Twelve Little Pieces

Woodwind - Flute Solo

Author: Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

Publisher: Alfred Music


Category: Music

Page: 20

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A collection of exercises for Flute (or Violin) with Piano Accompaniment composed by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach.

Twelve little pieces

for brass quintet

Author: Ludwig Wilhelm Maurer



Category: Brass quintets (Baritone, 2 coronets, euphonium, horn), Arranged


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Twelve Little Pieces: Flute (or Violin) & Piano, Part(s)

Author: Jean-baptiste (COP) Senaille

Publisher: Warner Bros Publications


Category: Music

Page: 20

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A collection of exercises for Flute (or Violin) with Piano Accompaniment composed by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach.

East Meets West

The Russian Trumpet Tradition from the Time of Peter the Great to the October Revolution, with a Lexicon of Trumpeters Active in Russia from the Seventeenth Century to the Twentieth

Author: Edward H. Tarr

Publisher: Pendragon Press


Category: Music

Page: 508

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The waning years of the Russian Empire witnessed the development of a rich tradition of trumpet playing. Noted trumpet scholar and performer Edward Tarr's latest book illuminates this tradition, which is little known in the West. Tarr's extensive research in hitherto inaccessible Russian archives has uncovered many documents that illuminate the careers of noted performers. These documents are reproduced here for the first time. A concise chronological summary of Russian political and musical developments provides an effective backdrop for this inventory of trumpeters. The author ably demonstrates how profoundly Russian trumpet-playing and pedagogy were influenced by emigrées, particularly from Germany (Wilhelm Wurm, Willy Brandt, Oskar Böhme), and how Russian-born trumpeters like Vladimir Drucker subsequently influenced the American musical scene. In his Lexicon of Trumpeters, both Russian and 'Foreign, ' Active in Russia, Tarr supplements his own research with information from valuable but obscure secondary sources in Russian. This lexicon carries the story into the late twentieth century, and includes modern legendary figures such as Timofey Dokshizer. Members of the International Trumpet Guild will receive a discount of 15% on purchases of this title.

The Twelve Little Cakes

Author: Dominika Dery

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 384

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The Twelve Little Cakes is equal parts testimony to the struggles of a bygone era and a love letter to a joy-filled childhood that no external forces could dim. In a village on the outskirts of Prague, full of gossipy neighbors, state informants, friendly old "grandmothers," and small-town prejudices, Dominika Dery grows up a self-possessed child, whose openness and curiosity often lead her, and her family, into trouble. Yet the love, pride, and quirky ingenuity that bind them together will guarantee their survival-and ultimately their happiness-through the best and worst of times.

Catalog of Copyright Entries

Third series

Author: Library of Congress. Copyright Office



Category: Copyright


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Piano Concerto No. 26 in D, K. 537

Piano Duo (2 Pianos, 4 Hands)

Author: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Publisher: Alfred Music


Category: Music

Page: 60

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A Piano Duet for 2 pianos, 4 hands, composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Twelve Little Preludes

For Piano

Author: Johann Sebastian Bach

Publisher: Alfred Music


Category: Music

Page: 12

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A collection of piano solos composed by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Twelve Little Housemates

Enlarged and Revised Edition of the Popular Book Describing Insects That Live in Our Homes

Author: Karl Von Frisch

Publisher: Elsevier


Category: House & Home

Page: 156

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Twelve Little Housemates focuses on the characteristics, health hazards, life cycle, feeding habits, transfer, and control of insects that generally live in the house. The manuscript first offers information on the house-flies, and particularly emphasized are the distinguishing characteristics of these insects from other insects, their life cycle, how they can be health hazards, and how they are considered in the medical field. The text also examines the different species of lice and their preferences, including the ways they are transferred and controlled. The book focuses on the appearance, feeding habits, and control of cockroaches. The feeding habits and control of ants and bed-bugs are also discussed. The text also elaborates on the life cycle, appearance, characteristics, and health hazards of spiders, ticks, and gnats. The protection measures and control procedures against these insects are underscored. The manuscript also focuses on fleas and clothes moth. The text is a dependable source of information for readers wanting to be familiar with common insects in the house.

