The Secret of the Soul

Using Out-of-Body Experiences to Understand Our True Nature

Author: William L. Buhlman

Publisher: Harper Collins


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 288

View: 762

In this remarkable book, William Buhlman, author of the bestselling Adventures Beyond the Body, offers the reader a comprehensive guidebook to understanding and exploring the fascinating phenomenon of out-of-body experiences (OBEs). Learn how you can: Explore your true spiritual self and attain profound transformation in your awareness and knowledge of the universe. Gain life-changing benefits as you break free from mental and physical limitations Contact departed loved ones using OBEs to move beyond the current limited understanding of death.Filled with engrossing stories based on the testimonies of people from all over the world, and offering forty new, easy-to-understand techniques, The Secret of the Soul will prepare human beings everywhere for the next major leap in the evolution of consciousness.

The Secret Life of the Soul

Author: Keith Miller

Publisher: B & H Publishing Group


Category: Religion

Page: 220

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Within each of us is a place where we rarely take others and seldom even go ourselves. In this place dwells the true self, concealed behind various masks. Keith Miller provides the map for entering this secret place and finding authentic freedom.

Unlocking the Secret of Your Soul

Helping Victims of Sexual Abuse Overcome Their Emotional Pain

Author: Josiane Assunção

Publisher: WestBow Press


Category: Religion


View: 390

In this book I share a little bit of my childhood and describe things that happened to me. I was sexually abused, rejected, abandoned, and betrayed. I suffered from depression from many long years, and I want to share how God restored and healed my broken heart, giving me hope to live again. I share that healing is a process and emphasize how important is to abide in the Word of God to find healing and rest for our souls. My heart is dedicated to helping victims of sexual abuse overcome their emotional pain and know that there’s hope and healing for their broken hearts.

The Secret Tradition of the Soul

Author: Patrick Harpur

Publisher: North Atlantic Books


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 247

View: 872

In The Secret Tradition of the Soul, author Patrick Harpur argues that answers to life's most difficult questions—the meaning of life, the nature of self, and the existence of an afterlife—can be met by a visionary tradition that runs through Western culture, from Greek philosophy and Renaissance alchemy to Romantic poetry and modern depth psychology. This hidden tradition, according to Harpur, places our soul at the center of the universe and emphasizes imagination, the collective unconscious, and an “otherworld” or afterlife; above all, it teaches us how to know ourselves and how to recover a sense of meaning largely lost today. Harpur shows how this tradition drives the literature of otherworld journeys, from the flights of shamans and the dreams of psychoanalysis to the mystic imagination of Romantic poets and the visions of those having near-death experiences. The Secret Tradition of the Soul is the first book to gather together all the threads of the soul tradition and weave them into a bigger, clearer picture, presenting a worldview at once ancient and revolutionary. About the Imprint: EVOLVER EDITIONS promotes a new counterculture that recognizes humanity's visionary potential and takes tangible, pragmatic steps to realize it. EVOLVER EDITIONS explores the dynamics of personal, collective, and global change from a wide range of perspectives. EVOLVER EDITIONS is an imprint of North Atlantic Books and is produced in collaboration with Evolver, LLC.

The Secret Science of the Soul: How Evidence of the Paranormal Is Bringing Science & Spirit Together

Author: Charles T. Tart Phd



Category: Psychology

Page: 424

View: 612

In this groundbreaking book, Charles Tart reconciles the scientific and spiritual worlds by reviewing the empirical evidence for the existence of paranormal phenomena, including telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, psychokinesis, and psychic healing.Originally published as THE END OF MATERIALISM in hardcover by Noetic Books and New Harbinger (2009), this second edition in paperback features a new Preface by the author, and the original Foreword by Huston Smith, PhD and Kendra Smith.

The secret of her name

English edition

Author: José Ignacio García

Publisher: al margen editorial



Page: 120

View: 984

An almost 20-year literary career; more than three hundred stories written and published on several anthologies, compilations and specialised magazines; five published books and many awards- among them the Miguel Delibes Narrative Award 2009-, as well as the almost unanimous opinion of critics and readers back José Ignacio García as one of the best Spanish short-story writers of the 21st century. A writer who bases his success on his immaculate language, sometimes exuberant, others concise; on the human feelings full of realism that his plots depict; on the vertiginous narrative pace of his stories; and on endings which are generally sudden and surprising. He is more enthusiastic about stoves and good stews than about social networks, so García hadn’t shown too inclined to leave the warm paper scent and its touch until now, to give in to the temptation of Online editions. However, he is convinced that one has to be revitalised so as to keep on living and prevent the progress train from running over him, and he accepted the proposal by E2E4 Media of launching a new literary ship, this time along the Internet seas, choosing for this journey’s crew thirteen of the most representative stories of the different stages of his career; from The visions of Toña which let him burst strongly in the Castilian narrative scene almost two decades ago, through the curious adaptation of Christmas to the modern times depicted in The miracle of the wise ox, to The secret of her name, which gives the title to this compilation, and to Wine Room, which are the two best stories that have come out of his pen according to many experts’ opinion. Among the diverse structures of these stories which are not superstitious at all, the reader will be able to find oxen disguised as the Three Wise Men, love reunions taking place after fifty years of uncertain yearnings, prostitutes who face life as they can, couples who are born, grow up and die at the same time, trashy wine tasters who replace real experts, football trainers who present the strategies of oblivion on the pitches of failure every Sunday, boyfriends who get amazed before certain family pictures, almost perfect murders and Viking princesses gifted of an exuberant beauty which in the end, like almost every story of this type, could not be what they seem to be. Or they could. Although it is the reader who will have to decide on that.

Al-Ghazālī's Unspeakable Doctrine of the Soul

Unveiling the Esoteric Psychology and Eschatology of the Iḥyāʻ

Author: Timothy J. Gianotti

Publisher: BRILL


Category: Philosophy

Page: 205

View: 582

Marking a close, genre-specific reading of the multiple "languages" within al-Ghaz l 's writings, this book seeks to excavate his most intimate thoughts on life and death. In doing so, it takes the reader into the very heart of the master's epistemology, psychology, and eschatology.

Wild at Heart Revised and Updated

Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul

Author: John Eldredge

Publisher: Thomas Nelson


Category: Religion

Page: 272

View: 958

Every man was once a boy. And every little has dreams, big dreams, dreams of being the hero, of beating the bad guys, of doing daring feats and rescuing the damsel in distress. Every little girl has dreams, too: of being rescued by her prince and swept up into a great adventure, knowing that she is the beauty. But what happens to those dreams when we grow up? Walk into most churches, have a look around, and ask yourself: What is a Christian man? Without listening to what is said, look at what you find there. Most Christian men are . . . bored. John Eldredge revises and updates his best-selling, renowned Christian classic, Wild at Heart, and in it invites men to recover their masculine heart, defined in the image of a passionate God. And he invites women to discover the secret of a man’s soul and to delight in the strength and wildness men were created to offer. John Eldredge is the director of Ransomed Heart