Der Same Seths

Hans-Martin Schenkes Kleine Schriften zu Gnosis, Koptologie und Neuem Testament

Author: Hans Martin Schenke

Publisher: BRILL


Category: Religion

Page: 1

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The collected essays provide a cross section of Hans-Martin Schenkes immense work in the field of New Testament, Gosticism, and Coptology that span a lifetime of scholaship in which he produced highly valued Coptic text editions as well as theological writings.

Theologische, historische, und biographische skizzen

Author: Martin Hengel

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck


Category: Religion

Page: 776

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English summary: The seventh and final volume of Martin Hengel's Selected Essays contains 32 texts, among which two are hitherto unpublished. The first section includes the small monograph on Christ and Power, a new and programmatic essay on Heilsgeschichte (salvation history), as well as reflections on New Testament methodology. The second section is devoted to biographical sketches and investigations into the history of the discipline. The articles on Kurt Aland, Elias Bickerman, Henry Chadwick, Joseph Barber Lightfoot and Gunther Zuntz are particularly comprehensive. Some small contributions to the author's own scholarly vita conclude the essays. Jorg Frey continues the author's bibliography. An alphabetical listing of the essays contained in the seven volumes of the Selected Essays and extensive indexes on Volumes V to VII complete the volume. German description: Der siebte und letzte Band der eKleinen Schriften' umfasst 32 Texte, darunter zwei unveroffentlichte. Der erste, grossere Teil enthalt unter anderem die kleine Monographie Christus und die Macht, einen neuen, programmatischen Aufsatz zur Heilsgeschichte sowie Uberlegungen zur Methodik der neutestamentlichen Wissenschaft. Ein zweiter Teil ist biographischen und wissenschaftsgeschichtlichen Untersuchungen gewidmet; hervorzuheben sind hier umfangreiche Beitrage uber Kurt Aland, Elias Bickermann, Henry Chadwick, Joseph Barber Lightfoot und Gunther Zuntz. Einige kurze Beitrage zur eigenen wissenschaftlichen Vita des Autors runden die Aufsatzsammlung ab.Jorg Frey fuhrt die Bibliographie des Autors fort. Ein alphabetisches Verzeichnis der in den 'Kleinen Schriften' enthaltenen Aufsatze erleichtert die Orientierung, ausfuhrliche Indizes erschliessen die Bande V-VII.

Religious Context of Early Christianity

A Guide To Graeco-Roman Religions

Author: Hans-Josef Klauck

Publisher: A&C Black


Category: Religion

Page: 544

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This is a uniquely well-informed and comprehensive guide to the world of religion in the Graeco-Roman environment of early Christianity. Drawing on the most up-to-date scholarship, the volume paints a carefully nuanced portrait of the Christians' religious context. Besides describing ordinary domestic and civic religion and popular belief (including astrology, divination and 'magic'), there is extended discussion of mystery cults, ruler and emperor cults, the religious dimensions of philosophy, and Gnosticism. A valuable textbook for advanced students, as well as an authoritative reference work for scholars.

Anglican Theological Review

Author: Samuel Alfred Browne Mercer



Category: Theology


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"A New Testament bibliography for 1914 to 1917 inclusive", by Frederick C. Grant: v. 1, p. [58]-91.

Lexicon of Jewish Names in Late Antiquity: Palestine 330 BCE-200 CE

Author: David Noy



Category: Bible

Page: 397

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"This book collects all known Jewish inscriptions from the Graeco-Roman period (up to c.700 CE), in all languages (Greek, Latin, Aramaic, Hebrew) in Eastern Europe. It provides the texts of the inscriptions with English translations together with full bibliographies, discussions and indexes. The previous collection was published in 1936-50 and has been superseded by the discovery of more inscriptions. Over half the inscriptions included in this new collection were not in the former. Volume 1 covers the regions Pannonia, Dalmatia, Moesia, Thrace, Macedonia, Achaea, Crete, and the North Coast of the Black Sea. It includes appendices on inscriptions considered medieval and inscriptions not considered Jewish as well as a bibliography, a concordance with the former collection, indexes and maps."