Social Change And Social Control

Author: Rajendra Kumar Sharma

Publisher: Atlantic Publishers & Dist


Category: Social change

Page: 328

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This Book Covers Syllabi In The Papers Social Dynamics; Social Change And Social Control, Prescribed By Indian Universities. Part I On Social Change Includes The Discussion Of Social Change, Social Selection, Theories Of Social Change, Social Development, Social Evolution, Social Revolution And Factors And Sources Of Social Change Including Population; Fashion, Style, Fad And Craze; Education; Culture And Civilization; Social Progress, Social Interaction And Social Processes. Part Ii On Social Control Includes Discussion On Social Organization, Status And Role; Individual, Society And Socialization; Suggestion, Imitation And Sympathy, Meaning, Types And Agencies Of Social Control And Factors And Sources Of Social Control Including Social Groups, Family Group, Political Institutions, Economic Institutions, Religious Institutions, Propaganda, Public Opinion And Social Codes.

Darwinism in the Press

the Evolution of An Idea

Author: Edward Caudill

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 184

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Numerous books and articles have outlined Darwin's impact on American scientists, philosophers, businessmen, and clergy in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Few, however, have undertaken a study of Darwinism in the form in which it was presented to most Americans -- popular newspapers and magazines. The main concern of this book is to identify how the press is treated as a part of our culture - - pointing to its ability to shape and to be shaped by the forces that act on the rest of society and its ability to be critical in the interpretation of ideas for "the masses."

Sociological Theories

Author: N. Jayapalan

Publisher: Atlantic Publishers & Dist



Page: 202

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The Book Deals With All Aspects Of Sociological Theories In Detail From Auguste Compte To Arnold J. Toynbee. In The Introductory Chapter 1 Various Aspects Of Social Thought Have Been Described In An Excellent Manner. In The Following Chapters The Contributions Of Great Sociologists Like Auguste Compte, Karl Marx, Herbert Spencer, Sorokin, Max Weber, Cooley, Talcott Parsons, Vilfredo Pareto, Emile Durkheim, Ferdinand Tonnies, George Simmel, Thorstein Veblen, Robert K. Merton And Arnold J. Toynbee Have Been Discussed In A Clear And Lucid Way. Special Importance Has Been Given To Karl Marx And Emile Durkheim In Chapter 3 And 10 Respectively And Their Various Theories Have Been Given In A Graphic Manner So As To Meet The Requirements Of The Students Of Political Science And Public Administration In Particular And Other Students In General.

Law and Social Change

Author: Sharyn L Roach Anleu

Publisher: SAGE


Category: Social Science

Page: 312

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This is a timely new edition of Sharyn L Roach Anleu's invaluable introduction to the sociology of law and its role as a social institution and social process. Discussing current theory and key empirical research from a diverse range of perspectives Law and Social Change gives relevant examples, from various cultures and societies, to provide a sociological view which goes beyond more jurisprudential approaches to law and society. The book: • provides coverage of major classic and contemporary social theories of law • is informed by empirical research drawn from several countries/societies • includes up to date and relevant examples This thoroughly updated edition engages with modern scholarship, and recent research, on globalization whilst also looking at related issues such as the internationalization of law and human rights. It explores recent reforms at local and national levels, including issues of migration and refugees, the regulation of 'anti-social' behaviour, and specialist or problem solving courts and also provides a clear, accessible introduction to research methods used in the socio-legal field. Direct and wide-ranging this text will be essential reading for students and researchers on social science and law courses and in particular, those taking sociology, legal theory, criminology and criminal justice studies.

Three Worlds of Collective Human Experience: Individual Life, Social Change, and Human Evolution

Author: Victor N. Shaw

Publisher: Springer


Category: Social Science

Page: 220

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This book explores three worlds shared by the humans in their collective experiences. It identifies and explores the world of commonsense, the world of religion, and the world of science as three essential dimensions of human experience. The book helps understand that humans can gain comfort and pleasure in commonsense, achieve meaning and purpose from religion, and attain truth and rationality through science. It actively applies theories to and develops theoretical explanations from different domains or situations of human existence. This book is of interest to theorists, researchers, instructors, and students across major academic disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.

Advocating Social Change through International Law

Exploring the Choice between Hard and Soft International Law

Author: Daniel Bradlow

Publisher: BRILL


Category: Law

Page: 324

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Advocating Social Change through International Law explores the strategic use of hard and soft international law to advocate for social change in a variety of contexts, including for example human rights, international criminal prosecutions, environmental protection, public health, and financial regulation.

Legal Systems and Legal Science

Author: Marijan Pavčnik

Publisher: Franz Steiner Verlag


Category: Social Science

Page: 149

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Contents: E. Pattaro: Preface - H. P. Visser't Hooft: Introduction - Legal Positivism and Natural Law: V. Villa: A Definition of Legal Positivism - D. Radev: Das natuerliche und das positive Recht - M. Karskens: Law and Ground - J. R.-Toubes Muniz: Is soft Positivism a Positivism? - A. Oladosu: Normative Positivism and its Modern Critics - Some Examples of Different Theories: W. Zhiyong: Le Positivisme Juridique dans la Chine Ancienne - M. Luberto: Rationalistic Doctrine of Natural Law in Protestant Reform: the Thought of Philip Melanchton - I. Stewart: Positivist Natural Law in Spencer's Social Darwinism - C. Berry Gray: Legal Formalism and Metaphysical Form - State, Law and Political System: G. Bongiovanni: Rechtsstaat and Grundnorm in the Kelsenian Theory - J. P. McCormick: The Dilemmas of Dictatorship: C. Schmitt and Constitutional Emergency Powers - W. E. Scheuerman: The Unholy Alliance of C. Schmitt and . A. Hayek - M. Constable: Beyond Legal Positivism: "Where the State Ends" - Social and Legal Science: K. Tuori: Legal Science as/and Social Science - O. A. Ghirardi: Un Problema Epistemologico: La Distinction entre Derecho y Ciencia del Derecho - H. Tolonen: Rechtswissenschaft und rechtliche Theorien: ein Beispiel - S. Papaefthymiou: Law, Power and Social Interaction. Towards an Operational Social Theory .

Problems in Banking and Finance

Author: American Academy of Political and Social Science



Category: Banks and banking

Page: 192

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Social Change

Author: Jay Weinstein

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers


Category: Social Science

Page: 458

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This introduction to social change covers the momentous and relatively recent changes that have occurred in the human condition, examining not only the major causes and conditions underlying our current situation, but also the main choices and options we face as we strive to shape our individual and collective futures. This edition of Social Change has been thoroughly updated and revised. Building on previous editions, the book introduces a social scientific approach to change, discusses the components of change and the factors driving them, examines change on the macro-level, then looks toward the future with a discussion of planned change. Most chapters explore societies of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and include comparative dimensions, especially along First, Second, and Third World lines. The engaging narrative traces several themes, such as the rise of capitalism and the socialist alternative, or civil rights movements in the United States and elsewhere, throughout the book. Social Change, Third Edition features a new discussion of the recent economic crisis and the interconnectedness of the global economy, new empirical data on globalization, and updated discussions of the concepts of evolution and altruism. It also incorporates the dramatic changes in India and China throughout the book.

Intellectual Founders of the Republic

Five Studies in Nineteenth-Century French Political Thought

Author: Sudhir Hazareesingh

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: History

Page: 339

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This study of French political culture re-examines the origins of modern republicanism through the writings and practices of five key 19th-century intellectuals: Jules Barni, Emile Littre, Charles Dupont-White, Eugene Pelletan and Etienne Vacherot.