The Unlikely Art of Parental Pressure

A Positive Approach to Pushing Your Child to Be Their Best Self

Author: Dr. Christopher Thurber

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Education

Page: 288

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The Right Kind of Parental Pressure Puts Kids on a Path to Success. The Wrong Kind Can Be Disastrous. Level up your parenting with this positive approach to pushing your child to be their best self. Parents instinctively push their kids to succeed. Yet well-meaning parents can put soul-crushing pressure on kids, leading to under-performance and serious mental health problems instead of social, emotional, and academic success. So where are they going astray? According to Drs. Chris Thurber and Hendrie Weisinger, it all comes down to asking the right question. Instead of “How much pressure?”, you should be thinking “How do I apply pressure?” The Unlikely Art of Parental Pressure addresses the biggest parenting dilemma of all time: how to push kids to succeed and find happiness in a challenging world without pushing them too far. The solution lies in Thurber and Weisinger’s eight methods for transforming harmful pressure to healthy pressure. Each transformation is enlivened by case studies, grounded in research, and fueled by practical strategies that you can start using right away. By upending conventional wisdom, Thurber and Weisinger provide you with the revolutionary guide you need to nurture motivation, improve your interactions with your child, build deep connections, sidestep cultural pitfalls, and, ultimately, help your kids become their best selves.

The Unlikely Art of Parental Pressure: A Positive Approach to Pushing Your Child to Be Their Best Self

Author: Chris Thurber

Publisher: Hachette Go


Category: Education

Page: 288

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How parents can guide their kids on a path to success -- while avoiding burnout. It's a tough world out there and, in order to succeed, kids need to learn how to perform under pressure. But how can parents foster that resilience at a time when kids are already more stressed out and anxious than ever before? The Unlikely Art of Parental Pressure addresses one of the biggest dilemmas for today's parents: Parental Pressure. While other resources exist for parents to recognize the symptoms of stress and meltdowns in their young kids and teens, Chris Thurber and Hendrie Weisinger show how prevention is an even better tool. They uncover what falls under negative, dysfunctional parental pressure so that parents can stop themselves from falling into that "Parental Pressure Paradox" trap. Thurber and Weisinger reveal case studies and concrete parent-child communication strategies, along with analysis on how to improve that communication that is positive in key ways: improvement oriented, interactive, unconditional love and protection of self-esteem.

Really Care for Them

How Everyone Can Use the Power of Caring to Earn Trust, Grow Sales, and Increase Income. No Matter What You Sell or Who You Sell It To

Author: Mareo McCracken

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

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The true secret to success in sales is caring. Caring for others, caring for results, caring for growth. Those who care the most, sell the most. Really Care For Them is for those who want to learn to do sales the right way with the most success as fast as possible. It helps readers escape adversarial, competitive, self-destructive sales behavior by developing a collaborative, trust-based approach to selling in a way that builds value and trust. Many sales books teach what to do, Really Care For Them teaches how to do it. Everyone can learn skills and scripts; the real differentiator is the salesperson and how they sell. Packed with only the most important information, behaviors, and characteristics that enable personal and professional growth, Really Care For Them is the first book every salesperson needs to read. It demonstrates what the top performers do in an accessible, easy to understand format and makes it easier to learn to sell without reading tons of extra words, boring theories, and outdated ideas. Really Care For Them inspires growth, creativity, compassion, accountability, and courage.

Strategic Project Management Made Simple

Solution Tools for Leaders and Teams

Author: Terry Schmidt

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

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Learn to plan and execute projects in any organization with this practical and insightful resource The comprehensively updated and revised edition of Strategic Project Management Made Simple cements this series’ status as the leading resource for anyone looking for step-by-step guidance on project design and action initiatives. Written by celebrated management consultant Terry Schmidt, this book fully covers the necessity of systems thinking and the logical framework approach to solve today’s challenging problems. Strategic Project Management Made Simple also includes: An expanded section on turning ideas, problems, and opportunities into projects A newly created chapter on managing your “inner game” to achieve project excellence Fresh case studies that cover how to pivot your business to meet changing needs A new approach, Iterating to Excellence, to create your Minimum Viable Project and produce solutions smoother and faster Strategic Project Management Made Simple, Revised and Updated is an indispensable volume for leaders and workers seeking to transform their approach to planning, driving, and executing projects in their organizations.

Unsuspected Genius

The Art and Life of Frank Duveneck

Author: Robert Neuhaus

Publisher: Bedford Arts


Category: Art

Page: 184

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Traces the life of the neglected American artist, shows a selection of his portraits, landscapes, and nudes, and reassesses his place in modern art

The Encyclopaedic Dictionary

A New & Original Work of Reference to All the Words in the English Language, with a Full Account of Their Origin, Meaning, Pronunciation, & Use






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The Encyclopædic Dictionary

A New, and Original Work of Reference to All the Words in the English Language with a Full Account of Their Origin, Meaning, Pronounciation, and Use

Author: Robert Hunter



Category: Encyclopedias and dictionaries

Page: 400

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