An Universal Etymological Dictionary

Comprehending the Derivations of the Generality of Words... and Also a Brief and Clear Explication of All Different Words... Together with a Large Collection and Explication of Words Used in Our Ancient Statutes... Also a Collection of Our Most Common Proverbs

Author: Nathan Bailey



Category: English language

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The New and Complete American Encyclopædia; Or, Universal Dictionary of Arts and Sciences

On an Improved Plan : in which the Respective Sciences are Arranged Into Complete Systems, and the Arts Digested Into Distinct Treatises : Also the Detached Parts of Knowledge Alphabetically Arranged and Copiously Explained, According to the Best Authorities; : Containing a Digest and Display of the Whole Theory and Practice of the Liberal and Mechanical Arts, Comprising a General Repository of Ancient and Modern Literature, from the Earliest Ages Down to the Present Time ... : The Whole Forming a General Circle of Science, and Comprehensive Library of Universal Knowledge. : Illustrated with One Hundred and Seventy Copper Plates, Descriptive of the Subjects to which They Refer




Category: Arts


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The Universal Gazetteer

Being a Concise Description, Alphabetically Arranged, of the Nations, Kingdoms, States, Towns ... in the Known World : the Government, Manners, and Religion of the Inhabitants ... of the Different Countries ...

Author: John Walker



Category: Geography

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