Trans Mission

My Quest to a Beard

Author: Alex Bertie

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 272

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I guess we should start at the beginning. I was born on 2 November 1995. The doctors in the hospital took one look at my genitals and slapped an F on my birth certificate. 'F' for female, not fail - though that would actually have been kind of appropriate given present circumstances. When I was 15, I realised I was a transgender man. That makes it sound like I suddenly had some kind of lightbulb moment. In reality, coming to grips with my identity has taken a long time. Over the last six years, I've come out to my family and friends, changed my name, battled the healthcare system, started taking male hormones and have had surgery on my chest. My quest to a beard is almost complete. This is my story.

Torqueflite A-727 Transmission Handbook

How to Rebuild Or Modify Chrysler's A-727 Torqueflite for All Applications

Author: Carl Munroe

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Transportation

Page: 234

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This book provides step-by-step instructions for how to modify Chrysler's 904 Torqueflite automatic transmission for drag racing, road racing, and circle racing. Topics include theory of operation, transbrakes/valve bodies, adapters, dissembly, modifications, assembly, adjustments, installation, high horsepower application, and torque converters.

Transient Signals on Transmission Lines

An Introduction to Non-Ideal Effects and Signal Integrity Issues in Electrical Systems

Author: Andrew Peterson

Publisher: Morgan & Claypool Publishers


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 144

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This lecture provides an introduction to transmission line effects in the time domain. Fundamentals including time of flight, impedance discontinuities, proper termination schemes, nonlinear and reactive loads, and crosstalk are considered. Required prerequisite knowledge is limited to conventional circuit theory. The material is intended to supplement standard textbooks for use with undergraduate students in electrical engineering or computer engineering. The contents should also be of value to practicing engineers with interests in signal integrity and high-speed digital design. Table of Contents: Introduction / Solution of the Transmission Line Equations / DC Signals on a Resistively Loaded Transmission Line / Termination Schemes / Equivalent Circuits, Cascaded Lines, and Fan-Outs / Initially-Charged Transmission Lines / Finite Duration Pulses on Transmission Lines / Transmission Lines with Reactive Terminations / Lines with Nonlinear Loads / Crosstalk on Weakly Coupled Transmission Lines

Thyristor-Based FACTS Controllers for Electrical Transmission Systems

Author: R. Mohan Mathur

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Education

Page: 495

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An important new resource for the international utility market Over the past two decades, static reactive power compensators have evolved into a mature technology and become an integral part of modern electrical power systems. They are one of the key devices in flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS). Coordination of static compensators with other controllable FACTS devices promises not only tremendously enhanced power system controllability, but also the extension of power transfer capability of existing transmission corridors to near their thermal capacities, thus delaying or even curtailing the need to invest in new transmission facilities. Offering both an in-depth presentation of theoretical concepts and practical applications pertaining to these power compensators, Thyristor-Based FACTS Controllers for Electrical Transmission Systems fills the need for an appropriate text on this emerging technology. Replete with examples and case studies on control design and performance, the book provides an important resource for both students and engineers working in the field.

Women and the Transmission of Religious Knowledge in Islam

Author: Asma Sayeed

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: History

Page: 220

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Asma Sayeed's book explores the history of women as religious scholars from the first decades of Islam through the early Ottoman period. Focusing on women's engagement with hadīth, this book analyzes dramatic chronological patterns in women's hadīth participation in terms of developments in Muslim social, intellectual and legal history. It challenges two opposing views: that Muslim women have been historically marginalized in religious education, and alternately that they have been consistently empowered thanks to early role models such as 'Ā'isha bint Abī Bakr, the wife of the Prophet Muhammad. This book is a must-read for those interested in the history of Muslim women as well as in debates about their rights in the modern world. The intersections of this history with topics in Muslim education, the development of Sunnī orthodoxies, Islamic law and hadīth studies make this work an important contribution to Muslim social and intellectual history of the early and classical eras.

