The Sweetheart Journeys

Author: Jack E. Skirvin



Category: Humor

Page: 256

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When World War II became history, there was a big reception in Boston Harbor followed by a heartwarming celebration at home. Jim would now be able to keep the promise he made to his four sweethearts residing on the west coast; a mighty long way from his bailiwick. Sweethearts Miriam and Loretta were waiting in Oregon and he would board the Great Northern Railway to see them. Rita and Connie were sitting on pins and needles in Los Angeles. His cousin Andy returned home from the War, bought an old Ford, and wanted to go along with Jim to see Hollywood and swing at the famous Palladium. Two of their high school buddies were hitching rides to the north woods and they wanted to go along. So, Jim made arrangements to visit Miriam and Loretta in Oregon; take a semester of classes at Indiana University; and then begin the long journey to Hollywood in his cousin

Little Texas Sweetheart

A Journey Through Domestic Violence

Author: Julia Chadwell



Category: Women

Page: 469

View: 645

This gripping story of one woman's spiritual, mental, and physical journey across America takes you through the terror of domestic violence. Her ordeal and transformation reveal the human condition, offering glimpses of how a personal relationship with God can take root and flourish in the most unlikely of circumstances.

Retracing a Winter's Journey

Franz Schubert's "Winterreise"

Author: Susan Youens

Publisher: Cornell University Press


Category: Music

Page: 348

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I like these songs better than all the rest, and someday you will too, Franz Schubert told the friends who were the first to hear his song cycle, Winterreise. These lieder have always found admiring audiences, but the poetry he chose to set them to has been widely regarded as weak and trivial. In Retracing a Winter's Journey, Susan Youens looks not only at Schubert's music but at the poetry, drawn from the works of Wilhelm Müller, who once wrote in his diary, "perhaps there is a kindred spirit somewhere who will hear the tunes behind the words and give them back to me!" Youens maintains that Müller, in depicting the wanderings of the alienated lover, produced poetry that was simple but not simple-minded, poetry that embraced simplicity as part of its meaning. In her view, Müller used the ruder folk forms to give his verse greater immediacy, to convey more powerfully the wanderer's complex inner state. Youens addresses many different aspects of Winterreise: the cultural milieu to which it belonged, the genesis of both the poetry and the music, Schubert's transformation of poetic cycle into music, the philosophical dimension of the work, and its musical structure.

The Memoirs of One Man’S Journey Through Time

Author: C. Paul Wooderson

Publisher: WestBow Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 240

View: 492

Can you recall the time, or times, you did something for Jesus because you felt convicted by His Spirit to do so? Something or some things that required you to take a leap of faith in God? Something that, when you started your walk of faith, took you a little out of your comfort zone? It took Dad a little bit out of his comfort zone when he felt God calling him to go to college to prepare for the gospel ministry. He didnt have enough money to pay for a college education; however, he believed with Gods help he could find a way to pay his bills. Dad enrolled as a student at William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri, for the fall semester of 1941.

The Chronicle of Clemendy or the History of the Ix Joyous Journeys. Carbonnek by Arthur Machen - Delphi Classics (Illustrated)

Author: Arthur Machen

Publisher: Delphi Classics


Category: Fiction

Page: 222

View: 143

This eBook features the unabridged text of ‘The Chronicle of Clemendy or the History of the Ix Joyous Journeys. Carbonnek by Arthur Machen - Delphi Classics (Illustrated)’ from the bestselling edition of ‘The Complete Works of Arthur Machen’. Having established their name as the leading publisher of classic literature and art, Delphi Classics produce publications that are individually crafted with superior formatting, while introducing many rare texts for the first time in digital print. The Delphi Classics edition of Machen includes original annotations and illustrations relating to the life and works of the author, as well as individual tables of contents, allowing you to navigate eBooks quickly and easily. eBook features: * The complete unabridged text of ‘The Chronicle of Clemendy or the History of the Ix Joyous Journeys. Carbonnek by Arthur Machen - Delphi Classics (Illustrated)’ * Beautifully illustrated with images related to Machen’s works * Individual contents table, allowing easy navigation around the eBook * Excellent formatting of the textPlease visit to learn more about our wide range of titles

