The Ultimate Guinea Pig Handbook

Help with Caring for Your Furry Friend

Author: Elvio Romeo

Publisher: Elvio Romeo



Page: 66

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Here's just a taste of what you'll discover in "The Ultimate Guinea Pig Handbook": * A complete guide to the guinea pig cage and how to easily maintain a healthy environment. * The 5 things you must do before placing your guinea pig in his new home. * What to feed your guinea pig - and what not to give him! There is a ton of inaccurate info out there. I'll tell you the truth so you never have to wonder again! * The importance of bedding and why this is a crucial component of your cage. I'll tell you what type of bedding to buy and how much to use. * How to choose a healthy guinea pig from the store -- there are little known things to look for that the pet store owner's don't want you to know! * The surefire signs of guinea pig illness that will tell you if your guinea pig needs medical attention. * Why a specific type of bedding - frequently recommended - is actually extremely dangerous for your guinea pig. It's known to cause respiratory problems. * A complete guide to all the accessories your guinea pig needs to be happy in his new home. * A complete guinea pig first aid kit. This is an important one! The supplies in this kit just may save your guinea pig's life! * Where you should never place your guinea pig cage in your house. Put it here and it just might kill him! * How to tell if your guinea pig is running a fever. The proper body temperature for a guinea pig (you may be surprised to learn what it is!). * What's the proper heart rate for your guinea pig? The Ultimate Guinea Pig Handbook will tell you. * All about feeding your guinea pig, including tips on varying his diet to make sure his intestinal tract stays healthy. * The importance of quarantine cage and how to set one up. * An entire chapter devoted to breeding your guinea pigs -- step-by-step instructions from start to finish. and much more !

Jack Hanna's Ultimate Guide to Pets

Author: Jack Hanna

Publisher: Perigee


Category: Pets

Page: 256

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A guide to pet selection, care, and feeding also provides tips on choosing a veterinarian and training a pet

Pet Grooming: The Ultimate Guide

Author: David Burgess

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


Category: Pets


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So Fido is getting a little scruffy. Pet grooming professionals are very expensive and sometimes you will not get the desired results that you wish and first place. Home pet grooming has become a fad in the last 10 years. The question asked most by the novice pet groomer is exactly where do you get pet grooming supplies? You'll need a variety of clippers, scissors, brushes, and combs. The supplies you need vary with the type of dog you have and whether that dog has long or short hair. The thickness of the coat is important because some clippers may cause pain or irritation to your animal. Discover everything you need to know by grabbing a copy of this ebook today.

TV's M*A*S*H: The Ultimate Guide Book

Author: Ed Solomonson

Publisher: BearManor Media


Category: Performing Arts


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Prepare yourselves, M*A*S*H fans, for the most comprehensive book on the show ever written. Written by fans and for fans, this book covers material never covered in previous books. Aside from an astounding amount of researched info for nearly every episode of the series, this book covers every aspect of the show from the opening theme to the production codes, including a season by season analysis. But even more importantly, there is fresh commentary from over 45 MASH alumni who were contacted just for this book with never-before published experiences and anecdotes. With a foreword and all new M*A*S*H dialogue by Larry Gelbart, a "History of MASH" with commentary by William Self and even more interviews and commentary from most major players, the original producers, writers, directors, guest stars, a technical adviser for William Christopher's character and even a stunt man, we think you'll find this to be "The B*E*S*T Book Anywhere"!!

The Ultimate Handbook

Author: Samantha Brooke

Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 64

View: 252

A comprehensive guide to the second batch of Littlest Pet Shop pets features photos and descriptions of more than eighty pets. Original.

Handbook of Microbiological Quality Control in Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

Author: Rosamund M. Baird

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Medical

Page: 280

View: 795

Microbiologists working in both the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, face considerable challenges in keeping abreast of the myriad microbiological references available to them, and the continuously evolving regulatory requirements. The Handbook of Microbiological Quality Control provides a unique distillation of such material, by providing a wealth of microbiological information not only on the practical issues facing the company microbiologist today, but also the underlying principles of microbiological quality assurance. All the chapters have been written by leading experts in this field. The Handbook of Microbiological Quality Control provides guidance on safe microbiological practices, including laboratory design and sampling techniques. The design storage, use and quality control of microbiological culture is considered in depth. Principles of enumeration and identification of micro-organisms, using both traditional and rapid methods as well as the pharmacopoeial methods for the detection of specified organisms, are elaborated in detail. Guidance is given on laboratory methods supporting the sterility assurance system: sterility testing, bioburden testing, the use of biological indicators and environmental monitoring methods, as well as methods for detecting and quantifying endotoxins. Pharmacopoeial methods for microbiological assay and preservative efficacy testing are reviewed. Problems for those involved in disinfection and cleansing techniques and microbiological audit are discussed from a practical viewpoint. Finally, a number of pertinent case studies and worked examples illustrate problems highlighted in the text. The Handbook of Microbiological Quality Control is the essential reference source for the professional microbiologist.