The War the Women Lived

Author: Walter Sullivan

Publisher: J.S. Sanders Books


Category: History

Page: 352

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Selections from the Civil War diaries and memoirs of twenty-three Southern women form an account of the war as it was lived and endured on the domestic front in the South.

The War on Women

Author: Sue Lloyd-Roberts

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Social Science

Page: 320

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‘She showed great courage and commitment in reporting from Burma and exemplified my belief that the best journalists are also the nicest’ – Aung San Suu Kyi ‘One of the most distinguished television journalists of her generation’ – Huw Edwards ‘Brilliant and indefatigable’ – Jeremy Bowen ‘She had something you call moral courage and it rubbed off on others’ – David Aaronovitch ‘She set the standard for bravery in many of the world’s nastiest places’ – John Fisher Burns, New York Times ‘She went to dangerous places to give a voice to people who otherwise would not be heard’ – Tony Hall, BBC Director General In 1973, Sue Lloyd-Roberts joined ITN as a news trainee and went on to be one of the UK's first video-journalists to report from the bleak outposts of the Soviet Union. Travelling as a tourist, she also gained access to some of the world’s most impenetrable places like China, Tibet and Burma. During her 40-year-long career she witnessed the worst atrocities inflicted on women across the world. But in observing first-hand the war on the female race she also documented their incredible determination to fight back. The War on Women brings to life the inconceivable and dangerous life Sue led. It tells the story of orphan Mary Merritt who, age sixteen, instead of being released from the care of nuns was interned by them in a Magdalen Laundry and forced to work twelve hours a day six days a week, without pay, for over a decade. She gives voice to Maimouna, the woman responsible for taking over her mother’s role as the village female circumciser in The Gambia and provides a platform for the 11-year-old Manemma, who was married off in Jaipur at the age of six. From the gender pay gap in Britain to forced marriage in Kashmir and from rape as a weapon of war to honour killings, Sue has examined humankind’s history and takes us on a journey to analyse the state of women’s lives today. Most importantly she acts as a mouthpiece for the brave ones; the ones who challenge wrongdoing; the ones who show courage no matter how afraid they are; the ones who are combatting violence across the globe; the ones who are fighting back. Sue sadly died in 2015, shortly after writing this book, today she is widely recognised as one of the most acclaimed television journalists of her generation. This book is the small tribute to the full and incredible life she lived and through it these women’s voices are still being heard.

While the Women Only Wept

Loyalist Refugee Women in Eastern Ontario

Author: Janice Potter-MacKinnon

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP


Category: History

Page: 199

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Janice Potter-MacKinnon traces the story of Loyalist women through their lives in the American colonies before the revolution, their experience as Loyalists living in a society increasingly antagonistic to the British Crown, their forced exodus from the colonies in the late 1770s and early 1780s, and their eventual settlement around present-day Kingston in Eastern Ontario. Potter-MacKinnon argues that the importance of the women's endeavours was obscured in the historical record because most accounts of the Loyalist experience were provided by Loyalist men attempting to explain to themselves how they had come to be exiled. She documents the women's vital services to the Crown in providing information and refuge to Loyalist lighters, maintaining open communication with Native allies, and helping provision the Loyalist forces. When the Loyalists sought to recoup their losses from the British government, however, these same women were depicted as weak supplicants who deserved help from the British government not for their deeds but because of their weakness and suffering. While the Women Only Wept contributes an important new perspective to Loyalist literature and adds a further chapter to women's history.

Great War and Women's Consciousness

Images of Militarism and Womanhood

Author: Claire M. Tylee

Publisher: Springer


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 293

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The literary memory of the Great War is dominated by the writings of Sassoon and Owen, Graves and Blunden. The voice is a male voice. This book is a study of what women wrote about militarism and world war 1

After the War, the Women Spoke

Author: Katia Hage




Page: 40

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These poems tell the story of two generations of women: the first was the one who lived its adult life in the war, the latter are the children of these women, who lived their childhood in the traumatizing experience. Born in Cameroun, raised in Lebanon during the civil War, Katia Aoun Hage moved to the United States where she resides with her husband and three children. Graduated from the University of Redlands with a Masters in Music Education, Katia is not a stranger in the Inland Empire's art scene of Southern California. She has collaborated with choreographer Sofia Carrera at Riverside Community College, performed poetry and music at California State University San Bernardino, displayed her artwork at Art for Heaven's Sake and performed music in local venues. Katia Aoun Hage listens deeply to the voices inside, of her own people and hers, becoming a bridge between past and present, east and west, through her poetry, translations and artwork.

Women in the American Civil War

Author: Lisa Tendrich Frank

Publisher: ABC-CLIO


Category: History

Page: 631

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Presents both general information and biographies about women and their roles in the American Civil War, describing the lives of nurses, writers, abolitionists, war widows, spies, and rural and urban women on both sides of the conflict.

Women and the Great War

Femininity under Fire in Italy

Author: A. Belzer

Publisher: Springer


Category: History

Page: 271

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Drawing on both wartime discourse about women and the voices of individual women living at the Italian Front, Allison Belzer analyzes how women participated in the Great War and how it affected them. The Great War transformed women into purveyors and recipients of a new feminine ideal that emphasized their status as national citizens. Although Italian women did not gain the vote, they did encounter a less empowering form of female citizenship just after the war ended with Mussolini's Fascism. Because of the Great War, many women seized the opportunity to participate in a society that continued to recognize them as guardians of the nation.

"Our Women in the War."

The Lives They Lived; the Deaths They Died. From the Weekly News Ad Courier, Charleston, S.C. ...

Author: News and Courier, Charleston, S.C.



Category: Confederate States of America

Page: 482

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The Front Line Runs Through Every Woman

Women & Local Resistance in the Zimbabwean Liberation War

Author: Eleanor O'Gorman

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer Ltd


Category: Literary Collections

Page: 192

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"Communal Area of Chiweshe, 80 kilometres north of Harare"--P. 7.

The War Between Men and Women

Proof of Man's Authority over Woman and Woman's Control over Man

Author: Ivory Simion

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Self-Help

Page: 191

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There is no other book on the market today that explains why men and women act and react to each other the way they do. Control is why there is so much conflict between the two genders. Who will control the other. The War Between Men and Women presents proof of man's authority over woman and woman control over man. Within these pages is why man was given authority over woman, as well as, why woman was given control over man. This book reveals to men their obligations and responsibilities that come with authority and how to properly govern his family using compassion and understanding. This book shall reveal to women their real power and control over man to keep man from abusing his authority. Secrets that were forgotten or deliberately hidden from women to reduce or remove her control over man. This book explores the diversions and other interest that man and woman have that interferes with men and women relationships and causes both of them to seek companionship in other arenas, and to ponder the question of whether or not a person is better off living alone in this society instead of living in conflict and chaos with a mate. This book discusses the different outside influences that affect men and women relationships with each other, that causes men and women to be violent towards each other. The book examines the deep psychological reasons behind, why certain women do not want certain men, and the hate that they have for themselves and everybody that looks like them. This book also gives information on how each gender can improve themselves to become appealing to the opposite sex. In all, this book gives men and women real weapons to fight with in this war between men and women. Weapons that each gender can use to " win " this eternal battle between the sexes and completely dominate or control their mate. It reveal to men, what they need to have the authority over women and, what women needs to control their men. But that's not all. This book presents a third course of action, that have not been explored by the genders, in a long time, that offers a possible solution to the eternal battle between man and woman. A solution that can finally end, the war between men and women. This book, The War Between Men and Women, is thee most thought provoking and provocative book in America today.