The Seventh-Day Sabbath and Its Redemptive Function in God's Everlasting Covenant of Grace

Author: A. M. Simataa

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


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This special and remarkablebook, The Seventh-day Sabbath and its Redemptive Function in God's Everlasting Covenant of Grace by A.M. Simataa addresses topical issues in the Bible quite pertinent to the 21st Century Christianity. The author takes a defensive approach of the gospel and brings to the surface some of the least understood teachings of the Bible. Although written from a Seventh-day Adventist's perspective, people of differing religious background and persuasions will fi nd this book very instructive. If you have been looking for a book that pains takingly discusses the Gospel seriously and biblically this is the book you have been searching for. Some of the topics featured in the book include: The Truth about the Bible Sabbath The Judgment of the Living Heavenly New Jerusalem; The Marriage Supper of the Lamband the Rapture The Remnant Church in the Parables Mr A.M. Simataa teaches at a High School in Windhoek, Namibia. He likes sharing the Gospel with others and spends some of his spare time witnessing to others. The central role of the Seventh-day Sabbath in the Redemption of our race is the least understood topic in the Bible today. Most believers have even dismissed its relevance to today's Christianity. However, the truth is that the Sabbath is at the heart of Christ's work to save human beings in accordance with God's plan. The Sabbath is so central to the work of atonement that Christ is referred to in the Bible as "the Lord of the Sabbath." The issue of the Sabbath will become pertinent as we near the End, and every human being will be required to take a stand in the confl ict involving the Sabbath question. This book will plant your feet on a solid foundation.

The Seventh-Day Sabbath and the Christian Doctrine of Redemption

The Third Edition

Author: A. M. Simataa

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


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The Seventh-Day Sabbath and the Christian Doctrine of Redemption is a book every Christian must have in their home library. The author tackles the biblical doctrine of redemption in a convincing manner and drives home the centrality of the Sabbath in redemption. Over the past hundred years, the witness of the sciences such as physics and biochemistry, including mathematics as well as the testimony of archaeology and history has put the skeptics of the Bible on the defensive. To this overwhelming testimony, the author adds the witness of recent fulfilled Bible prophecy. The author proceeds to show persuasively how recent fulfilled prophecies have proved once again that the Bible is truly the Word of God. In the book, the closing work of the gospel on the planet is shown to have a prophetic edge that no one person on the globe can afford to ignore.

Perspectives on the Sabbath


Author: Charles P. Arand

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group


Category: Religion

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Four views of the Sabbath commandment (Seventh-day, Fulfillment, Christian Sabbath, and Lutheran) are presented by scholars in point-counterpoint style to determine which is most faithful to Scripture.

Engaging Westminster Calvinism

The Composition of Redemption's Song

Author: Mark W. Karlberg

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 188

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This collection of writings contains articles and book reviews that are not readily accessible to most readers. Many of them are written for a wider audience of informed lay students of Scripture, as well as seminarians. They have been brought together here in a fresh way with other new writings. As a result, this study is somewhat unique, drawing upon the author's career in theology and church music. Over the course of four decades of scholarly research and writing Mark Karlberg has also been engaged in the music ministry of the church, serving as organist and choir director. Chief influences in his study and practice of music in the church have been Robert Elmore and Gerre Hancock, leading organists, choral masters, and composers of our generation. In the course of their stellar careers Elmore and Hancock have served in different ecclesiastical settings--Moravian, Presbyterian, Southern Baptist, and Anglican. What they both share in common is their exceptional skill in the art of improvisation. Part of their accompaniment was "off the written musical score," resulting in service-playing that was creative and engaging. In the spirit of their artistic expression we offer this collection of writings bearing as its theme the great Song of Redemption, composed by "the singing Christ" (Heb 2:12).

The Encyclopedia of American Religions, Religious Creeds

A Compilation of More Than 450 Creeds, Confessions, Statements of Faith, and Summaries of Doctrine of Religious and Spiritual Groups in the United States and Canada

Author: J. Gordon Melton

Publisher: Detroit, Mich. : Gale Research Company


Category: Creeds

Page: 838

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These companion volumes presents over 500 religious creeds, confessions, statements of faith, summaries of belief and articles of religion associated with the many branches of Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, and other religions practiced in America.

Images of mission

Seventh-day Adventists : People of faith, love, courage, and hope : Souvenir book

Author: Ray Dabrowski




Page: 160

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