The Suburban Bitch

Author: Miss Billie Wong Tiller

Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 234

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Don’t be deceived by the title of this book. The Suburban Bitch doesn’t detail the delights and woes of suburban living. On the contrary, this book relives the experiences of a young black woman raised and bred in the ghettoes of Detroit. The reader becomes aware of the suffering and self-sacrifice the young woman struggles with throughout her life. Growing up in a family of sixteen that struggles through hunger, poverty, and despair, a young girl yearns for the all-American dream even as she constantly experiences violence, instability, and hatred growing up and in her first marriage. No matter her obstacles, she strives on patiently, and with determination and perseverance, she finds the meaning of unconditional love. Receiving only violence in her first marriage, fate runs her into the arms of another man, and though she still has the ring on her finger from the first marriage, she weds again. Suddenly, she has the life she has always dreamed of—a life of love. Two husbands, two families, two homes, and only one woman. One strong, beautiful black woman. To all of you ladies that have been riding the train called the bullshit train much too long, we must put a stop to all these liars in our lives. Put us first. Now don’t get me wrong, if he is over twenty-two years old, he’s already gently used. He has six outside kids. Later he wants to tell you those children came as a result of good loving from friendly fire. Most men are full of bullshit—NO EXCEPTIONS. The man I love, will love me, and when he hears my cry, he will pity every groan.

The Suburban Bitch

Author: Billi Wong Tiller



Category: African American women

Page: 278

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Suburban Bitch

A Cautionary Tale

Author: Janelle H. Ramsey



Category: Bands (Music)

Page: 14

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The Forgotten Girls (Book #1 in The Suburban Murder Series)

Author: Alexa Steele

Publisher: Alexa Steele


Category: Fiction

Page: 250

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In an elite suburb of New York City, girls are dying. That doesn’t happen in Greenvale, with its immaculate lawns, exclusive yacht clubs and multi-million dollar mansions. But behind its perfect façade, its trimmed hedges and luxury cars, a darkness lies. Girls, dependent on Adderall, outmaneuver each other to get into top colleges, while the mothers’ need to live vicariously only makes it worse. Bella DeFranco is one of the Bronx’s top SVU detectives. At only 37, she disarms everyone with her stunning good looks, yet she is as tough as most men—and a lot smarter, too. Yet when is summoned to Greenvale, she finds herself getting lost in a case that even she can’t comprehend. She stumbles into a land of secrets, a place where husbands hide their pasts from their wives, where friends are not what they seem, and where no one wants to know too much. As she digs deeper into layers of suburban dysfunction, she comes to learn that, behind all the fake smiles, there is a subtle violence--rivaling even her crime-ridden streets of the Bronx. With a killer on the loose, time running out, and a new partner who never recovered from his washed-up alcoholic days, the odds are stacked against Bella. She is determined, though, to save these girls, whatever the cost. Yet as she gets close, the depth of psychosis she discovers shocks even her…. THE LOST GIRLS (BOOK #2 IN THE SUBURBAN MURDER SERIES) is now available!


Feminist Response to Pop Culture




Category: Feminism


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Bitch Is the New Black

A Memoir

Author: Helena Andrews

Publisher: Harper Collins


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 240

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Strong, sassy, always surprising—and titled after a Saturday Night Live “Weekend Update” monologue by Tina Fey—Bitch Is the New Black is a deliciously addictive memoir-in-essays in which Helena Andrews goes from being the daughter of the town lesbian to a hot-shot political reporter… all while trying to answer the question, “can a strong, single, and successful black woman ever find love?” Fans of Sloane Crosley (I Was Told There’d Be Cake) will love the bold and brassy Bitch Is the New Black.


Author: B.J. Daniels

Publisher: Harlequin


Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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A reader favorite from New York Times bestselling author B.J. Daniels Jack Donovan is in love with Angie Grant—and heartbroken when she unexpectedly marries his business partner. When Angie goes missing, declared dead, Jack is determined to prove her husband is the murderer. But then Jack begins catching glimpses of Angie…in a crowd, a taxi. Will Jack get a second chance with the woman he loves—or is there someone else orchestrating the ultimate revenge? Previously published Look for BJ Daniel’s latest title Reunion at Cardwell Ranch, part of her bestselling Cardwell Ranch series.

