The Ultimate Hang

Hammock Camping Illustrated


Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform


Category: Camping

Page: 344

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"Get off the rocks, roots, and slugs and discover your best sleep, whether at home, thru-hiking the AT or relaxing at your local park. More people are discovering the comfort, and versatility that hammocks provide--a comfortable mattress you can hang virtually anywhere. This book gives recommendations on picking your first hammock and getting a perfect hang, along with advanced topics like how to stay dry, warm, and bug free. Plus, it illustrates techniques and tips to get the most out of a hammock, along with do-it-yourself projects."--Page [4] of cover.

The Ultimate Hiker's Gear Guide, Second Edition

Tools and Techniques to Hit the Trail

Author: Andrew Skurka

Publisher: National Geographic Books


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 240

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Whether you're a first-time backpacker, an occasional weekend warrior, or a seasoned long-distance trekker, this guide is a must for any backpacking, hiking, or camping trip. Supreme long-distance hiker Andrew Skurka—accomplished adventure athlete, speaker, guide, and writer—shares his knowledge in this essential guide to backpacking gear and skills. Skurka recounts what he's learned from more than 30,000 miles of long-distance hikes, including the Appalachian, Pacific Crest, and Continental Divide Trails, and the 4,700-mile Alaska-Yukon Expedition. A show-and-tell guide to clothing, footwear, backpacks, shelter and sleep systems, camp stoves, and more, as well as tips on foot care, campsite selection, and hiking efficiency, this single book contains all the knowledge you'll need to hit the trail. This second edition features 16 new pages (including food on the trail and other essentials), and updates all gear recommendations.

Joyce's Finnegans Wake

The Curse of Kabbalah

Author: John P. Anderson

Publisher: Universal-Publishers


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 380

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This fifth in a series continues this non-academic author's attempts to decode on a word-by-word basis all of Joyce's Finnegans Wake. This volume covers chapter 2.2, generally considered the most difficult of chapters, with the intent to explore Joyce's novel as an art object. This difficult chapter takes us through the human psychosexual journey of the first 12 years. This journey, critical to the development of the full human spirit, is a pothole-ridden ride from infant dependency at the breast to breezy adolescent independence in puberty, from the stroller to the "hot rod." This Freud induced chapter flags the pot holes along the way and the flats they can cause. The goal of the journey is independence and new possibilities while the flats cancel the trip and the child stays at home. This chapter is known as the "Night Lessons." These Lessons are Night Lessons because they are designed to maintain the night, the darkness that prevents access to the new and previously unknown. These lessons condition their students to lose interest in the realm of the unknown where new possibilities await discovery. As we learn at the end of the chapter, fear of death is the ultimate Night Lesson. Death is the Big Flat. This is TZTZ god school--stay in the dark, stay in the known and stay in the past. Study only what was known in the past. Study each subject separately without regard to connection across subject boundaries. Wear my school uniform, concern for the opinions of others. Stay separated and protected from new possibilities. Stay in the old, in "yesternight." This chapter brings us three courses in the TZTZ effort to protect the known and old from the new: restriction of the enjoyment by children of their early libido experience, choice and organization of knowledge as fed to children, and the allowable relationship of the human soul to god. So the subjects are sex, knowledge and the relation to god. If you think that sounds like Eve's adventure in the Garden of Eden, you are right. The subliminal Lesson Plan in TZTZ god school is to stall and fix psychosexual development in an early and undeveloped stage, teach only and maintain strict boundaries between the old subjects of study, and prevent mankind's direct approach to ES god. As we shall see, this means separation, separation, separation. The Joyce Tikkun tutorial tries to mend together these important areas of human concern. The connecting threads are like the human developments in puberty: increased freedom and courage to unify with those separated off as other from self and the family, the already known. This Joyce effort aims to increase the portion of the united nature of ES god that humans reach in these areas: puberty liberated libido attraction to non-family members, thinking across disciplines and new thoughts, and by reaching for god. In this chapter, the union of man and woman beyond the family is the sacrament of increased possibilities.

Men's Health The Big Book of Uncommon Knowledge

Clever Hacks for Navigating Life with Skill and Swagger!