Dear Sweetheart - Our Beautiful Journey

Baby Blue Adoption Journal - Beautiful Adoption Diary - 8.5x11 Inches, 100 Pages

Author: Beautiful Adoption Journals




Page: 102

View: 791

Adoption Journal - Baby Blue Nice Cover Color Theme Beautiful & nice cover colors, size of 8.5x11 inches, simple interior and 100 pages of organized space for you to describe all of your life with a new member of your beautiful family. This nice adoption journal will help you remember all important memories, photos and thoughts. This notebook is just the best for: People who want to adopt a child/children no matter their age, People who want to appreciate their friends/family decision of adoption, Families who want to make a beautiful gift for their adoptive kids in the future. This Nice Adoption Journal is a nice gift idea: buy it for yourself if you're about to adopt a child and make sure you will remember all amazing moments of your beautiful journey together, give it to your friends or family who want to adopt a child - to support them. Notebook specification: Baby Blue cover color theme, simple & nice design, 100 pages, soft cover, white pages size: 8.5x11 inches

I Love You Sweetheart

Author: Lakesha Woods

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


Category: Poetry


View: 346

I Love You Sweetheart is a collection of romantic poetry and prose that expresses the deepest thoughts of a woman who has gone the distance in her relationships, but still holds true to her belief that love conquerors all. The poems pour out the contents of her heart, and each prose begs the reader to think of their place within their relationship. I Love You Sweetheart allows you to immerse your mind in the seat of passion. Lakesha Woods delicately dances with her words; innuendos of sexual escapades are neatly intertwined with words that describe feelings of love, concern, admiration and commitment. This book is the perfect teaser, an element of foreplay. Poetry fans are certainly in for a loving surprise.

EXTRAORDINARY JOURNEYS – Complete Collection: 41 Adventure Classics in One Volume (Illustrated)

Science Fiction, Adventure, Mystery and Suspense: Journey to the Centre of the Earth, From the Earth to the Moon, Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea and many more

Author: Jules Verne

Publisher: e-artnow


Category: Fiction

Page: 9421

View: 155

This carefully crafted ebook: “EXTRAORDINARY JOURNEYS – Complete Collection: 41 Adventure Classics in One Volume (Illustrated)” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents: Five Weeks in a Balloon Journey to the Centre of the Earth From the Earth to the Moon Around the Moon The Adventures of Captain Hatteras In Search of the Castaways Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea A Floating City The Adventures of Three Englishmen and Three Russians in South Africa The Fur Country Around the World in Eighty Days The Mysterious Island The Survivors of the Chancellor Michael Strogoff Hector Servadac The Underground City Dick Sand, A Captain at Fifteen The Begum's Fortune Tribulations of a Chinaman in China The Steam House Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon Godfrey Morgan or, The Robinson Crusoe School The Green Ray Mathias Sandorf The Star of the South Ticket No. “9672” Robur the Conqueror The Master of the World The Waif of “Cynthia” North Against South or, Texar's Revenge The Flight to France or, The Memoirs of a Dragoon Kéraban the Inflexible Adrift in Pacific or, Two Years' Vacation Topsy Turvy Cesar Cascabel Mistress Branican The Castle of the Carpathians Claudius Bombarnac Captain Antifer Facing the Flag An Antarctic Mystery Jules Gabriel Verne (1828-1905) was a French novelist, poet, and playwright best known for his adventure novels and his profound influence on the literary genre of science fiction.

Miriam's Journey

Author: Debbie Boswell

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 254

View: 713

Mark turned to Miriam and asked, “How soon can you start?” “As soon as possible,” Miriam replied. Temping at Cohen & Marshall, LLP was the best thing to happen to Miriam Yung in a while. Brokenhearted after her boyfriend dumped her, she welcomed the opportunity to work at one of New York’s premier certified public accounting firms. Deep down, however, she was unhappy in her field. Nevertheless, spending tax season with Mark Edwards, the handsome senior tax manager, was a huge incentive. Mark knew that hiring Miriam was a bad idea. She was as adorable as the day he first spotted her in the crowd along Fifth Avenue. She hadn’t begun her assignment yet, and already, she made him feel lightheaded. He had enough on his plate what with managing his team, keeping his boss happy, and guarding his heart. He had to keep a distance between them. But the antics of a disagreeable colleague throw Mark and Miriam together. They learn about each other’s past, discover each other’s hidden talents, and learn that life has a way of working things out.