Powerglide Transmission Handbook

How to Rebuild Or Modify Chevrolet's Powerglide for All Applications

Author: Carl H. Munroe

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Transportation

Page: 234

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Chevrolet produced over 17 million aluminium Powerglides from 1962 through 1973. While never a popular performance transmission during its production run, the Powerglide has become the dominant automatic transmission in modern motorsports. Favored by circle track and drag racers alike, the Powerglide is the transmission of choice of today's racer. You will find Powerglides installed in a wide range of vehicles from street/strip to 'Top Sportsman.' This book is your reference guide to the Powerglide; from a stock rebuild to an all-out race unit, this book covers it all. Subject covered include: * *general transmission service, basic operation, in-car service and repairs *torque converter design and operation *identification *removal, disassembly and inspection *overhauling unit assemblies *final assembly of transmission *the drag racing Powerglide *the circle track racing Powerglide *specification and troubleshooting Whether you are racing or restoring, you'll find the Powerglide Transmission Handbook a master reference for rebuilding, modifying and racing your Powerglide transmission.

Extra High Voltage A.C. Transmission Engineering

Author: Rakosh Das Begamudre

Publisher: New Age International


Category: Electric power distribution

Page: 536

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Modern Power Transmission Is Utilizing Voltages Between 345 Kv And 1150 Kv, A.C. Distances Of Transmission And Bulk Powers Handled Have Increased To Such An Extent That Extra High Voltages And Ultra High Voltages (Ehv And Uhv) Are Necessary. The Problems Encountered With Such High Voltage Transmission Lines Exposed To Nature Are Electrostatic Fields Near The Lines, Audible Noise, Radio Interference, Corona Losses, Carrier And Tv Interference, High Voltage Gradients, Heavy Bundled Conductors, Control Of Voltages At Power Frequency Using Shunt Reactors Of The Switched Type Which Inject Harmonics Into The System, Switched Capacitors, Overvoltages Caused By Lightning And Switching Operations, Long Air Gaps With Weak Insulating Properties For Switching Surges, Ground-Return Effects, And Many More. The Important Topic Of E.H.V. Cable Transmission Upto 1200 Kv Is Gaining Ground With Oil-Filled, Pplp, Xlpe, And Sf6 Insulation.The Book Covers All Topics That Are Considered Essential For Understanding The Operation And Design Of E.H.V. Ac Overhead Lines And Underground Cables. Theoretical Analyses Of All Problems Combined With Practical Application Are Presented In Detail. Ehv Laboratory Equipment And Testing Are Fully Covered Together With Application Of Digital Recorders, Fibre Optics, Etc. For Impulse Measurements. Every Chapter Contains Many Worked Examples In Order To Illustrate And Reinforce The Theory. All Examples Are Taken From Practical Situations As Far As Possible.

Text and Transmission

Studies in Ancient Medicine and Its Transmission : Presented to Jutta Kollesch

Author: Klaus-Dietrich Fischer

Publisher: BRILL


Category: Science

Page: 340

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This collection of thirteen studies by leading experts is devoted to particular problems of the textual transmission of ancient medicine in papyri, manuscripts and printed books, and to select questions relating to the interpretation of these sources and their historical significance.

Cultural Transmission and Evolution

A Quantitative Approach

Author: Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza

Publisher: Princeton University Press


Category: Science

Page: 388

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A number of scholars have found that concepts such as mutation, selection, and random drift, which emerged from the theory of biological evolution, may also explain evolutionary phenomena in other disciplines as well. Drawing on these concepts, Professors Cavalli-Sforza and Feldman classify and systematize the various modes of transmitting "culture" and explore their consequences for cultural evolution. In the process, they develop a mathematical theory of the non-genetic transmission of cultural traits that provides a framework for future investigations in quantitative social and anthropological science. The authors use quantitative models that incorporate the various modes of transmission (for example, parent-child, peer-peer, and teacher-student), and evaluate data from sociology, archaeology, and epidemiology in terms of the models. They show that the various modes of transmission in conjunction with cultural and natural selection produce various rates of cultural evolution and various degrees of diversity within and between groups. The same framework can be used for explaining phenomena as apparently unrelated as linguistics, epidemics, social values and customs, and diffusion of innovations. The authors conclude that cultural transmission is an essential factor in the study of cultural change.