The Star of Hope

Author: Martine Jardin

Publisher: Devine Destinies


Category: Fiction

Page: 50

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Polly Parker is tired of hospitals, needles, surgeries and chemo. She wants nothing more than to be a normal teenager, to go to school, to make friends, but it will never happen? There is no cure for her. She knows she hasn�t got long to live and has accepted it. She is at peace, knowing she will finally be free of pain, but did it have to happen around Christmas? While reading a book on her laptop, she quietly slips into a coma, but is awakened by what she thinks is an angel who calls herself Rhuntana. Has Polly finally been released from her pain? When she sees her parents� grief and Rhuntana takes her away, she believes she has died and is going to Heaven, but is it really called Kelhatmor? Or is it a final strange fantasy dream before she passes away€

The Star of Hope

Author: Marili Reed

Publisher: 7 Seasons


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 30

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The enchanting adventure of three intrepid children on a one-of-a-kind journey, in a world full of wonder and Christmas magic. For many centuries, a magical book protected the Stars of Christmas. It made sure that Christmas was the greatest festival in the world—the festival of hope, joy, generosity, and harmony. But, when Juliette, Klelia, and Theo destroy the book, Christmas loses its magic and the world is suddenly disenchanted. To turn it back into a wonderful festival again, Ginnie, the Christmas Fairy, decides to send the children to the West in search of the Star of Hope. Will they manage to discover it before midnight and restore the enchantment of Christmas? stars, christmas, christmas cakes, fairy tale, fairy, ghost, snow, adventure, witch, snowman, surprises, wishes, father christmas, gifts, toys, book of time, hope, peace, joy, generosity, bells, christmas clock, fairies, christmas songs, magic book, christmas eve

Star of Fear, Star of Hope

Author: Jo Hoestlandt

Publisher: Walker Childrens


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 302

Nine-year-old Helen is confused by the disappearance of her Jewish friend during the German occupation of Paris.

The Burrum Coal Field

(reprint of Report On, with Corrections and Additions)

Author: William H. Rands



Category: Coal mines and mining

Page: 26

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Robert Indiana

Figures of Speech

Author: Susan Elizabeth Ryan

Publisher: Yale University Press


Category: Art

Page: 303

View: 895

The author argues that Indiana's strident visual language emerges from his tendency to recast his life in story and verse, a fact that unlocks complex and secret tissues of figurative meaning within the deceptively simple canvases. By illuminating the enigmas in Indiana's word and image combinations, she helps to explain the longevity of LOVE and its influence on a later generation of artists."--BOOK JACKET.

Earth Day

Vision for Peace, Justice, and Earth Care: My Life and Thought at Age 96

Author: John McConnell

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 600

View: 346

After a half-century of activism, John McConnell, the true founder of Earth Day, here relates his global promotion of peace, justice, and Earth care. Following the Kennedy assassination, McConnell's Minute for Peace gained worldwide attention. This led to his Earth Day and other initiatives aimed at promoting people and planet. In this book, he shares the views that garnered support during the environmental movement from 1969 onward, and that have inspired followers for forty years at annual Earth Day ceremonies at the UN and cities across the globe. John McConnell coined the term Earth Day in 1968, proposed its celebration on the spring equinox to the City of San Francisco in October 1969, and announced it in November at a UNESCO Conference. The City responded by hosting the first Earth Day on March 21, 1970. Margaret Mead, UN Secretary-General U Thant, President Ford, and thirty-three Nobel laureates supported McConnell's Earth Day, and thirty-six worldwide dignitaries signed McConnell's Earth Day Proclamation, supporting Earth Day on the spring equinox, an annual planetary holiday linking people everywhere without regard to politics, culture, national border, or religion. In 1957, after Sputnik, McConnell promoted the Star of Hope, a satellite devoted to peace. This effort sparked his origination of Earth Day, the Earth Flag, Earth Trustees, and the Earth Magna Charta. He worked with UN officials and other leaders to overcome differences and build common ground for peace, aiming to ensure our planet's future and human survival. This book chronicles his global mission, his life journey, and his unique contributions toward a peaceful and cherished planet.

A Companion to Early Cinema

Author: André Gaudreault

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 640

View: 446

An authoritative and much-needed overview of the main issues in thefield of early cinema from over 30 leading international scholarsin the field First collection of its kind to offer in one reference:original theory, new research, and reviews of existing studies inthe field Features over 30 original essays from some of the leadingscholars in early cinema and Film Studies, including Tom Gunning,Jane Gaines, Richard Abel, Thomas Elsaesser, and AndréGaudreault Caters to renewed interest in film studies’ historicalmethods, with strict analysis of multiple and competing sources,providing a critical re-contextualization of films, printedmaterial and technologies Covers a range of topics in early cinema, such as exhibition,promotion, industry, pre-cinema, and film criticism Broaches the latest research on the subject of archivalpractices, important particularly in the current digitalcontext

Star of Hope

Author: Association for the Relief of Aged Females




Page: 4

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Sounds of Hope

A Musical Metaphor to Build a Symphony of Hope

Author: Robert Janacek

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 122

View: 833

For a world so out of tune, this treatise intends to correlate from various instruments of learning, a new sound--a sound of hope. This sound will be heard as each truth from key areas of knowledge will be played in a synthesis of theology, psychology, and philosophy, all in the context of a valid cosmology. To listen and read the key concepts and predictions of the secular authorities, our earth is either destined for a massive freeze or one ending in conflagration. Thus the concern of the author is that all too often each area of study is playing its own sound and, valid as it may be, is not listening or seeing what could be if these sounds became part of a symphony. In Sounds of Hope, Robert N. Janacek contends that, when these sounds are truly heard and projected in our anticipated symphony, a new and harmonious world will be enacted. At a time when there are almost constant sounds of hate, death, and hopelessness, a world awaits, one for us to hear and attend as a new concert, a concert playing a score of harmony and hope.