The Wrong Side of the Room

A Life in Music Theater

Author: Norman Mathews

Publisher: Eburn Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 324

View: 296

This Rockford, Illinois native offers a passionate and inspirational autobiography, steeped in dark humor, celebrity gossip, and backstage intrigue. His dreams of a life in the theater took twists and turns, ups and downs, from the perils of childhood to careers as an editor and a Broadway dancer, before he reinvented himself as a successful pianist, composer, and playwright.

The Wrong Side of Right

Author: Jenn Marie Thorne

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 400

View: 782

For fans of Sarah Dessen and Huntley Fitzpatrick comes this smart debut young adult novel, equal parts My Life Next Door and The Princess Diaries—plus a dash of The West Wing. Kate Quinn’s mom died last year, leaving Kate parentless and reeling. So when the unexpected shows up in her living room, Kate must confront another reality she never thought possible—or thought of at all. Kate does have a father. He’s a powerful politician. And he’s running for U.S. President. Suddenly, Kate’s moving in with a family she never knew she had, joining a campaign in support of a man she hardly knows, and falling for a rebellious boy who may not have the purest motives. This is Kate’s new life. But who is Kate? When what she truly believes flies in the face of the campaign’s talking points, she must decide. Does she turn to the family she barely knows, the boy she knows but doesn’t necessarily trust, or face a third, even scarier option? Set against a backdrop of politics, family, and first love, this is a story of personal responsibility, complicated romance, and trying to discover who you are even as everyone tells you who you should be. "A real page-turner, full of romance and intrigue" —Chicago Tribune "Perfect for fans of Sarah Dessen, Meg Cabot, and Huntley Fitzpatrick" — "Both intelligent and heartfelt" —Booklist, starred review "Fans of Sarah Dessen and Jenny Han will appreciate this well-crafted story about love and family" —SLJ "Smart, fresh, [with] a delicious, secret romance" —Publishers Weekly "Fast-paced...will keep the reader coming back for more"—SLC "High-stakes...a compulsively readable debut" —The Horn Book Guide "A 'can't put down' book" —San Jose Mercury News

On The Wrong Side of The Tracks

Author: Nakia Holden




Page: 44

View: 869

A teenage girl who discovers her mom secrets while preparing the journey to find who she is and, taken care of her twin sisters

The Wrong Side of Murder Creek

A White Southerner in the Freedom Movement

Author: Bob Zellner

Publisher: NewSouth Books


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 351

View: 662

Even forty years after the civil rights movement, the transition from son and grandson of Klansmen to field secretary of SNCC seems quite a journey. In the early 1960s, when Bob Zellner’s professors and classmates at a small church school in Alabama thought he was crazy for even wanting to do research on civil rights, it was nothing short of remarkable. Now, in his long-awaited memoir, Zellner tells how one white Alabamian joined ranks with the black students who were sitting-in, marching, fighting, and sometimes dying to challenge the Southern “way of life” he had been raised on but rejected. Decades later, he is still protesting on behalf of social change and equal rights. Fortunately, he took the time, with co-author Constance Curry, to write down his memories and reflections. He was in all the campaigns and was close to all the major figures. He was beaten, arrested, and reviled by some but admired and revered by others. The Wrong Side of Murder Creek, winner of the 2009 Lillian Smith Book Award, is Bob Zellner’s larger-than-life story, and it was worth waiting for.

Wrong Side of the Law

Author: Edward Kendrick

Publisher: JMS Books LLC


Category: Fiction

Page: 180

View: 368

Undercover cop Dan Hudson is framed for blackmail and kicked off the NOPD force. Enraged about that, and the fact that his lover refuses to stand by him, Dan moves to Denver, where he becomes Dirk Steele. He finds a job working for the Powells, who are pawnbrokers ... and fences. When he proposes to them that he put together a team to steal on demand for the Powells’ less than legitimate clients, a deal is struck and the team is formed. The team consists of Maverick, a thief; Tripp, a street kid who shoplifts to survive; and Fey, another street kid who is an excellent pickpocket and petty thief. Now the question becomes, will the team succeed? And, equally important, will the attraction between Dirk, who has sworn off love, and Maverick -- whose credo is only down and dirty sex -- grow into something more? Or will they remain just 'friends with benefits'? Time will tell as the team takes on increasingly difficult jobs and a man from Dirk's past shows up who could possibly throw a monkey wrench into the works.

The Boy from the Wrong Side of the Tracks

Author: Hayden Lee Hinton

Publisher: Author House


Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 312

Another fictional novel with the usual twists and turns with most every turn of the page as is the writing style of Hayden Lee Hinton. This smooth reading, exciting, and unusual story of a dying elderly man reflecting about his troubled life from his hospital bed. There are several stories within the main story of the book. The mysterious and shocking events throughtout the story will bring tears of joy and saddness, as well as, horror filled emotions. A book you won't want to put down.

Reflections from the Wrong Side of the Tracks

Class, Identity, and the Working Class Experience in Academe

Author: C. Vincent Samarco

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Education

Page: 276

View: 99

The essays in this collection challenge the predominant image of working class people in higher education by providing a series of analyses and personal commentaries from a wide range of working class academics. Reflections From the Wrong Side of the Tracks imparts a critical and substantial narrative about what it means to be from the working class and work in academe.

