The Together Leader

Get Organized for Your Success - and Sanity!

Author: Maia Heyck-Merlin

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Education

Page: 464

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His book is focused on helping you think about your own time and your people s time as a manager. This book is about developing tools, habits and systems to effectively and efficiently lead a team. This book is about creating plans for expected work, so we can deal with the unanticipated when it inevitably arises. This book is the nuts and bolts of effective time management in a leadership role: how to weigh the urgent call that comes through against the need to revise staff orientation, how to plan purposefully for a meeting and then follow-up. This stuff matters and no one is teaching it Until now!

The Outward Mindset

How to Change Lives and Transform Organizations

Author: , The Arbinger Institute

Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 208

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The new edition of an international bestseller helps individuals and organizations shift to a new mindset that will improve performance, spark collaboration, accelerate innovation, and make your life and the lives of everyone around you better. Without even being aware of it, many of us operate from an inward mindset, a single-minded focus on our own goals and objectives. This book points out the many ways, some quite subtle and deceptive, that this mindset invites tension and conflict. But incredible things happen when people switch to an outward mindset. They intuitively understand what coworkers, colleagues, family, and friends need to be successful and happy. Their organizations thrive, and astonishingly, by focusing on others they become happier and more successful themselves! This new mindset brings about deep and far-reaching changes. The Outward Mindset presents compelling true stories to illustrate the gaps that individuals and organizations typically experience between their actual inward mindsets and their needed outward mindsets. And it provides simple yet profound guidance and tools to help bridge this mindset gap. This new edition includes a new preface, updated case studies, and new material covering Arbinger's latest research on mindsets. In the long run, changing negative behavior without changing one's mindset doesn't last—the old behaviors always reassert themselves. But changing the mindset that causes the behavior changes everything.

New Outlook

Author: Alfred Emanuel Smith





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ADE Bulletin

Author: Association of Departments of English



Category: English language


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Bible Stories Through the Year

Lectionary Readings for Year A, Retold for Maximum Effect

Author: Bob Hartman

Publisher: Monarch Books


Category: Religion

Page: 256

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Drawing on his extensive experience of engaging young and old alike, master storyteller Bob Hartman takes two readings for each week or special day from the Revised Common Lectionary and shows fresh ways to bring them to life. We all long to enjoy the Bible ' to savour it and taste its sweetness. Yet often we do not do it justice, as there are particular challenges to enjoying it in community, read aloud as part of our worship. Although this is how much of the Bible was originally shared, our experience of hearing it read can often seem far from sweet. To bring the Scriptures to life we need to spend time with the text, tasting and enjoying it ourselves, and understanding what we are presenting and to whom. Then comes the opportunity for creativity to add a spark as we encounter God's word together. Hartman demonstrates this with his characteristic flair.

Parliamentary Debates (Hansard).

House of Commons official report

Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons



Category: Great Britain


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Contains the 4th session of the 28th Parliament through the session of the Parliament.

Borderland Identities

Community, Difference, and Hybridity in (multicultural) Education

Author: Linda Scholl




Page: 212

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