This Hostel Life

Author: Melatu Uche Okorie

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Fiction

Page: 112

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SHORTLISTED FOR THE AN POST IRISH BOOK AWARDS SUNDAY INDEPENDENT NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR 'A landmark book by an important new voice in Irish writing' EMILIE PINE THIS HOSTEL LIFE tells the stories of migrant women in a hidden Ireland. Queuing for basic supplies in an Irish direct provision hostel, a group of women squabble and mistrust each other, learning what they can of the world from conversations about reality television and Shakespeare. In another story, a student shares her work with a class only to be critiqued about her own lived experience, and a mother of young twins, living in Nigeria, is at risk of losing her newborns to ancient superstitious beliefs. An essay by Liam Thornton (UCD School of Law) is also included, explaining the Irish legal position in relation to asylum seekers and direct provision. 'Fresh, devastating stories . . . Okorie writes with uncomfortable clarity about things we think we already know' LIA MILLS 'Melatu Uche Okorie has important things to say - and she does it quite brilliantly' RODDY DOYLE

Students and the Hostel Life

A Study of University Students

Author: Amrit Nath Mishra

Publisher: Mittal Publications


Category: College buildings

Page: 252

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Keeping the Quality in Hostel Life

Caring for Older Australians

Author: Australia. Dept. of Community Services and Health



Category: Old age homes

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Author: Muskan Sachdeva

Publisher: The Little Booktique Hub


Category: Fiction

Page: 196

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Living in a hostel is a life-changing experience that allows you to develop as a person. Your ability to work together will be substantially enhanced. You'll have no qualms about sharing your food, beverages, tales, or laughing. You'll notice that ties will form quickly and that the things you share with other travellers will exceed your expectations. You will meet people from all regions, countries, cultures, and lifestyles as a result of the constant hostel guest turnover, and best of all... each has their own bag of adventures and stories to share with you. You'll fall into a routine in which the day of the week becomes inconsequential, and you'll even forget to check the time on the clock. “Hostelers” consists of several co-authors from all over the globe who have dedicated their inked verses as a poem, quote, micro tale or a short story which revolves around the theme- “Life in Hostel”. We are hoping for the great success of this book, a free anthology launched by Writer’s Abode Publication in which none of the co-Authors are charged a single penny throughout the publishing process.

Hostel Life

Stories by ELP Learners




Category: Blacks

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D.EL.ED Foundation Paper-3

Author: D. El. Ed. Passed Student

Publisher: Lakhaipur Ayurved


Category: Art

Page: 37

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D.EL.ED Foundation Paper-3 Notes in English Language. A must read notes for D.EL.ED students.

This Is My Life

Author: Pamela Tumeka Koyana-Letlaka

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation



Page: 378

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This book is not about the political history of Apartheid South Africa; it is about an extraordinary South African woman's life. It depicts where she was born, and chronicles her courageous journey into exile to Lesotho, Zambia, Zaire, and Britain, culminating with a diplomatic assignment in the United States of America. This is where the politics of the day intersects with personal lives, making us all more deeply appreciative of how profoundly the 'personal is political'.

Campus Plus

Dreams, Friends And Challenges

Author: Satish Kumar

Publisher: Educreation Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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Book is about college life of three friends Srikant, Nilima and Anup. They thought college life is simple and but they see many ups and down in their college life and campus. Destiny brought them together during their ups and down and they become good friend. Anup and Nilima love each other but have different dream. At end of college life their dream separated them. Srikant and Nilima fly to USA for higher studies and leave behind their best friend Anup in India for same. Will she wait for her love or will she marry Srikant as it usually happens in real life on campuses all over the world…