The Official Report on Human Activity

Author: kim d. hunter

Publisher: Wayne State University Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 296

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Dystopic fairy tales told through the lens of media and capitalism run amok.

Catalog of Copyright Entries. Third Series

1973: January-June

Author: Library of Congress. Copyright Office

Publisher: Copyright Office, Library of Congress


Category: Copyright

Page: 1862

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The Suburban Gothic in American Popular Culture

Author: B. Murphy

Publisher: Springer


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 236

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The first sustained examination of the depiction of American suburbia in gothic and horror films, television and literature from 1948 to the present day. Beginning with Shirley Jackson's The Road Through the Wall , Murphy discusses representative texts from each decade, including I Am Legend , Bewitched , Halloween and Desperate Housewives .


Young Men and Hip Hop in L.A.

Author: William Shaw

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Music

Page: 332

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The story of the rise of the Hip Hop scene in L.A. is presented through the struggles of seven young AfricanAmerican men who strived to succeed in the music industry with their new urban form of music.

The Lost Girls (Book #2 in The Suburban Murder Series)

Author: Alexa Steele

Publisher: Alexa Steele


Category: Fiction


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THE LOST GIRLS is book #2 in the #1 bestselling Suburban Murder series, which begins with THE FORGOTTEN GIRLS, book #1 (a free download)! The brutally beaten body of a young girl is discovered in a marsh in Jamesport, one of New York’s most elite suburbs. Police comb the area, while many speculate her murder might be connected to the abduction, six months earlier, of three girls from Jamesport. The FBI has evidence of an underage prostitution and trafficking ring which may be related. At the request of the FBI, Billy Dee, captain of the Ninth Precinct in the Bronx, head of its Sex Crimes Unit, sends two of his most seasoned detectives to Jamesport to conduct their own investigation: Bella de Franco and Jimmy “Mack” Menendez. They are sent north, back into the land of the beautiful. Between local politics, fractured families, a heroin epidemic and a dark secret that the wealthy town strives to keep hidden, the unspeakably dark and twisted reality lurking behind Jamesport life is uncovered. As they learn that everything is not what it seems in this wealthy suburb, Bella and Mack must race against the clock to save one last girl before she is sold across state lines, where she will vanish forever. Book #3 in the Suburban Murder series will be released soon!

Antiheroines of Contemporary Media

Saints, Sinners, and Survivors

Author: Melanie Haas

Publisher: Lexington Books


Category: Social Science

Page: 232

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This volume of essays provides a critical foray into the methods used to construct narratives which foreground antiheroines, a trope which has become increasingly popular within literary media, film, and television. Antiheroine characters engage constructions of motherhood, womanhood, femininity, and selfhood as mediated by the structures that socially prescribe boundaries of gender, sex, and sexuality. Within this collection, scholars of literary, cultural, media, and gender studies address the complications of representing agency, autonomy, and self-determination within narrative texts complicated by age, class, race, sexuality, and a spectrum of privilege that reflects the complexities of scripting women on and off screen, within and beyond the page. This collection offers perspectives on the alternate narratives engendered through the motivations, actions, and agendas of the antiheroine, while engaging with the discourses of how such narratives are employed both as potentially feminist interventions and critiques of access, hierarchy, and power.

Suburban Gangsters

Author: Michael P. Dineen

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 160

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Suburban Gangsters By: Michael P. Dineen Sometimes in life the direction you choose could come down to making a choice that at the time didn’t seem like a big deal, only looking back you knew it wasn’t smart. Had his conversation gone differently with his father in the spring of 1985, Patrick may never had become a criminal. While shooting hoops with his old man that breezy afternoon in April, they struck up a conversation. Patrick had been kicked out of Walt Whitman High School a few months earlier, but had been working full-time ever since. He was working hard at the time and would have kept at it. But his dad’s rejection, and the way he did it, burned Patrick badly. Patrick doesn’t blame his dad for becoming a criminal, but that was the final straw. Somehow, he was determined to find a way to get that Mustang GT his dad wouldn’t cosign for him. Selling cocaine would help him to achieve that. That’s when he began hustling. This was just the beginning of Patrick’s drug selling days. He sold and trained and trained and sold. He worked with the cops, the FBI, and the DEA. It may feel like a quick high. You may think just one more big sale and you can get out. But you’ll learn that the life of drugs and crime doesn’t pay.

