The Truth about Cremation

Secrets They Don't Want You to Know

Author: Corey Strauch

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Over the decades, trends in funeral services have indicated the ebb and flow of exactly how families view the end of life. In the past, Corey Strauch's family has offered services based on the customers' desires and beliefs-something that continues to change over time. Today is no different and another shift in what families want and need is changing with regard to cremation. Corey has a passion to help with today's changing needs, just as his family has demonstrated time and again. In this book, Corey outlines how he developed a new cremation specific business to ensure that he will exceed expectations in delivering the highest quality in meeting these wants and needs. He outlines all of the truths about choosing cremation and debunks many of the misconceptions. Choosing cremation and the options that surround it has never been easier. The Truth About Cremation: The Secrets "They" Don't Want You To Know will help you understand all of your options and will help you make the best possible choices for your end of life options or for those of a loved one.

The Truth about Death and Dying

Author: Karen Meyers

Publisher: Infobase Publishing


Category: Bereavement

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Offers clear and concise information and covers the many issues, feelings, and processes that relate to death and dying.

Cremation of the Dead

Author: William Eassie

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform


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Shortly after having accepted, from the members of the Council of the Cremation Society of London, the office of Secretary, a wish was expressed to me by the President of the Metropolitan Branch of the British Medical Association, that I should prepare a paper upon the Bearings of Cremation upon Public Health. A short paper, with this title, was therefore read, and was afterwards published in the Journal of the Association by the Editor, Mr. Ernest Hart. It was so favourably received by all, that I have been induced to extend my enquiries and so render the work, if possible, more acceptable as an exposition of the subject. I am sensible of its many defects, but I trust that it will be found to furnish some useful information which cannot well be obtained elsewhere, besides proving an assistance to those who are desirous of studying the question more fully.

Modern Cremation; Its History and Practice

With Information Relating to the Recently Improved Arrangements Made by the Cremation Society of England

Author: Sir Henry Thompson



Category: Cremation

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The Cremation of the Dead

Considered from an Aesthetic, Sanitary, Religious, Historical, Medico-legal, and Economical Standpoint

Author: Hugo Erichsen



Category: Cremation

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History of Modern Cremation in Romania

Author: Marius Rotar

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing


Category: History

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Cremation, as a means of managing the post-mortem body, was reintroduced to Europe at the end of the eighteenth century, but would not become common practice until the second half of the nineteenth century. This was a major development, with multifaceted implications which generated heated debate. Initially, armed with a variety of arguments (hygienic, economic, aesthetic, and philosophical arguments citing freedom of conscience and will) the advocates of modern cremation – who tended to come from the social and cultural elite – sought to impose their new model. This brought them into conflict with the traditional structures and patterns of burial, and thus with the Church, which had of course originally ended the practice of cremation. The present study is a history of cremation in Romania, beginning with the emergence of cremationist ideas in 1867 and taking the reader up to the present day. It analyses the following key periods: the second half of the nineteenth century and early twentieth century, the Interwar period (Romania then being the first Orthodox country in the world to possess a crematorium, which provoked a vehement reaction against cremation on part of the Orthodox Church), the Communist period (when no new crematoria were built even though the Communist regime proclaimed itself to be atheist), and the post-Communist period.

Encyclopedia of Cremation

Author: Lewis H. Mates

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Religion

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The Encyclopedia of Cremation is the first major reference resource focused on cremation. Spanning many world cultures it documents regional histories, ideological movements and leading individuals that fostered cremation whilst also presenting cremation as a universal practice. Tracing ancient and classical cremation sites, historical and contemporary cremation processes and procedures of both scientific and legal kind, the encyclopedia also includes sections on specific cremation rituals, architecture, art and text. Features in the volume include: a general introduction and editorial introductions to sub-sections by Douglas Davies, an international specialist in death studies; appendices of world cremation statistics and a chronology of cremation; cross-referencing pathways through the entries via the index; individual entry bibliographies; and illustrations. This major international reference work is also an essential source book for students on the growing number of death-studies courses and wider studies in religion, anthropology or sociology.


Author: Leicester Literary & Philosophical Society



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Author: Howard Andrew Millet Henderson




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Maryland Medical Journal




Category: Medicine


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Vols. for include the Proceedings of the Medical and chirurgical faculty of Maryland.

A Summer in Alaska

A Popular Account of the Travels of an Alaska Exploring Expedition Along the Great Yukon River, from Its Source to Its Mouth, in the British North-west Territory, and in the Territory of Alaska

Author: Frederick Schwatka

Publisher: St. Louis, Mo. : J.W. Henry


Category: Alaska

Page: 418

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Enlarged edition of "Along Alaska's great river" (New York, 1885).

Burial Or Cremation

Does It Matter?

Author: Donald Howard

Publisher: Banner of Truth


Category: Religion

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How should Christians dispose of the bodies of their loved ones after death? Does the Bible give us authoritative guidance on this question, or are we free to decide on the basis of pragmatic arguments, or even personal taste? Donald Howard is convinced that the Scriptures do give a clear answer to this question: 'Burial alone has the endorsement of God's Word, and that Word, not tradition, sentiment or custom, must direct us in both our living and our dying. It is the writer's firm belief that burial alone gives specific testimony to the Christian doctrine of the resurrection of the dead.' The author traces the history of burial through the Old Testament to the culminating example of Christ's burial and resurrection, discusses the practice of cremation in the modern world, and gives wise counsel on the need to grieve and to plan for our own funeral. His whole approach is based on the glorious privilege of being united to Christ in His death, burial and resurrection.

Medical Record

Author: George Frederick Shrady



Category: Medicine


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