Two Plus Two Equals Six

Author: Bobby D. Larson

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 192

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Because of their success conducting a multi-state raid on a large narcotics empire, Arnie and Tom are granted a three-month vacation. The first relief from the rigid and stressful life they have known for at least the last eight years. Journey with them in Tom's large motor home as they head south to Dreamland, a fabulous fishing and camping lake. You will feel the boys start to shed the stresses and pressures of their jobs and begin to live again. Crusty Old Cap Anderson shows these “city slickers” how to jug fish. Arnie meets Dorsey and Tom meets Celsy. They are widowed sisters. The girls' circle of friends open their arms to the "insurance investigators" from up north. Naturally, Arnie and his buddy fall in love with Dorsey and Celsy. It has been a glorious summer for them, but sadly the vacation comes to an end. The fellows are faced with a dilemma that can have only one solution. They must leave and go back to the danger and stress of their sworn commitment. You will want to read each word to learn why this book is titled Two Plus Two Equals Six. You will be surprised by the turn of events that make a happy ending.

Why Should Jews Survive?

Looking Past the Holocaust toward a Jewish Future

Author: Michael Goldberg

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: History

Page: 208

View: 618

In the fifty years since the Holocaust, the Jewish People have felt one overriding concern: survival. The ghosts of the murdered six million, along with the living generation of survivors, have called out the unifying chant, "never again." In 1948, this concern found a second focus in the state of Israel, the ultimate refuge of Jews worldwide. But Rabbi Michael Goldberg finds that these twin pillars of Jewish identity are brittle, and have already begun to crumble; they will not be enough to support or sustain the next generation. The time has come to answer the question: Why should Jews survive? In this provocative book, Goldberg launches a bold attack on what he calls the "Holocaust cult," challenging Jews to return to a deeper, richer sense of purpose. He argues that this cult--with shrines like the U.S. Holocaust Museum, high priests such as Elie Wiesel, and rites like UJA death camp pilgrimages--is deeply destructive of Jewish identity. As the current "master story" of Judaism, Goldberg writes, the Holocaust has been used to depict Jews as uniquely victimized in human history--transforming them from God's chosen to those who manage to survive despite God's silent complicity in their persecution. This Holocaust-centered, survival-for-survival's-sake Judaism is already showing its emptiness, Goldberg contends; the generation that survived Hitler and founded Israel is dying, and the new generation seems adrift (for instance, one recent survey predicts that 70% of American Jewish marriages will be intermarriages by the turn of the century). Jews need positive reasons for remaining Jewish, he argues; they need to return to the Exodus as their master story--the story of God leading the Jews out of slavery and making with them an eternal covenant that gave the Jews a unique place in God's plan. The Jews should survive, Goldberg concludes, because they are the linchpin in God's redemption of the world. Rabbi Michael Goldberg has long wrestled with the crisis of identity facing today's Jewish community. In Why Should Jews Survive?, he provides a provocative and powerfully argued challenge to the dominant theme of modern Jewish thought.

Jesus by Numbers

Author: Lloyd Daggett

Publisher: WestBow Press


Category: Religion

Page: 136

View: 696

Have you ever wondered why God used numbers repeatedly in the Scriptures? Would you like to discover His holiness or His calling for consecration? Do you have an interest in learning the hidden mysteries from the prophets of old? In Jesus by Numbers you will discover the significance of numbers within God’s Word. You will understand the divine character of God and how His numbers depict the last days and help define the message. The hidden message and mystery is meant to be no longer hidden. You can experience a deeper revelation of Christ with insights to the last days and events to come. This is a must-read from the beginning to the end. You will discover the destiny of man through the numbers of God. If you want to discover the hidden mysteries of God revealed in the repeated use of numbers within His Word, if you are searching for truth or insight, if you are searching for a deeper understanding of the wisdom of God and are interested in the later day prophecies, then reading Jesus by Numbers from the beginning to the end is a must. You will discover insights to improve your daily walk with Christ, as well as wisdom in understanding the significance of numbers in prophetic events of the past as well as those in the present. It is written with hope that it will reveal God’s truth in a new challenging way. Just as there is meaning and purpose in the written Word of God, there is also significance in the numbers used within His Word. If you can understand this, you will never view the character of God or the reading of His Word the same way again. The message within the message is a hidden treasure worthy of discovering. Discover for yourself the destiny of man by the numbers of God.

