Art and Making of the Film

Author: Sharon Gosling

Publisher: Titan Books



Page: 176

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From Warner Bros. Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, Tomb Raider follows the treacherous journey of a young Lara Croft as she takes her first steps toward becoming a global hero. Academy Award(TM) winner Alicia Vikander (Ex Machina, The Danish Girl) stars in the lead role, under the direction of Roar Uthaug (The Wave). Showcasing lavish concept art, behind the scenes photos, insight into the stunts, and fascinating contributions from cast and crew, Tomb Raider, The Art and Making of the Film, is the perfect companion to this highly-anticipated release.

Videogames and Art

Author: Andy Clarke

Publisher: Intellect Books


Category: Art

Page: 283

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Videogame art is developing as an area of burgeoning interest, departing from embryonic roots into a flourishing division of scholarly study. The collection provides both an overview of the field, positioning it within a social and commercial context with reference to other forms of digital and pictorial art, and to the mainstream videogames industry.

Gaming Film

How Games are Reshaping Contemporary Cinema

Author: Jasmina Kallay

Publisher: Springer


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 156

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Gaming Film explores the growing influence of computer games on contemporary cinema. From the type of stories told to their complex structural patterns, from the changing modes of reception to innovative visual aesthetics, computer games are re-shaping the cinematic landscape in exciting directions.

The Wow Climax

Tracing the Emotional Impact of Popular Culture

Author: Henry Jenkins

Publisher: NYU Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 285

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Henry Jenkins at [email protected] (video) Vaudevillians used the term "the wow climax" to refer to the emotional highpoint of their acts—a final moment of peak spectacle following a gradual building of audience's emotions. Viewed by most critics as vulgar and sensationalistic, the vaudeville aesthetic was celebrated by other writers for its vitality, its liveliness, and its playfulness. The Wow Climax follows in the path of this more laudatory tradition, drawing out the range of emotions in popular culture and mapping what we might call an aesthetic of immediacy. It pulls together a spirited range of work from Henry Jenkins, one of our most astute media scholars, that spans different media (film, television, literature, comics, games), genres (slapstick, melodrama, horror, exploitation cinema), and emotional reactions (shock, laughter, sentimentality). Whether highlighting the sentimentality at the heart of the Lassie franchise, examining the emotional experiences created by horror filmmakers like Wes Craven and David Cronenberg and avant garde artist Matthew Barney, or discussing the emerging aesthetics of video games, these essays get to the heart of what gives popular culture its emotional impact.

The Dealer is the Devil

An Insiders History of the Aboriginal Art Trade

Author: Adrian Newstead

Publisher: Brandl & Schlesinger


Category: Art

Page: 480

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Adrian Newstead’s explosive memoir lifts the lid on what Robert Hughes once described as “the last great art movement of the 20th century.” After thirty years sitting round campfires with Aboriginal artists all over Australia, Newstead has produced the definitive expose of “the first great art movement of the 21st century”. From remote indigenous communities with their dispossessed populations of tribal elders and troubled youth, to the gleaming white box galleries, high powered auction houses, and formidable art institutions of major cities all over the world, Newstead combines personal anecdotes with an insider’s grasp of the inter national art market. With vivid portraits of artists, dealers and scamsters, the book races from pre-contact and colonial days to the heady celebrations of the Sydney Olympics and the devastating impact of the global financial crisis. Newstead’s humour, love and respect for his subjects produces a story that reads at times like a thriller and also a lament for a lost world. WBN reviewers gave five stars to The Dealer is the Devil, Adrian Newstead’s ‘personal and encyclopaedic’ examination of the Indigenous art industry

Lara Croft

The Art of Virtual Seduction

Author: Prima

Publisher: Prima Games


Category: Games

Page: 139

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Building upon the success of 1998's Lara's Book, comes "Lara's Book II" -- a must for every Lara Croft & Tomd Raider fan or collector. Following in the footsteps of it's predecessor, "Lara's Book II" provides a mixture of popular and exclusive information about Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider series including Art, News, Essays, Rumors, Interviews and more. Learn why Lara Croft has become a multi-million dollar merchandising franchise and Lara Croft's Image is the sexiest mass-market icon yet.

Virtual and Adaptive Environments

Applications, Implications, and Human Performance Issues

Author: Lawrence J. Hettinger

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 600

View: 359

With contributions from a collection of authors consisting of many recognizable experts in the field of virtual and adaptive environments, as well as many up and coming young researchers, this book illustrates the many ways in which psychological science contributes to and benefits from the increased development and application of these nascent systems. Discussing issues from both a user- and technology-based standpoint, the volume examins the use of human perception, cognition, and behavior. The book builds a foundation on the assumption that these systems are first and foremost human-centered technologies, in that their purpose is to complement and extend human capabilities across a wide variety of domains.

Acting For Film

Author: Mel Churcher

Publisher: Random House


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 288

View: 227

The author uses her wide experience as an acting and voice coach an major movies to offer insights into the film acting process. She provides tasks, techniques and tips that are designed specifically for film: there's advice to make the first-time film actor feel at home on set, tips on the casting process, how to cope with auditions, on-camera techniques, schedules and shooting order, as well as specific advice from film crews to help an actor's performance. This practical workbook combines exercises and anecdotes in an informal and accessible style, making it the indispensable guide for anyone wishing to light up the silver screen.