The Signs of a Prophet

The Prophetic Actions of Jesus

Author: Morna D. Hooker

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 142

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Here is a fascinating study that contributes much to our understanding of the Gospel tradition and, in addition, provides evidence that biblical theology is still alive and flourishing.Morna Hooker reviews the prophetic actions in the Old Testament and compares these with the way in which prophetic figures behaved in Jesus' day, in particular John the Baptist and the so-called sign prophets.She then turns to Jesus and considers those actions that can be described as prophetic signs or dramas. Hooker discusses the sign of Jonah, Jesus' refusal to perform signs, the miracles and other prophetic actions like the renaming of Simon, Jesus' eating with tax-collectors and sinners, and the prophetic signs associated with Jerusalem, reaching a climax in the Last Supper.A final chapter examines the different ways in which the four evangelists interpreted Jesus' prophetic actions.

The Sign of the Grail

Author: C. J. S. Hayward

Publisher: C.J.S. Hayward


Category: Fiction

Page: 240

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This anthology is one volume from C.J.S. Hayward's collected works. It includes an account of the Archdruid of Canterbury visiting an Orthodox Patriarch, a glimpse into the eighth sacrament, a look at not having rights, a look at a picture of evil and then a look at artwork and icons of goodness, a note on the crown of thorns we need in order to flourish, a meditation that weaves in and out of eternity and many different kinds of time, and the tale of a spiritual awakening that begins with a young man's discovery of a book of legends about King Arthur, his court, and the Holy Grail.

The Message of the Prophets

A Survey of the Prophetic and Apocalyptic Books of the Old Testament

Author: J. Daniel Hays

Publisher: Zondervan Academic


Category: Religion

Page: 384

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Christians sometimes approach the Old Testament with a mixture of awe and bewilderment, knowing that it contains pearls of wisdom, but unsure how to dive for them ... especially when it comes to the Prophets. In The Message of the Prophets, author J. Daniel Hays offers a scholarly, yet readable and student-friendly survey of the Old Testament prophetic literature that presents the message of each prophet in its historical and its biblical context and then tracks that message through the New Testament to challenge readers with what it means for them today. Hays focuses on synthesizing the message of the prophets, which enables students to grasp the major contours of the prophetic books clearly and concisely. Hundreds of colorful pictures help to illustrate the historical and cultural background of the prophets. After identifying what the message meant for ancient Israel, Hays helps the readers to move toward theological application today, helping readers to gain a better understanding of God and the relationship between God and his people. The Message of the Prophets is essential for professors, students, and others seeking to understand the role that the OT prophets play in the Christian faith.

The Secret Language of Signs

An Invitation to a Spiritual Reading of Life

Author: Mariano Ballester

Publisher: Médiaspaul


Category: Nature

Page: 127

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A Perspective on the Signs of Al-Quran

Through the Prism of the Heart

Author: Saeed Malik

Publisher: Saeed Malik


Category: Religion

Page: 282

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It is clear in every page of this brilliant work that it was written from a heartfelt perspective. A must read for every student of life, love, spirituality, and of course the Quran."--Whitney Cannon, founder Taleef Collective, Fremont, California.

The Signs of the Hypocrites

Author: IslamKotob

Publisher: IslamKotob




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Minor Prophets of the Old Testament

Author: Alejandro Roque Glez

Publisher: Alejandro's Libros


Category: Religion

Page: 220

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In the present work we offer you the prophecies enclosed in chapters devoted to the books in the Hagiographa and Minor Prophets of the Old Testament. Minor Prophets does not mean at all that these men of God were in dignity 'minors,' but their separate writings were not as extensive as the rest; being used for other different tasks and at times prophesied events in which the 'major ones' only spoke in general terms; and they--inspired by the Holy Spirit--were entrusted to add important details regarding biblical eschatology and chronology related to the life of Our Lord.CONTENT:-Introduction to the Book.-Books from Hagiographa.-Book of Joshua.-Book of Ruth.-Books of Samuel (I and II).-Book of the Kings (I and II).-Book I of Chronicles.-Book of Job.-Book of Psalms.-Book of Proverbs.-Book of Ecclesiastes.-Book the Song of Solomon.-The Minor Prophets.-Book of the Prophet Hosea.-Book of the Prophet Joel.-Book of the Prophet Amos.-Book of the Prophet Obadiah.-Book of the Prophet Jonah.-Book of the Prophet Micah.-Book of the Prophet Nahum.-Book of the Prophet Habakkuk.-Book of the Prophet Zephaniah.-Book of the Prophet Haggai.-Book of the Prophet Zechariah.-Book of the Prophet Malachi.-Intertestamental Reflection.-Graphs.-About the Author.

Francis of Assisi: The prophet

Author: Regis J. Armstrong

Publisher: New City Press


Category: Christian saints

Page: 880

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Volume 3 in this monumental series presents new translations of texts about Francis in the early Franciscan tradition, some available in English for the first time.