Los Evangelicos

Portraits of Latino Protestantism in the United States

Author: Juan F. Martinez

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 232

View: 829

Los Evangelicos: Portraits of Latino Protestantism in the United States is a small contribution to a much larger project. It is part of CEHILA's (the Commission for the Study of the History of the Church in Latin America and the Caribbean) effort to write church history from the perspective of those who have had no voice, those who have not been allowed to reflect on their own history. It serves as a call to gather more "snapshots" of Latino Protestantism, to organize these portraits according to different interpretive schemes, to analyze the photos with their historical contexts in mind, and to utilize these results to challenge the traditional ways in which the history of Christianity in the United States is generally told. This book is proof that there are women and men in the Protestant Latino church in the United States with the ability to carry out these tasks. Yet an exhaustive history of Latino Protestantism in the United States is still missing. The Latino Protestant community needs people to rise up and interpret within wider contexts the stories told in this volume and elsewhere. Telling our stories is both a testimony that God has been present in our pilgrimage and a confession regarding the future. The same God who accompanied us this far will remain among us. Thus, we will keep collecting portraits and preparing to take new snapshots of whatever God may do in the future. Our "photo album" closes at a dynamic moment for Latino Protestant churches in the United States. From many different perspectives, the authors of this book present a growing, enthusiastic church ready to serve the Lord. The portraits show how much has been done and yet how much remains to do. There are many more stories to tell.


Author: Susan R. Greenwald

Publisher: Longevity Publishing


Category: Addition

Page: 254

View: 918

This supplementary workbook is for children ages six and up, and has reproducible pages to give students an opportunity to learn the math facts. The addition and subtraction facts to 18 are taught in an original way-not just drill and practice, but by grouping and associating them with easy-to-learn methods and tricks. Each page was carefully designed; the facts are introduced with a trick and then those facts are practiced by trick name with previously learned facts, also identified by their trick name. After initial instruction, teachers/parents can assign workbook pages for class work or homework to give children practice and review. Not all students will need to do all of the pages. Cumulative practice pages include most, if not all, of the tricks taught to that point. The children will see that they can be successful in completing pages without counting on fingers or using a chart. This book will complement any mathematics curriculum, and is a perfect resource for parents, teachers, special education, and home school programs.Included in the book: Introduction, How to Use the Book, 232 workbook pages, Answer keys, Certificate of Mastery, Record-Keeping pages, Index

Imagined Globalization

Author: Néstor García Canclini

Publisher: Duke University Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 288

View: 882

A leading figure in cultural studies worldwide, Néstor García Canclini is a Latin American thinker who has consistently sought to understand the impact of globalization on the relations between Latin America, Europe, and the United States, and among Latin American countries. In this book, newly available in English, he considers how globalization is imagined by artists, academics, migrants, and entrepreneurs, all of whom traverse boundaries and, at times, engage in conflicted or negotiated multicultural interactions. García Canclini contrasts the imaginaries of previous migrants to the Americas with those who live in transnational circuits today. He integrates metaphor and narrative, working through philosophical, anthropological, and socioeconomically grounded interpretations of art, literature, crafts, media, and other forms of expression toward his conclusion that globalization is, in important ways, a collection of heterogeneous narratives. García Canclini advocates global imaginaries that generate new strategies for dealing with contingency and produce new forms of citizenship oriented toward multiple social configurations rather than homogenization. This edition of Imagined Globalization includes a significant new introduction by George Yúdice and an interview in which the cultural theorist Toby Miller and García Canclini touch on events including the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street.

Pura Belpré Awards

Celebrating Latino Authors and Illustrators

Author: Rose Zertuche Trevino

Publisher: American Library Association


Category: Education

Page: 86

View: 400

Looks at award-winning children's books by Hispanic authors and illustrators.


Action Plans for Successful Learning in Mathematics

Author: Glynis Hannell

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Education

Page: 126

View: 924

Based on expert observations of children who experience difficulties with maths this book gives a comprehensive overview of dyscalculia, providing a wealth of information and useful guidance for any practitioner. With a wide range of appropriate and proven intervention strategies it guides readers through the cognitive processes that underpin success in mathematics and gives fascinating insights into why individual students struggle with maths. Readers are taken step-by-step through each aspect of the maths curriculum and each section includes: Examples which illustrate why particular maths difficulties occur Practical 'action plans' which help teachers optimise children's progress in mathematics This fully revised second edition will bring the new research findings into the practical realm of the classroom. Reflecting current knowledge, Glynis Hannell gives increased emphasis to the importance of training 'number sense' before teaching formalities, the role of concentration difficulties and the importance of teaching children to use strategic thinking. Recognising that mathematical learning has a neurological basis will continue to underpin the text, as this has significant practical implications for the teacher.


