The Secret of Perfect Living

Author: James T. Mangan

Publisher: Ravenio Books


Category: Self-Help


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MORE THAN FORTY-FIVE YEARS OF INTENSIVE STUDY and thousands of experiments with people from all walks of life have gone into the creation of what I call Perfect Living. And what is Perfect Living? Perfect Living is a state of absolute self-togetherness, a union of the conscious and subconscious selves for the ultimate good and benefit of your whole person. Though this union of an individual’s two selves has been much written and talked about, little has been accomplished to bring it down to a tangible level. In my own mind-science studies I concentrated on discovering a practical method of uniting the conscious mind and the subconscious, and found a technique through which such a union can be achieved. My technique calls for four easily adopted attitudes and the use of switchwords, a means by which the conscious mind can “talk to” and direct the thought patterns of the subconscious. Through these switchwords the conscious person gains the cooperation of his subconscious self, creating an inner harmony that brings immediate results. For example, how often is your day spoiled by a persistent, nagging pain or headache? Aspirin may bring temporary relief, but it doesn’t get to the cause, and the pain returns. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to utter a single word which would instantly cause all pain to vanish? There is such a word, and Chapter 9 of this book explains in detail how you can make it work for you. Or have you ever lost or misplaced some important or valuable possessions? The more desperately you search for the object, the more it seems to elude you. But with one of the magic switchwords you relax and let your Inner Self bring you to the thing you are searching for. Chapter 8 covers the details on how you can turn on your own finder machinery. These are only two small examples of what Perfect Living and its switchwords can do for you. With Perfect Living you can do anything. You can: 1. Conquer all your fears. 2. Learn to relax. 3. Keep yourself forever young. 4. Overcome despair and “blue” moods. 5. Begin to know yourself. 6. Get along better with other people. 7. Set goals and achieve them. 8. Gain money and new prosperity. 9. Free yourself of bad habits. 10. Achieve glowing health and freedom from pain. 11. Release your hidden abilities. 12. Be a permanently happy person, invulnerable to any upset or setback. But the benefits of Perfect Living are endless and the book itself explains them all to you. Why not put this modern miracle to work now? Make Perfect Living a part of your life!

The Art of Perfect Living

The 7 Personal Powers for Perfection


Publisher: Partridge Publishing


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 136

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'The Art of Perfect Living' is an inspirational, self help book written in a simple language so that even a layman can absorb the wisdom presented in it. This book presents the concept of ' the 7 Personal Powers' which is actually a remodelling of the Scriptural wisdom behind personal perfection. In this book you will learn how to define your lifes purpose and unleash the potential of your mind and spirit, and in doing so, to achieve your life purpose. As you go through the book, you rediscover your personal powers of perfection that are latent within you and get renewed in spirit, mind and body.

The Perfect Living Bread

Author: Mr. Richard Kofi Aplerku

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Religion

Page: 92

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The book Perfect Living Bread is a life turning point and is supposed to be the most important tool in the life of every living being. The purpose of this book is to bring to the awareness of every living being that the Perfect Living Bread is important and it will be the greatest mistake in any living beings life to relegate it to the background. Most people suffer in life just because of lack of understanding when, where, and how to make a particular decision in life. If many of us will come and appreciate the worth of this precious book, we will surely be transformed in many ways and will cause us to live victoriously. This book has been written in the form of messages so that the words will speak into the individual readers life. In 2 Corinthians 4:18, it says, While we look not at the things which are not seen, but at the things which are seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal. So is this book. There are things in this book which are not seen by you or heard by you the reader; therefore, I want you to take advantage and get to know them all.

The Secret American Dream: The Creation of a New World Order with the Power to Abolish War, Poverty, and Disease

Author: Nicholas Hagger

Publisher: Duncan Baird Publishers


Category: Social Science

Page: 272

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Until the present time there have been seven stages of United States expansionism - from the Federal unification of the original states to the 'New World Order' planned by US-led commercial elites before and after 1989. Extrapolating both from the author's distinctive reading of history and the evidence of President Obama's own speeches and actions, The Secret American Dream proposes that the US now faces a new, eighth, phase of expansion. In this, the traditional 'American Dream' of peace, social order and prosperity would be extended to all humankind. This ambitious plan - little known and understood outside President Obama's inner circle - would involve the creation of a benevolent World State initiated, but not dominated, by the United States. The Secret American Dream suggests that the first step in establishing the World State - a supranational authority with legal powers to abolish war and nuclear weapons - would be a visit by the US President to the UN General Assembly requesting a World Constitutional Convention. Under the President's proposals, the existing UN General Assembly would become an elected, 850-seat lower house, alongside a new World Senate and an executive called the World Commission. A senatorial World Openness Committee would control the world's commercial elites and harness their positive skills and energies. Founded on altruistic and philanthropic principles, the World State would bring global peace, disarmament and the opportunity of prosperity to every individual on Earth. The abolition of war and nuclear stockpiles would remove the threat of nuclear war and the possibility of ex-Soviet nuclear weapons falling into terrorist hands. It would also create a 'peace dividend' of nearly US$1.5 trillion per year, which could be spent on eliminating world poverty, disease and famine; on guaranteeing financial instability and a minimum income for all; and on solving energy and environmental problems. Initiatives by President Obama in a range of areas, such as his recent nuclear disarmament deal with Russia, show that he is already taking steps to implement this 'secret' American Dream.


A Magazine of Africa for Africa




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Living the Secret

A Tribute to Rhonda Byrne and the Secret Team

Author: Mohit Tahiliani

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 210

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This is the greatest time to be alive. When the book and accompanying video of The Secret came out, showing how The Law of Attraction works, people began to change their lives. Now so many are living the dream life they always wished for but didn't know how to attain. Living the Secret is a collection of stories about different people, from various countries all around the world, who have experienced the rewards of The Secret. Covering the major areas and subjects of life, the five chapters of Living the Secret explore health, education, careers, relationships, and money. Living the Secret is a tribute to what Rhonda Byrne has done for this world. It might seem like miracle at first, but people and our world are changing, finally discovering the positive force which is Love. Impossibilities are turning into possibilities. Dreams are coming true and the power of Love is spreading as never before. Mohit Tahiliani grew-up in a small town called Anand, Gujarat in India. He currently resides in Gurgaon (NCR), India, where he is an Assistant System Engineer at TCS.Just twenty-two years-old, Mohit was inspired to write Living the Secret after reading The Secret and The Power, and learning how The Law of Attraction works. He is living his dream life, and wants everyone to experience their own lives with joy, happiness, health and wealth. Publisher's website: http: //

Living the Secret

Author: Jo-Marie

Publisher: WestBow Press


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 192

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Imagine being a very tiny person in a world of giants? What if the first bug you ever meet wants you for dinner? A scratching noise attracts Ayden’s attention. He turns his head just as a huge thing crawls up around the side of the branch, sees him, and quickens its pace. Ayden screams! He tries to crawl away, but the creature moves a lot faster than he does. It’s survival time! The monstrous bug is more than five times his size! The world outside Maple Community is not what Ayden & Jayden expect. The twins learn that a major secret has been kept from them. Actually, more than one secret exists. Will they survive outside the tree? Join Ayden & Jayden as they face the many dangers in the outside world and begin to live the secret.

My Morning Meditations

A Thought and a Prayer to Bring God and My Soul Together

Author: Charles Haddon Nabers



Category: Christian life

Page: 79

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