The Sweetheart Combo!

Author: Hala Amer

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 204

View: 448

The Sweetheart Combo! By: Hala Amer Are you a westerner with deep eastern roots whose love life is pulled between two forceful cultures? Do you have burning feelings for a western mate and are unsure if the relationship will work out for both of you? Are you an eastern parent with a dire desire for your children to keep their religion and choose mates from the same culture? Whether you are or not, you’ll be absorbed in the dynamics of how two talented surgeons resolve their dilemma of getting married. Rajeev and Nader graduated from their New York School of Medicine, and work hard to pave the path for their promising careers and amazing lives in the United States. Will either of them pick the sweetheart of his dreams, or will they settle for the traditional “Sweetheart Combo” arranged by the family? What, in your opinion, will influence their decisions, and what sacrifices will inevitably be made? Find out in this human journey about how many of us get stuck in a cultural jam.

The Outward Journey

Author: Owen Webster

Publisher: Canberra ; Norwalk, Conn. : Australian National University Press


Category: Authors, Australian

Page: 258

View: 563

A Black Man's Journey to the Sons of the American Revolution

Author: William O. Ritchie

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 400

View: 865

“From the segregated Stratton High School in Beckley, West Virginia, to the prestigious Howard University in Washington, DC, to years of law enforcement in our nation’s capital, Bill Ritchie has found himself a member of the Sons of the American Revolution. We have often asked, how? And why? Throughout his book A Black Man’s Journey to the Sons of the American Revolution, he answers these questions for us.” —Belva Williams Waller, matriarch of the Ritchie Family. “Bill Ritchie’s fascinating journey from rural mountains in West Virginia to celebrated track all-American at Howard University, to chief of detectives in the nation’s capital and his many other successful pursuits is an inspiring study of determination, creativity, and perseverance. His book, A Black Man’s Journey to the Sons of the American Revolution, candidly provides a fleet-footed but comprehensive look at a renaissance man still blazing new and interesting paths.” —Rock Newman, sports and music entrepreneur, executive producer, and host of The Rock Newman Show, former Howard University Trustee. “You have a fascinating history! Can’t wait to read the book.” —Sari Horwitz, author and reporter, recipient of four Pulitzer Prize awards By William O. Ritchie Jr

Dangerous Journey

Adventures of a Young Family Traveling West in 1799

Author: C. B. Murray

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 136

View: 356

Experience the adventures and hardships of a family traveling by covered wagon from Vermont to Southern Ohio in 1799.

Italian Journeys

From Venice to Naples and Beyond

Author: William Dean Howells

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


Category: Travel

Page: 272

View: 619

When Abraham Lincoln appointed William Dean Howells Consul to Venice, the young writer embarked on a journey that would leave an indelible impression on his life and work. Howells lived in Italy for four years, from 1861, during the pivotal and tumultuous period of Italian reunification. Italian Journeys, Howell's engrossing memoir of this time, describes his adventures across the country - from Genoa, a hotbed of nationalistic fervour and the city from which Garibaldi had led the Expedition of the Thousand only a year before; to the cultural and political powerhouse of Naples, which had only just become part of the Kingdom of Italy and from there to Rome, focus for the hopes of a fractured country. Travelling by land and sea, Howells was inspired at every turn - as much by the fevered events of the time as by the cultural and historical wealth of the country - and his beautifully-rendered portrait has become a classic of travel literature, essential for all those who, like him, have loved Italy.

Journeys to the Land of Gold

Emigrant Diaries from the Bozeman Trail, 1863-1866

Author: Susan Badger Doyle

Publisher: Montana Historical Society


Category: History

Page: 838

View: 258

Collected here for the first time ever are the surviving eyewitness accounts of the Bozeman's Trail's civilian emigrants: twenty-four diaries written during the journey and nine reminiscences prepared afterward. These accounts describe life on the West's last great emigrant trail, the shortcut from the Platte River Road to the Montana goldfields, from 1863 until 1866, when the route was closed by "Red Cloud's War." Ample introductions, extensive annotation, historical illustrations, and detailed maps enrich this oversized, two-volume compendium.

