This Thing Called You

Author: Ernest Holmes

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Religion

Page: 192

View: 993

The beloved classic that has awakened generations to the power within. One of Ernest Holmes’s cornerstone works, This Thing Called You is an intimate guide through which readers learn the important lesson of how they are an immutable part of the flow of life, and how they may fulfill the longing, within all of us, to live more fully. The book details methods of meditation used for healing, improving mind and body, and reaching one’s divine self. Included are numerous inspirations, meditations, and prayers that individuals can apply to their lives, which reveal the unlimited potential of the spiritual psychology that Holmes founded.

What Is This Thing Called Love?


Author: Gene Wilder

Publisher: Macmillan


Category: Fiction

Page: 176

View: 631

The actor and novelist answers this eternal question twelve ways, in stories that explore our most complicated emotion This is a winning collection from an author writing on his favorite topic: love. Each emotionally involving story illuminates a different kind of love: star-crossed, intense, needy, eternal, unrequited, even comical. Gene Wilder's protagonists will be instantly recognizable to his fans: men and women who stumble into relationships that can fulfill them or knock them out cold. Which one it will be depends, often, on the smallest of gestures or reactions. What Is This Thing Called Love includes the stories: • "In Love for the First Time," about a lover so shy and studious that he's a "funny duck" who has to be led by the hand by his equally inexperienced girlfriend • "About Being in Love," featuring coarse but charming Buddy Silverman, who yearns for connection but looks for it in exactly the wrong kind of woman • "The Woman in the Red Hat," who shows a writer who has only explored love in his books what the real thing feels like.

This Thing Called Life

Author: Honey

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 174

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Married at the early age of 20, thirsty for love, wanting to be married, wanting to have children and make a home for my family. Praying as a child, every night, to have a home full of Peace, Love & Happiness. Little did I know the hurt and pain that awaited me. Little did I know the attacks that would be-fall me; trying to take my mind; filling me with thoughts of death, never to feel pain again. Learning without permission the life of an Addict. This is my story…

This Thing Called Love

Author: Angela R. Camon

Publisher: Trafford Publishing


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 132

View: 214

One of the most influential people in a girl's life is her father. Imagine growing up as a little child with an empty void in your heart longing for the love and acceptance of your father. It is unfortunate but many daughters, young and old alike, can identify with the pain of not having a father present in their lives. The absence of fathers in the lives of their daughters has become an epidemic that has plagued our society and affects many families from all walks of life. Daughters that grow up with a healthy father-and-daughter bond are often less likely to become a teenage mother, experience depression, experiment with drugs and alcohol, develop body image problems and engage in criminal activity. Whereas daughters who do have not father in their lives can experience a plethora of problems. This Thing Called Love is about a young girl who shares her story about her life and the various hardships that she experienced as a result of living with a father who is physically present but emotionally absent. Bewildered by his rude comments and his continuous expressions of his disapproval of her, she makes conscious efforts to shine in his eyes. In the pursuit of trying to achieve her father's love, she learns a great deal about God's love. As her relationship with God matures, her newfound faith ignites her determination to win her father over, not just for her personal gain, but for the benefit of the Kingdom of God.

This Thing Called Literature

Reading, Thinking, Writing

Author: Andrew Bennett

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 160

View: 445

What is this thing called literature? Why should we study it? And how? Relating literature to topics such as dreams, politics, life, death, the ordinary and the uncanny, this beautifully written book establishes a sense of why and how literature is an exciting and rewarding subject to study. Bennett and Royle delicately weave an essential love of literature into an account of what literary texts do, how they work and what sort of questions and ideas they provoke. The book’s three parts reflect the fundamental components of studying literature: reading, thinking and writing. The authors use helpful, familiar examples throughout, offering rich reflections on the question ‘What is literature?’ and on what they term ‘creative reading’. Bennett and Royle’s lucid and friendly style encourages a deep engagement with literary texts. This book is not only an essential guide to the study of literature, but an eloquent defence of the discipline.

What Is This Thing Called Jazz?

African American Musicians as Artists, Critics, and Activists

Author: Eric Porter

Publisher: Univ of California Press


Category: Music

Page: 404

View: 182

An intellectual history of jazz traces its evolution through the words of the artists themselves, examining how the musicians actively shaped the institutional structure through which the music is created, distributed, and consumed. Simultaneous.

This Thing Called Grief

New Understandings of Loss

Author: Thomas M. Ellis

Publisher: Itasca Books


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 111

View: 457

Encourages readers to take the grief of losing a loved one and transform it into something healing and progressive, and uses real-life narratives of loss to illustrate how to learn from the experience and renew one's sense of life.

Exam Prep for: This Thing Called Safety; Getting You and ...

Author: David Mason

Publisher: Rico Publications


Category: Education

Page: 800

View: 427

Business is the activity of making one's living or making money by producing or buying and selling products (such as goods and services). This book provides over 2,000 Exam Prep questions and answers to accompany the text This Thing Called Safety; Getting You and ... Items include highly probable exam items: Quality control, Sunk costs, Average cost, Blanket, Prize, Authority, Glass, Sputnik, EFQM, Sequence, Flowchart, Pareto analysis, Cost driver, Histogram, PDCA, Toshiba, Heat transfer, and more.

Wege der Wissenschaft

Einführung in die Wissenschaftstheorie

Author: Alan F. Chalmers




Page: 196

View: 192

This Thing Called Safety

Getting You and Your Business Started

Author: David Schaller

Publisher: Tate Publishing


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 204

View: 783

What is included in the job description of a safety professional? How does one make a career out of being a safety administrator? What types of companies need certified safety persons? If you are a small-business owner, new safety person, or just want to make your workplace safer, David Schaller's This Thing Called Safety is for you. Drawing from two decades of personal experience in the safety profession, David offers tips and strategies for creating a safe work environment in any industry. Covering a wide range of topics—from how to break into the safety profession and the costs of starting a safety program to career opportunities and outside resources to employ—David makes learning what This Thing Called Safety is an enjoyable and stress-free experience.