Race, Place, and Suburban Policing

Too Close for Comfort

Author: Andrea S. Boyles

Publisher: Univ of California Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 268

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"Relying on compelling interviews from the Meacham Park neighborhood--a marginalized Black enclave located in a predominately white affluent St. Louis suburb, this book brings to life the everyday interactions of disadvantaged suburban Blacks as they faced annexation, aggressive policing, two nationally profiled shootings, and intervention from the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ)"--Provided by publisher.

The Dark Corner

A Novel

Author: Mark Powell

Publisher: Univ. of Tennessee Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 248

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“The best Appalachian novelist of his generation.” —Ron Rash, author of Serena and The Cove "The Dark Corner is one of the most riveting and beautifully written novels that I have ever read. Trouble drives the story, as it does in all great fiction, but grace, that feeling of mercy that all men hunger for, is the ultimate subject, and that's just part of the reason that Mark Powell is one of America's most brilliant writers." —Donald Ray Pollock, author of The Devil All the Time and Knockemstiff “Mark Powell’s third novel powerfully tackles the ongoing curses of drugs, real estate development, veterans’ plights, and other regional cultural banes that plague an Appalachia still very much alive and with us as its own chameleon-like animal. Brimming with fury and beauty, The Dark Corner is a thing wrought to be feared and admired.” —Casey Clabough, author of Confederado “Powell’s work is so clearly sourced to the wellspring of all spiritual understanding—this physical world...He is heir to the literary lineage of Melville, Conrad, Flannery O’Connor, Denis Johnson, and Robert Stone.” —Pete Duval, author of Rear View A troubled Episcopal priest and would-be activist, Malcolm Walker has failed twice over—first in an effort to shock his New England congregants out of their complacency and second in an attempt at suicide. Discharged from the hospital and haunted by images of the Iraq War and Abu Ghraib, he heads home to the mountains of northwestern South Carolina, the state’s “dark corner,” where a gathering storm of private grief and public rage awaits him. Malcolm’s life soon converges with people as damaged in their own ways as he is: his older brother, Dallas, a onetime college football star who has made a comfortable living in real-estate development but is now being drawn ever more deeply into an extremist militia; his dying father, Elijah, still plagued by traumatic memories of Vietnam and the death of his wife; and Jordan Taylor, a young, drug-addicted woman who is being ruthlessly exploited by Dallas’s viperous business partner, Leighton Clatter. As Malcolm tries to restart his life, he enters into a relationship with Jordan that offers both of them fleeting glimpses of heaven, even as hellish realities continue to threaten them. In The Dark Corner, Mark Powell confronts crucial issues currently shaping our culture: environmentalism and the disappearance of wild places, the crippling effects of wars past and present, drug abuse, and the rise of right-wing paranoia. With his skillful plotting, feel for place, and gift for creating complex and compelling characters, Powell evokes a world as vivid and immediate as the latest news cycle, while at the same time he offers a nuanced reflection on timeless themes of violence, longing, redemption, faith, and love. MARK POWELL is the author of two previous novels published by the University of Tennessee Press, Prodigals and the Peter Taylor Prize–winning Blood Kin. The recipient of National Endowment for the Arts and Breadloaf Writers’ Conference fellowships, as well as the Chaffin Award for fiction, he is an assistant professor of English at Stetson University.

American Hardcore (Second Edition)

A Tribal History

Author: Steven Blush

Publisher: Feral House


Category: Music

Page: 408

View: 327

"American Hardcore sets the record straight about the last great American subculture"—Paper magazine Steven Blush's "definitive treatment of Hardcore Punk" (Los Angeles Times) changed the way we look at Punk Rock. The Sony Picture Classics–distributed documentary American Hardcore premiered at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. This revised and expanded second edition contains hundreds of new bands, thirty new interviews, flyers, a new chapter ("Destroy Babylon"), and a new art gallery with over 125 rare photos and images.