Madre: Perilous Journeys with a Spanish Noun

Author: Liza Bakewell

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company


Category: History

Page: 222

View: 631

This exploration of Mexican language and culture examines the word madre and the evolution of its use in both the sacred and the profane and discusses the role of a creative female in Spanish society.

Journey to Gettysburg

Author: Mark Hopkins

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc


Category: Fiction

Page: 246

View: 821

Journey to Gettysburg is a dramatic replay of the events leading up to the most important battle of the Civil War. It is seen through the eyes of a Quaker boy who is first, a bystander and observer. Then, he is drawn into the conflict and becomes a participant in Pickett's Charge, the climax of the three day conflict. Matt Mason is a 15 year old boy who was raised on an isolated farm in rural North Carolina. With the untimely death of his mother it becomes necessary for him to find his father

Unnatural Journeys

Second Night

Author: John Ezzy

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 568

View: 670

Unnatural Journeys Second Night continues John Ezzy's vast and compelling journey into worlds haunted and dark, humorous and uplifting, powerful and merciless. it is unique. Combining novels and short fiction it is an uncompromising work of the imagination. This is the second of four volumes.

Andean Journeys

A Bilingual Anthology of Contemporary Bolivian Poetry

Author: Ronald Haladyna

Publisher: Trafford Publishing


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 229

View: 810

Andean Journeys: A Bilingual Anthology of Contemporary Bolivian Poetry is the fourth in a series of books that aspire to address a dearth of information in the English-speaking world about South American poetry of the past thirty years. The fourteen outstanding poets included here represent a diversity of themes, styles, and perspectives in one of South America's more marginalized nations. All of them have published extensively, have been recognized through literary awards and inclusion in national and international anthologies, and continue writing and publishing today. For readers unfamiliar with Bolivia, the introduction provides a brief background of its geography, history, politics, economy, and society. This is followed by an ample selection of representative poems published previously in Spanish, with translations in English on facing pages. The book concludes with a brief biographical sketch of each poet and an extensive bibliography of primary and secondary sources for readers wishing to pursue further reading or research. Contemporary Uruguayan Poetry: A Bilingual Anthology; Exotic Territory: A Bilingual Anthology of Contemporary Paraguayan Poetry; and Volcanic Reflections: A Bilingual Anthology of Contemporary Ecuadorian Poetry are companion volumes that offer similar exposure to poetry that deserves to be better known in the English-speaking world.

Journey to Safe Harbor

Memoir of Three Generations Self Love, Forgiveness, Reconnection

Author: Elizabeth Jacks Scott

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 290

View: 686

In 1975, author Elizabeth Jacks Scott was a young matron from New York with a husband and two small children and the new owner of an old sail loft building in Tenants Harbor, Maine. It had been in her family for years, and it was filled with memories and history, six generations of them, a jumble of contradictory, conflictual, tragic, and happy memories. JOURNEY TO SAFE HARBOR covers three generations of a family where the personal and emotional sacrifices made in the name of mission, commitment and duty, aiming ‘to do good in the world’, ended with unintended tragic consequences for their children. It is about a professional family, educated, religious and idealistic, but did they understand love? Scott shares a narrative of her collected records, her experiences, and her journey. It narrates the saga of the origins of her family’s trauma in Tenants Harbor, how it played out in India and on the south side of Chicago. She toggles between Tenants Harbor, India and Chicago to show the interweaving of three eras and how they resulted in the family’s fragmentation and great tragedy. The memoir chronicles the journey of healing through the ups and down of life resulting in Scott, family and the community reconnecting. Elizabeth Jacks Scott taught American and World history for five years, practiced psychotherapy and family therapy in New York City for more than two decades, ran grief groups at St. Bartholomew’s Church for seven years, and cofounded Hudson Valley Weddings at The Hill. She is an ordained interfaith minister and a clinical social worker. Scott lives with her husband in New York City, the Hudson Valley, and the coast of Maine. Combined with her husband, they have four children and eight grandchildren.