All or Nothing, The Victor Page Story

Author: C. Bruce Johonson

Publisher: eBooks2go


Category: Sports & Recreation


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When he left Georgetown University, Victor Page was headed to the NBA with a "can't miss" label on his jersey; But Victor Page's pro career was soon blown apart. The violent streets that killed his mother and father were also calling Victor and eventually they got him. Until "All or Nothing, The Victor Page Story, no one has been able to uncover the secrets of what really happened to this incredible basketball prospect. Bruce Johnson is the first reporter to get Page to give up the good and the incredible bad events! When they recruited Page to the prestigious university and legendary basketball program, neither John Thompson nor the Georgetown University administration saw this tragedy coming. Or did they? Some argue that the kids from DC's streets had no place at Georgetown University in the first place. That Victor Page was lethal from the start! Others argue that Page was the kind of project that the Jesuit school was meant to take on!

Reading Skills Mini-Lessons

Author: Sara Gruver

Publisher: Teacher Created Resources


Category: Education

Page: 96

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Provides 26 detailed mini-lesson plans that concentrate on one skill or strategy at a time, including context clues, prediction, and main idea.

The Oxford Group and Alcohols Anonymous

Author: Dick B

Publisher: First Edition Design Pub.


Category: Religion

Page: 140

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The definitive work on Frank Buchman's Oxford Group and its links to Alcoholics Anonymous in New York and Akron. The 28 spiritual Oxford Group principles that impacted on A.A. are, for the first time, laid out for all to compare with A.A.

Advanced Subsidiary Psychology

Approaches and Methods

Author: Christine Brain

Publisher: Nelson Thornes


Category: Psychology

Page: 320

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The first book of two, Advanced Subsidiary Psychology seeks to develop an understanding of the principles of Psychology and to illustrate these by reference examples relevant to students' own interests and experience. Fully in line with the AS Edexcel specifications, Book 1 covers the first three units of the award and provides a thorough preparation for the AS examination.

Britain’s Cold War Bombers

Author: Tim McLelland

Publisher: Fonthill Media


Category: History


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Britain’s Cold War Bombers explores the creation and development of the jet bomber, tracing the emergence of the first jet designs (the Valiant and Vulcan) through to the first-generation jets which entered service with the R.A.F. and Fleet Air Arm. Each aircraft type will be examined, looking at how the design was created and how this translated into an operational aircraft. The basic development and service history of each type will be examined, with a narrative which links the linear appearance of each new design, leading to the present day and the latest generation of Typhoon aircraft. Other aircraft types explored will include the Canberra, Sperrin, Victor, Scimitar, Buccaneer, Nimrod, Phantom, Sea Harrier, Jaguar, Tornado GR1/4 and Typhoon. Illustrations: 200 black-and-white and 50 color photographs

The Victor book of the opera

stories of seventy grand operas with three hundred illustrations & descriptions of seven hundred Victor opera records

Author: Victor Talking Machine Company



Category: Operas

Page: 375

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The victor within

an extraordinary story of optimism, tenacity & sheer determination

Author: Victor Vermeulen



Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 112

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Children's Books about Religion

Author: Patricia Pearl Dole

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited


Category: Education

Page: 230

View: 104

This guide makes it easier than ever to find quality children's books that focus directly on religious themes or characters. Dole offers more than 675 critical evaluations of recently published (since 1990) materials, covering everything from folktales and prose to poetry and plays. Grades PreK-8.

Let Love be the Victor

Author: Jack R. McClellan

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: History

Page: 364

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Fearful lest she be charged with murder, Patience flees her home for a haven in Exeter. After three years she perfected skills as a seamstress, grows into a beautiful young lady with alluring eyes and is hired by a wealthy lady to be a companion. Patience is taken to a mansion in Cornwall which is, alas, her former home. She becomes aware of an illicit business, learns of murders, participates in intrigues, aid revenge and experiences the plague and the Great Fire of London. She is romanced by challenging young men until a true love becomes the victor.


Author: Emma Griffiths

Publisher: Taylor & Francis


Category: History

Page: 147

View: 648

Giving access to the latest critical thinking on the subject, Medea is a comprehensive guide to sources that paints a vivid portrait of the Greek sorceress Medea, famed in myth for the murder of her children after she is banished from her own home and replaced by a new wife. Emma Griffiths brings into focus previously unexplored themes of the Medea myth, and provides an incisive introduction to the story and its history. Studying Medea's 'everywoman' status – one that has caused many intricacies of her tale to be overlooked – Griffiths places the story in ancient and modern context and reveals fascinating insights into ancient Greece and its ideology, the importance of life, the role of women and the position of the outsider. In clear, user-friendly terms, the book situates the myth within analytical frameworks such as psychoanalysis, and Griffiths highlights Medea's position in current classical study as well as her lasting appeal.