The Wrong Side of the Tracks - Book 1 (Free Book)

A Teenage Coming-of-Age Adventure

Author: Mike Wells

Publisher: Mike Wells


Category: Fiction


View: 401

14 year old Stephen soon finds himself in love with Kristine, one of the prettiest girls in his class. Kristine appears to like him, too, but Stephen learns she belongs to a big, mean football player who's three years older. Despite warnings from his best friend, Stephen moves ahead anyway. Will Stephen allow himself to be shoved into the background, or will he win the girl he truly loves?

The Wrong Stuff

The Adventures and Misadventures of an 8th Air Force Aviator

Author: Truman Smith

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 368

View: 167

Between April and July 1944, Truman Smith Flew thirty-five bombing missions over France and Germany. He was only twenty years old. Although barely adults, Smith and his peers worried about cramming a lifetime’s worth of experience into every free night, each knowing he probably would not survive the next bombing mission. Written with blunt honesty, wry humor, and insight, The Wrong Stuff is Smith’s gripping memoir of that time. In a new preface, the author comments with equal honesty and humor on the impact this book has had on his life.

The Wrong Side of a Frying Pan

Author: Troy Veenstra

Publisher: Veenstra Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 5

View: 150

It was the early summer of 1973, Paul McCartney had just released “Red Rose Speedway,” which included “My Love,” President Nixon had announced the resignation of Halderman, Ehrlichman, and my then 16 year-old mother was about to tell my grandmother about the coming of my birth...

New Outlook

Author: Alfred Emanuel Smith





View: 388

The Wrong Girl

Author: Hank Phillippi Ryan

Publisher: Forge Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 868

Award-winning and Boston Globe bestselling author Hank Phillippi Ryan presents a spine-chilling, heart-wrenching suspense novel that explores a terrifying scenario striking at the heart of every family. Does a respected adoption agency have a frightening secret? Tipped off by a determined ex-colleague on a desperate quest to find her birth mother, Boston newspaper reporter Jane Ryland begins to suspect that the agency is engaging in the ultimate betrayal—reuniting birth parents with the wrong children. For detective Jake Brogan and his partner, a young woman's brutal murder seems a sadly predictable case of domestic violence, one that results in two toddlers being shuttled into the foster care system. Then Jake finds an empty cradle at the murder scene. Where is the baby who should have been sleeping there? Jane and Jake are soon on a trail full of twists and turns that takes them deep into the heart of a foster care system in crisis and threatens to blow the lid off an adoption agency scandal. When the threatening phone calls start, Jane knows she is on the right track...but with both a killer at large and an infant missing, time is running out.... The Wrong Girl is a riveting novel of familial relationships—both known and unknown—vile greed, senseless murder, and the ultimate in deception. What if you didn't know the truth about your own family? The Wrong Girl is the winner of the 2013 Agatha Award for best contemporary novel. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The Wrong Turn

Author: Pawan Jain

Publisher: Tate Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 297

View: 954

Set in the turbulent days of the Indian Independence struggle against the British Raj, The Wrong Turn recreates the life in the colonial days, its limitations and prejudices and the communal strife between the Hindus and the Muslims who lived as two separate societies living side by side with each other but with little or no interaction between the two. As a young girl, Chandrakala was pampered by her father. She was admired for her charm and beauty. After her marriage she could not cope with her husband's modest means and she moved back to her father's house contrary to traditions. Chandrakala struggled against all odds with the help of her secret admirer and lover, Ajit, who stood by her in her fight for survival in a callous world as she loses her husband and sons and is left out cold and alone with little to hold on to. The world around her is moving fast and forward, but she seemed to be struck in her own predicament. Pawan Jain takes us to the past century and reminds us of the struggle against the paramount power armed with just Ahimsa and non-violence. The Wrong Turn has a lot to offer for both the Indian and Non-Indian readers, in understanding India of the past and the present. He has expounded the communal relationships without regard to the political correctness when he questions the partition of India along the religious and communal lines.

Barefoot in Babylon

The Creation of the Woodstock Music Festival, 1969

Author: Bob Spitz

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Music

Page: 480

View: 710

The perfect gift for music fans and anyone fascianated by Woodstock, Barefoot in Babylon is an in-depth look at the making of 1969’s Woodstock Music Festival—one of Rolling Stone’s “50 Moments That Changed the History of Rock and Roll.” “Mr. Spitz feeds us every riveting detail of the chaos that underscored the festival. It makes for some out-a-sight reading, man.”—The New York Times Book Review Fifty years ago, the Woodstock Music Festival defined a generation. Yet, there was much more than peace and love driving that long weekend the summer of 1969. In Barefoot in Babylon, journalist and New York Times bestselling author Bob Spitz gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Woodstock, from its inception and the incredible musicians that performed to its scandals and the darker side of the peace movement. With a new introduction, as well as maps, set lists, and a breakdown of all the personalities involved, Barefoot in Babylon is a must-read for anyone who was there—or wishes they were.


Author: Connie Willis

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 455

It's the Hollywood of the future, where movie-making has been computerized and live-action films are a thing of the past. It's a Hollywood where Humphrey Bogart and Marilyn Monroe are starring together in A Star is Born, and if you don't like the ending, you can change it with the stroke of a key. A Hollywood of warmbodies and sim-sex, of drugs and special effects, where anything is possible. Except for what one starry-eyed young woman wants to do: dance in the movies. It's an impossible dream, but Alis is not willing to give up. With a little magic and a lot of luck, she just might get her happy ending after all.