The Keyboard Music of J.S. Bach

Author: David Schulenberg

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Music

Page: 544

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The Keyboard Music of J.S. Bach provides an introduction to and comprehensive discussion of all the music for harpsichord and other stringed keyboard instruments by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). Often played today on the modern piano, these works are central not only to the Western concert repertory but to musical pedagogy and study throughout the world. Intended as both a practical guide and an interpretive study, the book consists of three introductory chapters on general matters of historical context, style, and performance practice, followed by fifteen chapters on the individual works, treated in roughly chronological order. The works discussed include all of Bach's individual keyboard compositions as well as those comprising his famous collections, such as the Well-Tempered Clavier, the English and French Suites, and the Art of Fugue.

Twelve Little Ways to Transform Your Heart

Lessons in Holiness and Evangelization from St. Thérèse of Lisieux

Author: Susan Muto

Publisher: Ave Maria Press


Category: Religion

Page: 160

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St. Thérèse of Lisieux’s “Little Way” has been embraced by people of all walks of life. In Twelve Little Ways to Transform Your Heart, author Susan Muto explores twelve facets of St. Thérèse’s simple spiritual path as a way to personal holiness and the secret to being a powerful witness to Christ in the world today. Though she lived only to the age of twenty-four and spent almost her entire life at her family home and in the Carmelite convent, St. Thérèse of Lisieux displayed a love for Jesus and a passion for his gospel that have made her the patroness of the missions. The “Little Flower’s” humility and childlike trust are still powerful examples of how ordinary people can grow closer to Jesus and respond to Pope Francis’s call for a new evangelization. The calls to holiness and to witness to Christ can seem daunting, but as Susan Muto—renowned speaker and expert on Carmelite spirituality—explains, Thérèse shows us that they are neither difficult nor dramatic. The Little Way can be lived by any of us, even with what Thérèse called the “ministry of the smile.” With deep insight and warm personal devotion, Muto explains the Little Way and will help you put twelve dimensions of it into practice, drawing others to Christ by living a simple, joyful life. These twelve ways, derived from the example of Thérèse, are: Learn to love the hidden life Appreciate what a treasure the ordinary is Trust in Divine Mercy as little children do Receive the sacraments devoutly day after day Abandon yourself to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit Foster friendship with God and others Take up your cross and follow Jesus Pray unceasingly Simplify your life Let God free you to be your best self Commit yourself—body, mind, and spirit—to living the Gospel Leave a legacy of evangelical virtues others want to cultivate Muto features short quotations from the saint’s autobiography, poetry, letters, and prayers, as well as perceptive reflection questions and personal prayers to show how imitating Thérèse can make us a powerful force of love. Muto also offers practical spiritual advice for those who want to deepen their faith and are attracted to the simplicity of St. Thérèse’s Little Way.

Russians on Russian Music, 1830-1880

An Anthology

Author: Stuart Campbell

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Music

Page: 295

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The volume reveals, through contemporary Russian eyes, how the foundations of the hugely popular Russian classical repertory were laid, providing a vivid picture of the musical life of the opera house and the concert hall from which this repertory sprang.

Beautiful Angiola

The Lost Sicilian Folk and Fairy Tales of Laura Gonzenbach

Author: Jack Zipes

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 632

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In one of the most startling literary discoveries of recent years, Jack Zipes has uncovered this neglected treasure trove of Sicilian folk and fairy tales. Like the Grimm brothers before her, Laura Gonzenbach, a talented Swiss-German born in Sicily, set out to gather up the tales told and retold among the peasants. Gonzenbach collected wonderful stories - some on subjects that readers will know from the Grimms or Perrault, some entirely new - and published them in German. Her early death and the destruction of her papers in the Messina earthquake of 1908 only add to the mystery behind her achievement. Beautiful Angiola is an instant classic: a nineteenth-century collection of stories in the great tradition of fairy and folk tales now translated into English for the first time. Gonzenbach delights us with heroines and princes, sorcery and surprise, the deeds of the brave and the treacherous, and the magic of the true storyteller. The Green Bird , The Humiliated Princess , sorfarina , The Magic Cane, the Golden Donkey, and the Little Stick that Hits are titles destine to become new favourites for readers everywhere. Yet while the stories enchant us, the wry taglines with which they often end ('And so they remained rich and consoled, while we keep sitting here and are getting old') gently bring us back to earth.

A Snicker Story

The Struggle to Survive

Author: Maria Gray

Publisher: Trafford Publishing


Category: Pets

Page: 522

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Snicker is a Sheltie stray struggling to survive on the harsh streets of the city. She is horrified when she comes across two men who torture dogs for mere enjoyment. Enraged, Snicker decides to form a club against animal cruelty. But will it succeed? Will it help make the future brighter for all canines? Join Snicker in her mission to make a difference.