A Slim Guide to Semantics

Author: Paul Elbourne

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 174

View: 112

This book offers an introduction to the analysis of meaning. Our outstanding ability to communicate is a distinguishing feature of our species. To communicate is to convey meaning, but what is meaning? How do words combine to give us the meanings of sentences? And what makes a statement ambiguous or nonsensical? These questions and many others are addressed in Paul Elbourne's fascinating guide. He opens by asking what kinds of things the meanings of words and sentences could be: are they, for example, abstract objects or psychological entities? He then looks at how we understand a sequence of words we have never heard before; he considers to what extent the meaning of a sentence can be derived from the words it contains and how to account for the meanings that can't be; and he examines the roles played by time, place, and the shared and unshared assumptions of speakers and hearers. He looks at how language interacts with thought and the intriguing question of whether what language we speak affects the way we see the world. Meaning, as might be expected, is far from simple. Paul Elbourne explores its complex issues in crystal clear language. He draws on approaches developed in linguistics, philosophy, and psychology - assuming a knowledge of none of them -in a manner that will appeal to everyone interested in this essential element of human psychology and culture.

ABA Journal





Page: 112

View: 922

The ABA Journal serves the legal profession. Qualified recipients are lawyers and judges, law students, law librarians and associate members of the American Bar Association.

The Lady Or the Tiger?

And Other Logic Puzzles

Author: Raymond M. Smullyan

Publisher: Courier Corporation


Category: Science

Page: 226

View: 634

"Another scintillating collection of brilliant problems and paradoxes by the most entertaining logician and set theorist who ever lived." — Martin Gardner. Inspired by the classic tale of a prisoner's dilemma, these whimsically themed challenges involve paradoxes about probability, time, and change; metapuzzles; and self-referentiality. Nineteen chapters advance in difficulty from relatively simple to highly complex.

Encountering Christ Textbook

Spirit of Truth: High School Course 2

Author: Sophia Institute for Teachers

Publisher: Sophia Institute for Teachers


Category: Religion


View: 538

The Catholic Faith Explained

Author: Michel Therrien

Publisher: Sophia Institute Press


Category: Religion

Page: 240

View: 792

What is the point of faith, and, in particular, of the Catholic Faith? Written in a welcoming style, this straightforward book provides a clear, compelling answer to that question. As such, it’s meant for non-Catholics who are curious about the Catholic Faith, for cradle Catholics who may never have really understood the Faith, and for longtime Catholics who’ve begun to question the Faith and may even be thinking of leaving it. Here, free of controversies and polemics, you’ll encounter the principal beliefs that form the framework of Christianity, and, in particular, a thorough explanation of what the Church teaches about Jesus. To accomplish this faithfully, author Michel Therrien relies on just two sources—the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church—to provide an authoritative overview of what the Faith teaches about God and why believing in Him is important. In twenty short, easy-to-digest chapters, Therrien presents you with Christianity as the Catholic Church understands it. Among scores of other fundamentals of the Faith, this book will teach you: -How we come to know God -How God reveals Himself to us -Who God is, as Scripture reveals Him -Jesus Christ’s loving plan for humanity -How to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ -How Catholicism will bring you happiness -And much more!

Knowledge Trove-GK-TB-03

Author: Saraswati Experts

Publisher: New Saraswati House India Pvt Ltd


Category: Education


View: 256

Knowledge Trove-GK-TB-03

Orion and the Vikings

Author: Bobby Westcott

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 152

View: 512

Ben and his brother are forced to adjust to life in Titan Town after their home is attacked, and they are captured, by Vikings. Ben joins the town guard that winter, where he meets Commander Ryan, a former serf like himself. When the commander puts the town on the verge of war with his decision to strike the neighboring town of North City, Ben gets caught up in the plot. Meanwhile, Ben also has to deal with his brother's mischief in the town, and the will of Jill, a superior guard whom he becomes infatuated with. With the shadow of war now over Titan Town, the mettle of Ben and the guard will be tested.