna.

The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture

Volume 14: Folklife

Author: Glenn Hinson

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press


Category: Reference

Page: 424

View: 951

Southern folklife is the heart of southern culture. Looking at traditional practices still carried on today as well as at aspects of folklife that are dynamic and emergent, contributors to this volume of The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture examine a broad range of folk traditions. Moving beyond the traditional view of folklore that situates it in historical practice and narrowly defined genres, entries in this volume demonstrate how folklife remains a vital part of communities' self-definitions. Fifty thematic entries address subjects such as car culture, funerals, hip-hop, and powwows. In 56 topical entries, contributors focus on more specific elements of folklife, such as roadside memorials, collegiate stepping, quinceanera celebrations, New Orleans marching bands, and hunting dogs. Together, the entries demonstrate that southern folklife is dynamically alive and everywhere around us, giving meaning to the everyday unfolding of community life.


The Energy of the Depths

Author: Lilian Silburn

Publisher: SUNY Press


Category: Religion

Page: 223

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Kundalini's power lies dormant in humans until it is awakened. The awakened Kundalini expresses the primal divine impulse and ultimately joins the individual with the divine. The development of the book parallels the development of the Kundalini within. Part One exposes the awakening and unfolding of the Kundalini; Part Two describes the piercing of the energy centers and the stages of ascent through the body; and Part Three examines Kundalini's relation to sexual expression. The book provides a deep understanding of Tantra and of the underlying purpose of Tantracism. The author carefully considers the Caryakrama practices of sexual expression as a means of awakening and controlling Kundalini. Silburn draws together passages from the Trika, Krama, and Kaula systems ranging through Abhinavagupta and Lalla and provides both translation and commentary for them. Chapters on the Chakras, the Nadis, and on mantras further elucidate the topic and lead to a forceful conclusion: Kundalini is the source of ultimate human knowledge and power.

Prayers from the Bible in Classic Verse

Author: James Vasquez

Publisher: WestBow Press


Category: Poetry

Page: 164

View: 553

This collection presents forty-five poems in classic verse, including the major prayers in the Bible, serving as models of prayer for Christians and others in today’s world. These prayers were addressed to God in times of severe personal trial, in victory and defeat, in uncertainty and thankfulness. The historical context of each prayer is included in an introductory paragraph for each prayer. The prayers express virtually all the needs of people today along with praise to God for his many benefits.

Give My Poor Heart Ease, Enhanced Ebook

Voices of the Mississippi Blues

Author: William Ferris

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press


Category: Music

Page: 320

View: 430

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, folklorist William Ferris toured his home state of Mississippi, documenting the voices of African Americans as they spoke about and performed the diverse musical traditions that form the authentic roots of the blues. Now, Give My Poor Heart Ease puts front and center a searing selection of the artistically and emotionally rich voices from this invaluable documentary record. Illustrated with Ferris's photographs of the musicians and their communities and including a CD of original music and a DVD of original film, the book features more than twenty interviews relating frank, dramatic, and engaging narratives about black life and blues music in the heart of the American South. Here are the stories of artists who have long memories and speak eloquently about their lives, blues musicians who represent a wide range of musical traditions--from one-strand instruments, bottle-blowing, and banjo to spirituals, hymns, and prison work chants. Celebrities such as B. B. King and Willie Dixon, along with performers known best in their neighborhoods, express the full range of human and artistic experience--joyful and gritty, raw and painful. In an autobiographical introduction, Ferris reflects on how he fell in love with the vibrant musical culture that was all around him but was considered off limits to a white Mississippian during a troubled era. This magnificent volume illuminates blues music, the broader African American experience, and indeed the history and culture of America itself. The enhanced ebook edition includes: * Almost 2 hours of video clips and interviews scattered throughout the text * An hour of original music, also imbedded throughout the text * Concludes with the full DVD of original film and full CD of original music Watch the video below to see a demonstration of the the features of this enhanced ebook:

The Oxford Book of Children's Verse in America

Author: Donald Hall

Publisher: Oxford Books of Verse


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 319

View: 662

A collection of American poems written for children or traditionally enjoyed by children, by such authors as Longfellow, Poe, Eugene Field, Langston Hughes, Dr. Seuss, and Jack Prelutsky.

The Twinning Verse Three

The Song of the Seraphim

Author: Justin R. Cary

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 268

View: 400

Two years have passed since the fall of the Cerulean School and the return of Lucas Allcraft. Mya VanVargott. A powerful Fabricantress searching for a way to save both her world and her brother. Michael Smith. A powerful Magican whose choices have led him down a path from which, perhaps, he cannot return. Serafina. Earth's twin world-now at the brink of destruction. The epic third and final verse of The Twinning trilogy concludes with sinister twists and unexpected turns as Michael, Mya and all those who have shared in their journey come face to face with an ultimate and terrifying truth.

Holding Center When 'I Don't Know What to Do!'

Author: Christopher Alan Anderson

Publisher: First Edition Design Pub.


Category: Psychology

Page: 10

View: 120

What to do?--Our task will be to define a center anew that can hold things together when everything is falling apart. We must know why the center is the center to hold ourselves together.

The Poetry of American Women from 1632 to 1945

Author: Emily Stipes Watts

Publisher: University of Texas Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 234

View: 654

American women have created an especially vigorous and innovative poetry, beginning in 1632 when Anne Bradstreet set aside her needle and picked up her "poet's pen." The topics of American women poets have been various, their images their own, and their modes of expression original. Emily Stipes Watts does not imply that the work of American men and that of American women are two different kinds of poetry, although they have been treated as such in the past. It is her aim, rather, to delineate and define the poetic tradition of women as crucial to the understanding of American poetry as a whole. By 1850, American women of all colors, religions, and social classes were writing and publishing poetry. Within the critical category of "female poetry," developed from 1800 to 1850, these women experimented boldly and prepared the way for the achievement of such women as Emily Dickinson in the second half of the nineteenth century. Indeed at times—for example from 1860 through 1910—it was women who were at the outer edge of prosodic experimentation and innovation in American poetry. Moving chronologically, Professor Watts broadly characterizes the state of American poetry for each period, citing the dominant male poets; she then focuses on women contemporaries, singling out and analyzing their best work. This volume not only brings to light several important women poets but also represents the discovery of a tradition of women writers. This is a unique and invaluable contribution to the history of American literature.

English Printing, Verse Translation, and the Battle of the Sexes, 1476-1557

Author: Anne E. B. Coldiron

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 264

View: 345

Bringing to light new material about early print, early modern gender discourses, and cultural contact between France and England in the period, this book focuses on a dozen or so of the many early Renaissance verse translations about women, marriage, sex, and gender relations. A series of appendices presents the author's transcriptions of the texts that are otherwise inaccessible.