Author: The Editors of Men's Health

Publisher: Rodale


Category: Reference

Page: 304

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Based on the wildly popular monthly feature "Uncommon Knowledge" in Men's Health magazine, this book is the ultimate reference guide for the man who wants to know how to do everything better. It's a treasure trove of tips, advice, secrets, and wisdom like . . . how to survive a bear attack (or a divorce), grow a salad, woo beautiful women, take a punch, build a tree house, make a signature cocktail, win at anything, whistle with your fingers, talk your way into a raise or out of a ticket, rescue a fair maiden, patch a hole in drywall, catch and cook a bass, lose weight fast, build muscle faster, start a fire with a flashlight . . . Plus: bar tricks, diet hacks, grilling tips, rules for building wealth, sex advice from women, exercises for 6-packs, 10 uses for beer besides drinking, and much, much more! It's everything men should have learned from their dads and favorite uncles, but didn't.






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From the concert stage to the dressing room, from the recording studio to the digital realm, SPIN surveys the modern musical landscape and the culture around it with authoritative reporting, provocative interviews, and a discerning critical ear. With dynamic photography, bold graphic design, and informed irreverence, the pages of SPIN pulsate with the energy of today's most innovative sounds. Whether covering what's new or what's next, SPIN is your monthly VIP pass to all that rocks.

The Ultimate Surprise

Author: Jacqueline P. Jones

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Self-Help

Page: 90

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The Ultimate Surprise will take you on a journey like no other journey you have ever traveled before. First, let me explain what the “ultimate surprise” was. It was a “brain tumor – a Meningioma”. This type of tumor, in most cases, is benign and not cancerous. To be told that you have a brain tumor, cancerous or not, is traumatic. That is the way I felt when I was told that I had a brain tumor. Trust me, when you hear those words, everything else is mute and you can’t hear anything else. The only thought that comes to mind is “Oh My God, a Brain Tumor? You answer to yourself, “Yes, that is what you have”. The next thing you do is brace yourself for what you must still have to face. This book was written to help you through this journey and the many stops you have to take to reach your destination. Your destination starts with meeting your surgeon, having the surgery to eradicate (remove) the ultimate surprise and then you stay on the road to recovery until you feel better. The end of the journey is when you are pain-free and the “ultimate surprise” is just a memory.

The Ultimate Mom

Uplifting Stories, Endearing Photos, and the Best Experts' Tips on the Toughest Job You'll Ever Love

Author: Maria Bailey

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Self-Help

Page: 274

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Ultimate Mom is a moving collection of stories about the joys and hurdles of motherhood, laden with must-know advice from experts about all facets of motherhood--how to discover and polish an emerging parenting style; how to balance passion and hobbies with family; how be an effective mother-father team, and much more. Ultimate Mom offers readers: Practical, time-tested lessons from mothers about how to navigate smoothly through the ups-and-downs of motherhood More than 60 eye-catching photographs, featuring outstanding mothers and the milestones that span generations With insightful stories, practical ideas, sage advice, Ultimate Mom is a great gift book for the Mother's Day book launch.

The Ultimate Book of Top Ten Lists

A Mind-Boggling Collection of Fun, Fascinating and Bizarre Facts on Movies, Music, Sports, Crime, Ce


Publisher: Ulysses Press


Category: Reference

Page: 432

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Breath the Ultimate Secret to Life

Author: M.Rose Windels

Publisher: Balboa Press


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 134

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Millions of books have been written on how to become rich and the secrets on the Law of Attraction. This book gives away the secrets on how to outlive all the possible money in the world in a healthy, beautiful, and enlightened body. With a little chance and a good breath, you might be on your way to be physically alive forever. The tool is nothing else but your own inexpensive breath you always have at hand. If you do at least twenty sessions of conscious, connected breath work, or rebirthing, the art of creative living in harmony with all there is, and this with a professional rebirther, you will learn the ultimate purification technique to live a long, healthy life. In Breath: The Ultimate Secret to Life, you read M. Rose Windels's stories about her clients and rebirthing, conscious connected breathing, different purification techniques, and her vision on being physically alive forever! You meet her clients as they come in and read their interesting stories about their experiences with the process of conscious connected breathing or rebirthing. She goes in depth when she talks about earth, air, water, and fire as tools to keep you healthy. You get the story of a rebirthing session, with her philosophy about death, the philosophy of life, and the eventual ultimate goal of staying physically alive forever. What stops you from also being "ALIVE FOREVER"? Actively practicing the purification techniques can prolong your life.