The Oxford Handbook of American Drama

Author: Jeffrey H. Richards

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Drama

Page: 568

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This volume explores the history of American drama from the eighteenth to the twentieth century. It describes origins of early republican drama and its evolution during the pre-war and post-war periods. It traces the emergence of different types of American drama including protest plays, reform drama, political drama, experimental drama, urban plays, feminist drama and realist plays. This volume also analyzes the works of some of the most notable American playwrights including Eugene O'Neill, Tennessee Williams, and Arthur Miller and those written by women dramatists.

In the Way of Development

Indigenous Peoples, Life Projects and Globalization

Author: Mario Blaser

Publisher: Zed Books Ltd.


Category: Social Science

Page: 384

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A collaboration between indigenous leaders, social activists and scholars from a wide range of disciplines, In the Way of Development explores the current situation of indigenous peoples enmeshed in the remorseless expansion of the modern economy. The volume assembles a rich diversity of statements, case studies and wider thematic explorations all starting with indigenous peoples as actors, not victims. The accounts come primarily from North America, but include also studies from South America, and the former Soviet Union. In the Way of Development shows how the boundaries between indigenous peoples' organizations, civil society, the state, markets, development and the environment are ambiguous and constantly changing. This fact makes local political agency possible, but also, ironically, opens the possibility of undermining it.

Twenty-First Century American Playwrights

Author: Christopher Bigsby

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Literary Criticism


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The early years of the twenty-first century saw several losses for the American theatre but also marked the emergence of a new generation of exciting playwrights. In this book, Christopher Bigsby explores the work of nine of these developing talents, and the importance of issues including race, gender and politics for their writing. Increasingly, these new figures are gaining their reputations not on Broadway but in small theatres and small towns or even abroad, bringing fresh and diverse perspectives to contemporary American drama. With a focus on female writers and on issues of personal and public identity in contemporary society, this volume investigates the styles and techniques these playwrights favour, the themes they raise, and their role in a changing America and a changing world.

Agriculture of Vermont

... Biennial Report of the Commissioner of Agriculture of the State of Vermont

Author: Vermont. Dept. of Agriculture



Category: Agriculture


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The following reports are also included: Report of the State Forester, 1909-1916/18; Thirty-ninth- eighty-fourth annual meeting of the Vermont Dairymen's Association, 1909-1956/57; Annual report of the Vermont State Horticultural Society, 1908- ; Proceedings of the annual meeting of the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers' Association, 1909- .

The Laws of Vermont, of a Publick and Permanent Nature

Coming Down To, and Including, the Year 1824. To which are Prefixed, the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitutions of the United States and of Vermont

Author: Vermont



Category: Law

Page: 756

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Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator

A Practical Manual

Author: L. Bing Liem

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Medical

Page: 208

View: 488

ICD therapy has become the standard form of treatment for ventricular tachyarrhythmias. With clinical data showing its efficacy in both secondary and primary prevention of premature sudden death, its use is likely to increase dramatically in the next decade. Technological advancement has been instrumental in simplifying ICD implantation. However, technical additions to the device have also made its scope of functions more complex. In addition to providing rapid and effective therapy for ventricular tachycardia and fibrillation, the ICD is now capable of providing a full spectrum dual-chamber pacing as well as therapies for atrial fibrillation. Soon, it will also be able to provide treatment for congestive heart failure using multi-site ventricular pacing and provide continuous hemodynamic monitoring. This book serves as an introductory text to those who are relatively new to this technology. In its manual form, it outlines the pertinent components of ICD functions and the basic differences among the various models. It provides practical points in ICD implantation, and in its programming and trouble-shooting.