Baby Bear Climbs a Tree

Author: Beverley Randell

Publisher: Nelson Australia


Category: Bears

Page: 16

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Baby Bear and Mother Bear go into the forest to gather nuts. Unfortunately, the squirrels have been there first! However, Baby Bear's tree climbing skills allow him to climb high enough to shake the nuts down to Mother Bear.

Baby Bear Climbs a Tree

Author: Beverley Randell

Publisher: Rigby


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 16

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Nelson Thornes Framework English


Author: Geoff Reilly

Publisher: Nelson Thornes


Category: Education

Page: 160

View: 380

The aim of Nelson Thornes Framework English is to develop students' confidence and achievement in writing. With its unique range of rich fiction and non-fiction texts, and comprehensive coverage of the core skills, Nelson Thornes Framework English Skills in Fiction and Non-Fiction targets students doing well in years 7-10.

When Bears Attack

Close Encounters of the Terrifying Kind

Author: Joseph B. Healy

Publisher: Skyhorse


Category: Nature

Page: 224

View: 459

A great collection of bear attack true stories for hikers, hunters, and all who venture into the outdoors. Bears are one of nature’s apex predators, gentle and fuzzy to watch from a distance, fierce and unpredictable when aroused—and then it’s too late for humans to escape a dangerous, fearsome, or fatal encounter. In this collection, we gather the most thrilling and frightening bear-attack stories of the past few decades. Grizzlies, brown bears, black bears—and their unfortunate encounters with humans. This is what happens—When Bears Attack. Joseph B. Healy takes a closer look at some of the notable bear attacks of recent history in order to determine their causes, evaluate what happened, and appreciate the raw power—and danger—of mother nature. He tells tales of hikers enjoying weekend camping trips as well as workers going about their daily routines. Follow along as the victims’ lives are disrupted by bears, and see how survivors were forced to think and act in the moment to stay alive. As modern life continues to encroach on the wilderness, encounters between bears and humans will only increase. Learn about the outcome of these feral clashes in When Bears Attack.

Bear Tales for the Ages

From Alaska and Beyond

Author: Larry Kaniut

Publisher: Larry Kaniut


Category: Nature

Page: 256

View: 527

Collector of bear lore for nearly half a century, author Larry Kaniut has chosen these tales and legends for their focus on the wisdom of bears and the strength of the human spirit in encounters with them. An Alaskan legend himself, Larry brings together 28 amazing stories of encounters with this four-legged wonder of the woods, spanning the time period from 1816 to 1999.

Jigsaw Jones: The Case of the Bear Scare

Author: James Preller

Publisher: Feiwel & Friends


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 96

View: 362

Featuring friendship, school, family, and a diverse community, these early illustrated chapter book Jigsaw Jones Mysteries from James Preller have it all. Is there a bear loose in the woods by Jigsaw Jones' town? For once this second-grade detective and his partner Mila Yeh might be out of their depth! One way or another, these two young sleuths will get to the bottom of who, or what, is growling and snapping in those woods in The Case of the Bear Scare. James Preller's wry, witty, Jigsaw Jones books are once again available to inspire the next generation of young readers, featuring both new titles and classroom classics!

The Bears of Blue River

Author: Charles Major




Page: 116

View: 221

Reproduction of the original: The Bears of Blue River by Charles Major

Current Opinion

Author: Edward Jewitt Wheeler



Category: Literature


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Kentucky Folktales

Revealing Stories, Truths, and Outright Lies

Author: Mary Hamilton

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky


Category: Social Science

Page: 232

View: 333

The storytelling tradition has long been an important piece of Kentucky history and culture. Folktales, legends, tall tales, and ghost stories hold a special place in the imaginations of inventive storytellers and captive listeners. In Kentucky Folktales: Revealing Stories, Truths, and Outright Lies Kentucky storyteller Mary Hamilton narrates a range of stories with the voice and creativity only a master storyteller can evoke. Hamilton has perfected the art of entrancing an audience no matter the subject of her tales. Kentucky Folktales includes stories about Daniel Boone's ability to single-handedly kill a bear, a daughter who saves her father's land by outsmarting the king, and a girl who uses gingerbread to exact revenge on her evil stepmother, among many others. Hamilton ends each story with personal notes on important details of her storytelling craft, such as where she first heard the story, how it evolved through frequent re-tellings and reactions from audiences, and where the stories take place. Featuring tales and legends from all over the Bluegrass State, Kentucky Folktales captures the expression of Kentucky's storytelling tradition.

Library of Universal Adventure by Sea and Land

Including Original Narratives and Authentic Stories of Personal Prowess and Peril in All the Waters and Regions of the Globe from the Year 79 A.D. to the Year 1888 A.D.

Author: William Dean Howells



Category: Adventure and adventurers

Page: 1023

View: 500

Elementary Lessons

Being a Course of Instruction for the Deaf and Dumb. Pt.I.

Author: Harvey Prindle Peet





View: 378

Elbow Room

A Tale of Tenacity on Kodiak Island, Alaska

Author: D. D. Fisher



Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 197

View: 884

Set on a misty remote island in the Gulf of Alaska, a young couple struggles to establish roots on the rugged mountainous terrain of a small fishing community. From humorous fishing excursions and frightening bear encounters to snow blinding blizzards and quirky characters, they come face to face with the unpredictable Mother Nature and learn the value of friendship, survival, and solitude in a picturesque but harsh life by the sea. Packed with adventures, challenges, and true Alaskan lifestyle.

Jumpstart! Grammar

Games and activities for ages 6 - 14

Author: Pie Corbett

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Education

Page: 234

View: 494

Fully updated to help teachers deal with the new 2016 Grammar Tests, this second edition presents a collection of simple to use, multi-sensory games and activities that will jumpstart pupils’ understanding of grammar in action It includes coverage of the subjunctive and past progressive, selecting which tense is the most definite, identifying when a word is used as a subordinating conjunction/preposition, explaining how a comma can change meaning, and an increased emphasis on the passive. Jumpstart! Grammar will prepare children for any grammar tests on the horizon in an engaging way so that they love playing with words and spinning sentences to make ideas dance. And, of course, they will be able to name the parts if that is what is required. Fun games will focus first on helping children hear the difference various types of grammar can make followed by activities to help them understand what different effects you can create with grammar. Technical terms will only be introduced once the children have established what the various features can do, with a particular focus on those terms that really help children discuss what makes language coherent and effective. This indispensable, practical book celebrates the joys of language and coherent expression; of finding just the right words or phrases to express what you want to say.

Our Western Border

Its Life, Forays, Scouts, Combats, Massacres, Red Chiefs, Adventures, Captivities, Pioneer Women, One Hundred Years Ago




Category: Frontier and pioneer life

Page: 752

View: 700